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  Summer, Year 3    Leviticus Era
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Age Adult, 4 yrs
Gender Mare
Scale 17.3 hh - 1400 lbs
Sexuality Unknown
Baser Nature Aggressor
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"a white blank page and a swelling rage"


Built like a heavy warmblood, Thorn stands at an impressive 17.3hh. Her body still retains the delicate curves her Granddam passed on, but with the addition of a more solid, muscular build. Atop her head are not one, but two pairs of ears. One set acts as a shell for the other, moving together when she flicks them back and forth.

Starting from her nose, the mare's coat is a vibrant green that darkens into a blue-grey before it sweeps into a dark blue at her shoulder. Down her forelegs the colouring darkens again to the same blue-grey present on her neck, whilst the coat on her stomach lightens into a bright blue before it seeps back into the same green as it started.

Upon the canon bones of her front legs are a single layer of thick, green scales. They act as slight protection for her canon bones only, adding a thicker skin to them. Her hooves, beneath long tangles of hair, are a rich green.

The mare's tail is prehensile, not that she makes much use of the limb. The hair at the top of her tail is black, leading on from the tuft of extra hair atop her haunches. It leads into a vibrant green silk on through a gentle gradient.

Her eyes, however, do not take from a colour upon her bodice. Instead, they are a pure, pupil-less white that swallows up any thought that her expression may betray.

"if you scatter thorns do not go forth barefoot"


Though she may come across as an unemotional freak, Thorn possesses quite the short, explosive temper. Much unlike her stoic parents, the woman finds it difficult to deal with her own emotions. Often, they will build up into a pulsating, fire-breathing monster that will either explode into a catastrophic mess or implode and leave the woman wallowing in a pit of despair.

Despite this, she is a determined little monster that will stop short of nothing to prove you wrong. Her 'Watch Me' attitude will no doubt lead to a few close calls through her life, but will add no shortage of excitement to it.

Another fault to this woman, though it may not seem like it, is that she is highly intellectual. At the loss of common sense, she had a keen head for knowledge but she lacks that basic ability to perceive things as most others do.

Above all else, she is quite a sociopath. Tormenting others and watch them suffer is something of a past time for the woman, and her hobby will only expand as she grows.

"darkness is a harsh term, don't you think?"


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"vivisect your heart"

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