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03-31-18 ★ We've added a OOC Account field in Account Approval area where you must link your OOC Account's URL from now on. This has been confusing some when they join so hopefully this helps!

03-30-18 ★ A wild update has been posted! (Read more)

03-20-18 ★ Prince Hénrie has arrived. Will he make a big impression on the herds, or will they be the ones making the impression on him? (Read More)


  Summer, Year 3    Leviticus Era
The Red Wastes now has a sub-forum of its own! All Lyrus members can post there but outsiders beware!
The training battle between Gotham City and Caelian has been decided on a winner!
Join Lord Kyrian in celebrating springfires on the shores of Satin Beach!
Congratulations to Kyrian, new Lord of Arae!
Shakaya is the new Carinae Queen!
The Crucis king, Gotham City, is holding a ball to celebrate his rise to the throne, and invited all herds to participate!

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User Groups - Crucis
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Asimi Loyalist Feb 2017 Apr 15 2018, 5:09 PM 5
Symkaria Heir Mar 2018 Apr 12 2018, 6:24 PM 11
Luvena Royal Advisor Feb 2016 Today, 12:47 AM 357
Orchid Knight Jan 2016 Mar 26 2018, 1:41 AM 31
Mir Loyalist Aug 2016 Today, 1:33 AM 87
Caelian Loyalist Jan 2018 Yesterday, 4:07 PM 27
Malsumis Second in Command Jan 2018 Mar 12 2018, 3:36 AM 14
Draco Prisioner Sep 2016 Apr 12 2018, 3:31 PM 79
Luthais Loyalist Jan 2017 Apr 13 2018, 5:04 PM 110
Gotham City King Dec 2017 Apr 19 2018, 10:07 PM 71
Grimm Loyalist Dec 2017 Feb 23 2018, 7:25 PM 9