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  Summer, Year 3    Leviticus Era
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Viktor Nikiforov

Age Adult, 10½ yrs
Gender Stallion
Scale 15.2 hh - 1100 lbs
Sexuality Unknown
Baser Nature Aggressor
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There is nothing spectacular about Viktor's appearance. He stands a little over 15 hands, with a prominent wither leading down to a gently sloping shoulder and into a narrow chest. He is built to no particular breed standard, but he has an athletic body that is covered in lean muscle.

His hair is a rich chestnut overo, tipped in four small white socks and pale hooves. The left-hand side of his head is white whilst the right-hand side is brown, but both eyes are a light blue-green that shimmer mystically and dazzlingly when they catch the light.

Across his nose are three thin scars, all that remains of a fight he barely remembers.

"only frustrated adults and naive kids believe themselves to be special"


Viktor is, first and foremost, a charismatic airhead with forgetful tendencies. He prides himself on being able to surprise others, and can often be found figuring out some next big thing to shock everyone. Learn to expect the unexpected from him!

He is often considered a free spirited and carefree person as he likes to do things at his own pace, however, Viktor is level-headed and naturally calm. He is not afraid to be blunt and say things as he sees them. This can be quite sharp in contrast with his usual demeanour, often catching others off guard.

He is not the best with emotional situations, often coming across as cruel and insensitive when faced with such times. The stallion is, after all, a trained assassin. Though not as cold and calculating as his comrades, Viktor is a cold blooded killer and has long since left most of his humanity behind.

"you have to do the opposite of what people expect, how else will you suprise them?"


doesn't care to remember, but knows Zac and Asimi

"if their hearts are so fraile, let's try shattering his to pieces"

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