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  Summer, Year 3    Leviticus Era
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Age Young Adult, 2-3 yrs
Gender Stallion
Scale 17.2 hh - 1600 lbs
Sexuality Homosexual
Baser Nature Neutral
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I will fight...
Mother :: Sybil [Vanished] | Mother :: Jaylin [Unknown] | Siblings :: Brynioth (twin) [Vanished] and Lykaon [Unknown] | Other :: Idris (Aunt/Guardian) [Deceased] and Angiogram (great-aunt) [Unknown]


for my family...
Mir's build isn't that of any specific breed. He is a mix of a few light breeds but also has some draft blood in him from somewhere. The light breeds give him his slight build and graceful movements while the draft blood shows in his muscles. His coat is a very light brown, fading to a cream color near his face, rump, and legs that are actually scales. He has very large dragon wings that sprout from his shoulders. They fade from the color of his coat to a light blueish-grey and the bones that hold them together are covered by skin the color of his scales. He has no mane and his tail is a black that fades to nearly white near the ends. Faded blue/green stripes mark his neck, rump, and face as well as his knees. There is a pair of skulls on his shoulder in the same color. He has four eyes, two on either side of his head, that are a deep amethyst. His teeth are sharp in his mouth. When he gets older he will gain a gold faceplate with two creamy-colored horns that have chains attached and can be followed to piercings in his ears. He also will gain a golden chain around his neck with a black crystal connected to it that was given to him by Jaylin.


until my last breath.
Mir loves to explore, always wanting to go on adventures and find new things. He loves meeting new people and hearing their stories of where they have been and what they have done. He is not actually all that aggressive until you threaten his twin, his aunt/guardian, or his mother. Only then does he become angry and it is very difficult to pull him out of the haze that takes over. He may be the younger of the twins but that means nothing to him, he adores his sister. It is very difficult to get into his circle of trust and love (made up of his twin Bryn, his aunt/guardian Idris, and his mother Sybil) but when one does manage it they will be there forever for he believes in many "second chances"


Always, forever. Family above all.
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Companion - Pine Marten (not named yet)
Face Claim - Charles Michael Davis
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