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Age Young Adult, 2-3 yrs
Gender Mare
Scale 14.1 hh - 800 lbs
Sexuality Heterosexual
Baser Nature Aggressor
Magic Category Fire
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1.5 Year Old | Mare | Lyrus Commoner
Homeland: Solara
Region: Valles Marineris
Colony: Lykos
Clan: Lambda

Parents: Deimos (father) x Phoebe (mother)
Siblings: Liam, Dane (brothers), & Dio (twin sister)

Eo was raised in the land of Solara, an empire ruled by the Sovereign Octavia au Lune. The land was divided into various regions, overseen by an Archgovernor, and then into individual territories called colonies that carried out various jobs. The colony that Eo grew up in was called Lykos, within the region of Valles Marineris. It is a harsh land, a desert covered entirely in red sand and huge rock formations. Lykos was a mining colony, and the four clans that made it up were responsible for traveling deep beneath the surface to mine rock, minerals, and precious stones for the Society, the government of Solara.

The clans of Lykos lived a hard life, and were not allotted more than necessary to keep them alive. The Archgovernor who was responsible for the Valles Marineris, Nero au Augustus, was a tyrant to worked his "servants" to the bone and withheld rations when quotas were not met. Eo was too young to have been subject to the oppressive ways of the mines, but her life was affected by it through her parents.

Shortly after Eo's first birthday, war broke out across Solara when the oppressed lower classes rose up in rebellion against the Society. Lykos was caught in the crossfire and destroyed, and many if not all of the herds who resided there perished. Eo is the only known survivor from her clan.
Kauri: When Eo first crossed the border into Elysium, she found herself in the Red Waste, home of the Lyrus herd. As she wandered the land, she was found by Kauri first, and then Kodarki. The two stallions were the first to welcome her to Lyrus.

Kodarki: With Kauri, Kodarki was one of the first to welcome her to Lyrus. Eo is enamored with the antlered stallion, and is eager to begin training under the Commander to become a warrior of Lyrus.

Syrilth: The Queen of Lyrus. Little did Eo know that during her first encounter with Kauri and Kodarki, her future Queen was watching from the shadows. Though Eo does not know Syrilth well yet, she strives to be a productive member of the herd and to make her Queen proud.

Luvena: Eo and Luvena first met when Eo heard her cries of pain during childbirth, though they were not officially introduced until a few days later. Eo stayed by Luvena's side through her son, Liatris' birth, and became friends afterward. Luvena was one of the first to officially accept Eo into the Lyrus herd.

Liatris: After witnessing Liatris' birth, Eo has sort of adopted him as a baby brother.

Oberon: Having never seen the ocean, Eo travelled across the lowlands of the Lunar Mountains to Rimrock Bay. While she was there she witnessed Oberon sunbathing in the ocean and decided to enjoy the surf as well. Not knowing how to swim or how dangerous the water could be, she was knocked off her feet and was saved by Oberon's quick instincts. She is grateful to the stallion for his help, and considers him a friend.

Islilje: On her way home from Rimrock Bay, Eo got a little turned around and ended up in the Claiming Grounds. There she found Islilje wandering, lost and afraid. Eo took the young filly under her wing and brought her back to the Red Waste. Eo is fiercely protective of the girl and considers her an adopted sister.
Nero au Augustus: The Archgovernor of Eo's homeland, he is a tyrant dictator who subjected those under his rule to severe oppression and slavery. It is not known if he survived the war that destroyed the region.
Darrow: When they were children, Darrow and Eo lived together in Lykos. However it seems their love was not meant to last. Though Darrow had been courting Eo up until the devastation that took their home, he was also amongst those who rose up in rebellion. She has not seen him since the war, and does not know if he even lives.

Eo is a waif of a thing, thin and lanky. She resembles an Arabian/Saddlebred cross, but is just barely larger than a pony. Her head is the perfect example of an Arabian, elegantly dished with a small, delicate muzzle. Everything about her is slim, elongated, almost emaciated. Her coat is the color of rust, a deep red like the surface of Mars... But her eyes are liquid copper, full of life and mirth.

She has no markings on her whatsoever, though like many Arabians she has darker skin around her eyes and muzzle. Her mane and tail are the same color as her coat, but with a few flaxen strands mixed in. While she is young, and still growing, she will only end up just over 14 hands and will always be petite, though she makes up for it with a big personality.

Eo would be what many would call a "social justice warrior." She may be small, but she will not stay quiet in the face of injustice. She is also the picture of altruism, almost to a fault. She will turn down food so another may eat, or toil a little longer so someone else may rest. Her concerns are often for others before herself, and sometimes that gets her into trouble. While she is not aggressive, per se, she does not shy from confrontation if she feels it is a cause worth fighting for.

She is also a dreamer... You can often find her at night alone, just staring at the stars and waiting for the sunrise. An idealist, she typically sees the best in others before She admits their faults. She has a heart of gold, and an iron will.

Before Elysium
Eo grew up in the colony of Lykos, a member of the Lambda clan. It had always been a peaceful land, though those who lived there did not lead easy lives. They were a mining colony, practically slaves, who toiled day-in and day-out deep beneath the surface of the world mining precious metals and stones for the ruling class.

Eo grew up well loved, with a sister and two brothers. Though they did not have much, for Lykos was a working herd and were only allotted enough to survive by the rulers of their land, they were full of life and love and had no shortage of either. But, alas, it was not to last.

Just a few short months after Eo's first birthday, a devastating war broke out across the land and wiped out nearly every herd. Eo was one of the few who escaped, her swift legs carrying her far from home in her desperate attempt to outrun the war that consumed her herd.

She ran until she could run no more, collapsing in the shadow of a vast mountain range that separated her home from the outside world. After a few days of rest, she picked herself up and continued to wander the mysterious realms past the borders of her homeland, and eventually heard from a passing traveller of Elysium. There, she was told, she might find a home safe from war...

To be continued...

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