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Benna Dragonborne

Age Adult, 4 yrs
Gender Mare
Scale 15.3 hh - 900 lbs
Sexuality Unknown
Baser Nature Aggressor
Magic Category Water
Magic Type Ice

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High Priestess Jewel Crafter x Dragon Warrior

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Built like an Arabian, Benna has the slender limbs and slightly dished face of one, only taller. Her pronounced wither reaches to 15.3hh, but is often lost amongst the mass of wavy mane she wears.

Her coat is a red chestnut, darkening towards her head and lower limbs, matching the dark tone of her mane. Her hins legs are white up to the midpoint of her canons, where the markings then trail up the outer line of her legs, before reaching up her hindquarters and curling to an end over her hips. The white stretches over her tail and her left foreleg bears a similar marking, reaching to the top of her knee. The young dragon's face is covered by a white mask, reaching over her ears and making her eyes a brilliant ice blue.

Her wings, bat-like with membrane, match the same colouration as the shoulder blades they sprout from. Whilst they are not large, each finger is tipped with a sharp claw.

A large scar, a burn mark from her own stupidity and curiosity, marks the flesh of her chest and two, long, thin teeth marks have been dig into her cheek.

Decorating her body is a collection of golden rings and chains. One in her right ear, one in her right nostril, a golden band tying up the ends of her dark forelock, a collection of bangles on each foreleg and two chains on the thigh of each hindleg. Her wings are pierced with golden loops in multiple places. As her collection grows, Benna will clip additions to these rings. At the moment, hanging from one of the rings is a jewel-encrusted bone, the one she received from Keokola. Finally, a leather satchel hangs around her neck, holding a collection of trinkets that are often discarded and replaced with more interesting items.

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Dragon-like in her ways, Benna is a hoarder of jewels, gems and precious metals. Her Madre was a jewel-crafter, and gifted Benna with some of her knowledge. Benna herself never mastered the craft, but she knows enough to make small trinkets - chains, rings, piercings and the like.

She is quite adventurous and dislikes being in one place for far too long. Walking is for the commoners, but Benna is seldom found stretching her wings to take flight. Instead, she uses them to balance as she takes more treacherous paths, often found leaping from pinnacle to pinnacle above the heads of her peers. Her wings are multi-use tools - they are used for climbing, gathering up objects and in some cases, she uses them similar to how one may use their arms.

Her beliefs regarding the spirits of the dead may not rule her life, but they are an important factor. Skulls are the home to the spirit, and must not be disturbed. Take any other part of the body as a trophy, leave an offering - typically a piece of jewellery- behind in its place. Killing is not something that is abhorred, rather it is accepted where she is from if you are classed as a Warrior.

Despite her attempts to be a mature being, Benna has a perpetually child-like manner. She hands out nicknames and sticks to them no matter what. Her innate curiosity is insatiable and has led her in the past to some rather painful injuries. But still, she persists and annoys everyone with her lack of fear and sense of danger.

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Born into a small community in the midst of a desert, Benna was raised by her Madre on a long list of stories of her Father's adventures as a Dragon Warrior. Although she never met the man, he became an idol to her. Where she is from, equines have only one of three roles - Jewel crafter, Commoner, Warrior - and being classed as a Dragon Warrior is a mighty honour.

Benna's Madre died just after she turned a year old, and Benna left in search of her Father. She never found him, but instead ended up in Elysium.

Nightingale, the first Queen of the Heretics, took Benna under her metaphorical wing in a sense, tipping the scales in the yearling's mind and setting her on her current path.

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Additional Info

Adopted from Ana




Magic Ability Description
Magic Category: Water
Magic Type: Ice
Magic Ability Description:
Large Attack - Bullet projection - Create sharp bullet-like projectiles of ice, releasing 5 of them in one go. Trajectory of them cannot be changed once released.
Small Attack - Zap! - Burst of cold zapped at opponent - looks like those cool blue orb things in superhero movies, y'know? Essentially freezes the part of skin it touches, like a blast of cold snow thrown at you. Cold and uncomfortable, but no injury happens.
Defence - Thin sheet of ice like armour on body part being attacked. Shatters upon contact with opponent's hooves/teeth/whatever. Is thin so doesn't always block completely.

Magic Weaknesses
Magic Weaknesses:
Drops Benna's own body temperature with both attacks and defence - she's not immune to the cold. Results include shivering, numbness, and if used for too long essentially the same as running around in the Arctic with no clothes - first use = coldness, second use = start shivering, third use = numbness! After that, things go downhill fast.
Uses up energy reserves - Bullet projection can be used only once, Zap can be used like twice/thrice unless bullet projection used. Then can be used only once.
All sucks in areas with little air moisture.