02-20-18 ★ Congratulations to Crucis for winning Herd Dominance of February 2018!(Read More)

02-14-18 ★ Happy Valentines! February Superlatives winners are up, items and points will be issued out by tonight. (Read More)

02-12-18 ★ Tables and other post decorations can now be up to 800px in width thanks to the newer skins being wider! For those who prefer the older skins, don't worry, this new size will not stretch the board.

02-10-18 ★ Did you know that you can still get anniversary points each year that you passed since joining? Now you do! Go redeem them over here for the years you haven't yet recieved.

01-27-18 ★ A series of letters have arrived addressed to each herd from a mysterious prince. Read them here! The Red Letter. The Amber Letter. The Black Letter. The Teal Letter.


  Spring, Year 3    Leviticus Era
Draco has been kidnapped by Moonfire, whom fled the scene quickly!
Gotham City is the new king of Crucis!
A meeting for the Knights of Lyrus is being hosted by Commander Kodarki in the Red Waste!
Destroyah has lost to Draco in a heated fight, but we're sure we'll see more from the mare!
Valor the dragon-horse has lost against Zuriel, fighting on behalf of Etain for Crucis!
The Hall of the Dead now has an official forum within the Depths.

Prismatic Lagoon
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The scent of water announces the lagoon just before it becomes visible, as the path turns to approach it and the ground underfoot changes from ordinary sandy soil to darker, black-grey volcanic sand. The contrast is stark, with the clean crystal-blue waters of the lagoon bright against the dark shoreline, which is mostly composed of flat rocks with some sandier areas here and there. The water is fairly shallow throughout this lagoon, which extends far into the visible distance, turning into open sea when it passes the underwater reefs that keep the water level even and surface calm, even with the tides. Land masses rise throughout the lagoon, the largest and most imposing of which is a dark, flat-topped mesa that rises vertically from the water in the lagoon's center. This mesa and all the small islands can be accessed from the lagoon by ambitious equines eager to explore. A ways from the main shore, one such "island" is home to a large, dead tree that seemingly has no purpose. The lagoon is verdant and lush with life, the foliage primarily blue-green in color, which grow enthusiastically on all the islands and along the lagoon's edges. Shoals of jewel-bright and colorful fish dart fearlessly through the water; they tend to be more curious than afraid of the strange horses who investigate their home.

Prismatic Lagoon
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