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Charna Tanith

Age Elder, 20 yrs
Gender Mare
Scale 16.0 hh - 1600 lbs
Sexuality Heterosexual
Baser Nature Aggressor
Magic Category N/A
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My family were born and bred vampires, darling. They hunted in the night and watched during the day. Oh, you think the sun will kill us? Not so, young one, I laugh at your foolishness. You see, Vampryn Horses have a social hierarchy system made up of age and strength. I was the strongest, next to my wonderful mother. You see, females were the higher creatures of the pack. Yes, pack, not herd. Were are predators after all, pack is a more appropriate name, don't you think? Not much to say of why I left, other than it was time to find new ground. I was bored where my mother ruled. I wanted a chance at ruling, but didn't have the heart to fight my dear mother, whom has certainly earned her spot.

Hello, foolish creature, what are you doing here? You are brave, so your friends say, speaking to one as I. Go ahead, take a good look at me. Body Build: Arabian Coat Color: Black as the night Mane and Tail Color: Back as a starless night Eye Color: They seem to be a red-ish purple. Wings: Large, dragon type wings that blend with her coat. They seem to be wisps of shadow Teeth: vampire fangs and meat eating teeth What do I seem to be to you? A master? Someone to be dominated? If you say I'm simply a mare to be dominated, you're dead wrong. I am the hunter you are the prey. I'd suggest running before I bite. I am graceful and I lie about my age. I am actually centuries old, but I do not remember the actual numbers, so I say what makes sense for here. I am not a god after all. You have more questions? Good ahead, you're making my day.

I am a leader, yet I like to observe your petty leaders struggle. I find it amusing. I am kind, yet cruel, gentle, yet hard hearted. I have a soft spot for foals, often making the dying ones into vampire horses so they may have a new chance at life. I don't like to abandon, but I have not a motherly bone in my body. I tend to show them a caretaker of how to not lose control of themselves. Quite annoying when they do that. What am I? You want that in one word? Hahahahaha! I laugh! Here is your word: Vampryn Are you scared now, creature? Are you shaking? Good, you should be. All should acknowledge and respect the might and gracefulness of my kind. I am one whom observes, coming to meet you should you quip my interest. I suppose I am morals as well, we have a tendency to protect the ones whom cannot defend themselves. I have a tendancy to take charge when a leader is unable to have control. Leaders must be strong after all, even if they scare the group members.

I said so before, but meh, I'll say it again. I was born into a Vampryn pack. What are Vampryns you ask? Simple: Vampire horses. No, you cannot become one once I bite you, you must be born into the bloodline. What happens when I bite you? You become my underling, a servant or pet of sorts.

Additional Info
Pictured are done on DollDivine. (http://www.dolldivine.com/fantasy-horse-maker.php) If you want me to bite your lovely neck, feel free to send a raven to let me know. (send a pm) I always have the shadows around me, often covering my slender, beautiful body. My wings often disappear in this mist, appearing when needed. Run, foolish creature, run before I sample your blood! Picture is my own drawing.

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