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Age Adult, 6 yrs
Gender Mare
Scale 17.1 hh - 1800 lbs
Sexuality Pansexual
Baser Nature Neutral
Magic Category Dark
Magic Type Dark Celestial

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Dust to Dust

Nocturné was born from the aether, a child of the shadows that exist between the stars. She has no parents of flesh, nor any siblings to speak of.


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17.1hh | Vantablack Coat | Golden Cat Eyes
Ram's Horns | Lion's Paws and Tail

When the gods deigned to create the creature known as Nocturné (knock-turn-ay), they must have had a very twisted sense of humor indeed. She is the embodiment of the vast darkness between the stars, a beauty and a demon all wrapped into one.

When it comes to her frame, she is rather bulky and muscular for a female of the species (if she can truly be considered equine). Her build would be considered something of a light draft - her physique fitting somewhere in between the build of a Thoroughbred and a Friesian/Gypsy Vanner. Her body is covered in thick, heavily corded muscle that ripples beneath a coat that is so black it almost seems to swallow light. Her legs are long and solid, holding her up to just over 17 hands, and from the knee and hock down are covered in thick feathering. Her forelegs end not in hooves, but in large feline paws complete with razor-sharp claws. Her mane falls long and silken to her shoulder, with a heavy forelock that falls across her nose and often obscures one of her eyes. Her tail, though, is not a long flowing banner but a thick cord of muscle and bone extending from the base of her spine. It extends behind her for approximately six feet, and is tipped in a tuft of ebony hair.

Curling out from the back of her skull, just behind her ears, are two twisting black ram's horns. Her eyes are slitted like a cat's, black pupils ringed by golden irises. These help her to see in low light, and are reflective like any other feline's. When she smiles, you'll see the glint of sharpened canines, almost vampiric, and yes - she does eat meat. In fact, she rather enjoys it.

Chaotic/Neutral Evil | ESTJ | Realist | Anarchist
Sardonic | Ambitious | Charismatic | Cold | Calculating

Nocturné's alignment fluctuates somewhat depending upon her whims, but would typically be classified as a neutral evil. If she can get away with something, she will do it without remorse. She is out for herself, pure and simple. She sheds no tears for those she kills, whether for profit, sport, or convenience. She has no love of order, unless she is the one creating it, and holds no illusion that following laws, traditions, or codes would make her any better or more noble. She does, however, enjoy the sense of power she gets from being the one to create and enforce the laws. Underlings are, after all, great for keeping your own paws from getting dirty.

On the other hand, she doesn't really consider herself truly "evil" as she does not seek out the darker side of life purely for the fun of it. No, she would consider herself more of a chaotic neutral, a free spirit rejecting authority and promoting a campaign of anarchy. She is ambitious, but not typically reckless. If you work to earn her loyalty she may deign to return it... if it suits her.

She has existed in one form or another since time immemorial... In some realms where she has existed, she would likely be considered some form of god or demi-god, but that is not truly the case.

While she is no immortal, Nocturné never truly dies. Instead, dust to dust, her consciousness returns to the aether whenever her physical body fails her.

Before Elysium
In her last existence on the physical plane, she lived on island similar to this one inhabited by equines of all varieties as well as humans and wolves. This island was under constant turmoil, the different factions always warring for power over the others.

In this realm, Nocturné found herself roaming amongst the lands of the "dark" equines, though she never truly fit amongst them. While they were far more concerned with raping and pillaging the "light" lands, Nocturné had no interest in such base acts.

During her time on the island, Nocturné developed a loyal group of followers who she gathered together and developed into a "herd" that would provide their services to anyone who could pay the price - from performing assassinations to spying on other herds, Nocturné's syncophants would take on any job if the pay was right. She was rather enjoying her position as "High Priestess" of these misfits when a catastrophe hit the island and all those upon it perished...

For years after the cataclysm, she wandered as dust among the stars... nothing more than thought. It was not until whatever gods preside over her existence decided it was time to unleash her again that she felt the pull of magic bringing her back to the physical plane again... And when she awoke from her "slumber" she found herself here in Elysium.

To be continued...

Additional Info
Art Credits:
Ref image by Kornari
Image & Avatar by:
Used with permission.

Magic Ability Description
Large Attack: Nocturné can summon a meteor shower of miniature stars, approximately grapefruit sized, which she can then direct at an opponent. The shower lasts for approximately 10-15 seconds. Small Attack: Nocturné can create a burst of stardust that blinds an opponent. The effect lasts approximately 5-8 seconds. Defense: Nocturné can, at will, shatter her body into its celestial form (black stardust) and reform it again a short distance away (no more than a few yards at a time).

Magic Weaknesses
Because the nature of her magic can be wild and unpredictable, her attacks require either an intense amount of concentration or a large amount of physical power (or some of both) in order to direct the attack. Otherwise, she risks harming herself in the process. Larger and longer attacks will weaken her accordingly. As such, she can typically only use one large attack OR two small attacks in a single battle.