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  Summer, Year 3    Leviticus Era
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Age Adult, 8 yrs
Gender Stallion
Scale 16.3 hh - 1200 lbs
Sexuality Heterosexual
Baser Nature Aggressor
Magic Category N/A
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mother and father died of old age a few years ago

his lover, khadeeya, disappeared, presumed dead

a daughter from khadeeya, potentially to arrive to LTTS


pure thoroughbred, he is 16.3 hands of pure, lean muscle. long legs power him through ridiculous speeds and strengths, he was created to be agile and beautiful while being so. his coat is glossy, sooty black over his legs and the underside of his neck and barrel, fading to a tainted copper/bronze on the ridge of his spine and his crown. 4 clear white socks brand his fetlocks, and 2 singular red streaks run from the tearduct of each hazel brown eye. these look to resemble blood, and he has resented their existence since his birth. yet, there is nothing he can do about them but deny their significance to anything and hope more do not appear.

over his skull he wears another - that of a young stag, antlers only formed to those of a juvenile - 3 prongs each. the ivory of his crown is painted blood red with decorative patterns - the significance of this, also, is unknown to him, but he wears it to hide the hideous lines of his savaged face underneath. each antler sports violent red thread wound about its primary branch, a singular piranha skull hanging from each. these are not victims of his - merely trinkets he found as a child and held on to for who knows what reason. they've become some sort of emblem for the stallion, now. running from his wither to just above his knee on both sides of his body, tantibus sports jagged red markings not dissimilar to simplified versions of the markings on his mask.

his mane is hogged so it spikes over his neck, yet his forelock is left to grow inappropriately long, spiraling down in one strand to well beyond his knees. his tail is akin to that of a unicorn or glorified lion - a single bone in the same colours as his coat runs to the floor, and on the end is a tuft of hair of a few feet long. both mane and tail are a deep, desaturated auburn, streaked with white.

a gentleman, truly. he will do you no harm, if he has any choice to do so, and deeply regrets any harm he may inadvertently cause to those who have done him no wrong. he is loyal, unfalteringly so. place your trust in him and so long as your intentions are good, you have his service for as long as you may need it. he is a warrior - it would be a shame not to put his chiselled muscles and incredible speed to use on the battlefield - and he enjoys fighting, though not quite enough to place himself under the burning glares of an audience for pleasure all too often. that said, he's been known to win tournaments and make some half-hearted title for himself as a gladiator.

a romantic, too, if you should be so lucky to call yourself his lady. he will go out of his way consistently to make those he loves happy; even those he holds no affection for. you could say he gets off on making others smile, though that would be awfully cheesy. however, the recent loss of his dearly beloved khadeeya, mother of his only child, has left the stallion depressed. he made a reputation of himself as a womaniser in the past, but upon finding khadeeya all wishes to womanise were abandoned immediately, and now they are beginning to return. he locks away not only the devastation of loss, but desperate guilt he feels for having been able to do nothing to save her, and so they leave a hole he is desperate to fill.

despite all of this, he is an angel of a father. he loves his daughter dearly, she is the only morsel of his soulmate he has left, and should he lose her too there is no doubt he would be a broken man.

UPDATE 20/12/2017

stricken by the loss of his wife and disappearance of his daughter, he has become taunted by the ways of his past. consumed by a new element of masochism and sadism, he's returned to the ways of womanizing and relieving anger and sadness through bloodshed. eventually he may become so twisted as to darken his personality entirely. his loyalty is not lost, he still fights for purpose and with pride, but now there are alternate reasons for his madness. there may be saving him yet, but the means by which to do so are unknown, as is the time limit.

won a battle tournament on pantheon

was in charge of the pantheon incendiary army

used to possess adept fire magic

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