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To celebrate the life of our wonderful site (or at least this is the case in our opinion!), we’d like to share with you a little bit of history because we’re proud of what our site was and what it came to stand for! Way back in 2015, which honestly feels like forever ago for those of us who’ve been around that long, a wonderful woman we all know as Maggie opened LTTS’ doors for the first time. Here is a short quote from the very first OTMs, of which our site leader won. We feel it sums her up incredibly well: “Maggie is the fearless leader of LTTS (or so the members call her!). She designed and created LTTS to be a safe, fun space for folks wanting to roleplay fantasy horses without the confinement of a lot of rules. So far, we think she's succeeded! She is a very easy and open person to talk to.”

As mentioned above, before all else, LTTS was designed to be simple. This was a safe space for anyone who wanted to write their pixel equines. With its relaxed and happy atmosphere, the member base that followed the opening of the site simply proves what, at the time, a innovative site it was, proving that the most unassuming, modest roleplays have the power to build strong communities, something that LTTS has always prided itself on.

Since 2015, it has been one heck of a rollercoaster! The site has been through so much – surviving the opening of other sites, the very sad stepping down of Maggie and one or two (okay, many!) redesigns to keep it fresh. We’ve seen some crazy writing and some beautifully touching threads. There are so many characters that will live forever in our minds as legends who carved Elysium’s future into the earth and stone it is created of. The current Staff team would firstly like to say a massive thank you to Maggie. Without you, there would be no LTTS, and many of us would have missed out on having a home in the RP world that is so welcoming. We’re sorry that your brain-child is closing, but we know you have some super exciting upcoming projects that we can’t wait to see; whatever you end up doing, we know you’ll be successful. Also to mention are the endless Staff members who have put so much time, effort and heart into LTTS. Here is an attempt to mention you all. Sorry if we missed anybody! Thanks to Maggie, Asyn, Blushie, Ana, Niki, Cecil, Scrimpyshrimp, Soupi, Revanant, Strixx, Briallu, Arabella, Mallory, Mercier, Mono, Boaz. Every one of you helped create this beautiful community, and you all should be so proud you were part of the LTTS journey. Finally, what would we be without our members. You range from young to old, shiny-new to veteran of the RP world and crazy to kind. One thing you all have in common is your ability to just get on. We’d like to say that we, as a site, have (probably!) had very little drama and we’re so thankful for you guys for making our job so easy. You’re all super sweet and respectful of each other. It’s lovely to see such collectivism online because it can often be missed in this internet age. Never have we met such a talented bunch of writers who also manage to juggle real life as well as roleplaying some incredible characters. A big, big thank you (and so many hugs) for your endless support.

As a final word, we’d like to say to our members – don’t stop roleplaying! We can name endless sites that are around right now (Caeleste, Rise of the Fallen, Fimbulvetr, Novus, just to name a few), plus there are many that are being created at this very minute. Go forth and continue your equine RP journey! The end of one thing opens so many doors into new and exciting possibilities.

There is currently no plan to bring around a LTTS 2.0. Perhaps in the future, the Staff will get together again and with Maggie’s permission, the world of Elysium will be reborn. (Remember that the idea was originally hers, so anyone looking to take inspiration from the site must speak to her first.)

But for now, we say goodbye, we love you all, and don’t forget to look to the stars!

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Age Adult, 8½ yrs
Gender Mare
Scale 16.2 hh - 1000 lbs
Sexuality Asexual
Baser Nature Pacifist
Magic Category Fire
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Sire x Dam



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Flowers for your hair,,

[ 16.2 hh ] [ Light Draft ] [ 1000 lbs ]
[ Chestnut Sabino Tobiano ]
[ Teal Acacia Beads ]

As reflective as a still pool of water on a hot afternoon day she has a right eye the purest color of blue. For each shift in her mood or change of lighting, the inquisitive eye goes from seafoam green to thunderhead gray and back to bright sapphire. Her left eye is a brown as smooth as sepia.

Built from hardy stock, Alell is surprisingly refined for a light draft. Sporting a short back, graceful shoulders, and a petite nose that is typically warm and soft with fuzzy white whiskers, she stands 16.2 hands high. A flaxen mane tumbles haphazardly upon both sides of her neck while her off-white, creamy thick tail just trails upon the ground. Decorating her forelock, mane, and tail are teal colored acacia wood beads. A wealth of cream colored feathers cover her cannon bone down to her hooves. Her cream hooves often look too large for her and her hind legs are slightly cow-hocked yet the way she prances upon heavy set joints with slim limbs is reminiscent of dancing. From her shoulders rise wings of feather. Where flesh first meets feather they are pale cream, almost white and soon fierce sorrel feather extend, and finally black primary remiges.

A fiery bright chestnut coat is all but hidden by the dominating Sabino Tobiano markings turning her nearly white. A short capped medicine hat covers only her ears and a minimal amount of her forehead and poll. Both eyes are covered by chestnut patches, these patches do not reach the medicine hat nor do they reach beyond mid-bridge of her brow. A shield marking starts in the center of the chest and can be seen from both sides, reaching two-thirds up the neck but not beyond the shoulder on either side. A single flank marking exists only on her left side.

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pixel by tiyre
Rainbows for your eyes to see,,

Your dreams are everywhere,,

[ + innocent ] [ + energetic ] [ - frightful ] [ - sensitive ] [ + naïve ] [ - clumsy ]
[ - forgetful ] [ + joyful ] [ - skittish ] [ + compassionate ] [ - indulgent ]
[ + amusing ] [ - preoccupied ]

Sweet and sour, this little filly is quite the emotional output. Never holding back what is on her mind, she often talks other horses to their death via boredom or they run for their lives and sanity. If they don’t mind listening to her, Alell is actually rather adorable in her own bubbly, enthusiastic way. Initially, she is quiet and apprehensive when encountering strangers due to past experiences with rather frightening and malicious encounters. Often going into a cold sweat and shivers, she is quick to warm up and bounces right back to her usual bubbly self with some coddling and coaxing, unless provoked to run. She finds delight in interacting with prey animals, birds, and foals.

Boundless energy radiates from her exuberant, animated attitude. She adores running but not fast. Instead she enjoys racing far and wide to quench an unsatisfied desire to adventure. This also includes long flights to distant places or to simply enjoy the kiss of the wind. Sometimes she takes unnecessary risks for the thrill and rush of emotions. Also, in her enthusiasm, she sometimes forgets to feed herself and is prone to clumsiness because of dizzy spells. From these bouts inelegance, she can sustain injuries that she simply forgets to feel and recognize. Because of this precarious behavior, she is an expert at finding trouble or making innocent mischief.

Standing on the edge of a proverbial cliff, Alell has come to a point in her life where she will either jump into the life of an adult or foolishly tuck tail and continue to live in the safety of her weanling mind. Thus far, she has kept to her foal-antics. She doesn’t intentionally hide behind a mask of innocence but is overzealous about life. She struggles with relationships – unable to make them become any more intimate than friends for fear of being neglected. Also, her friends are often maternal or paternal in nature as she continually seeks a place to call home where she can feel secure.

Likes: Frolicking. Dancing. Games. Water. Blue hues. Flowers. Small creatures. Kodama. Talking. Adventure. The future. Treasures. Dreams. Magic. Stars. Space. Thunder. Lightning. Rain. Friends. Emotions.

Dislikes: Death. Love. Thieves. Bullies. Leopards. Claws. Fangs. Fire. The past. Dizziness. Fatigue. Melancholy moods. Responsibility.

They'll carry you away from me,,

When the tears fall down your face like morning dew,,

The days of her birth seem so far away, distant and blurry, she can hardly recall them at all. Alell does remember the meaning of her name, winged one. Crafted in the language of her birthplace, she admired her calling and even now she can remember that her name was as much a blessing as a curse; a name that proclaimed her an infidelity within a herd of critiques. That she took after her father was a fault placed upon her long before her birth and something she could have never overcome. So her grand-dam requested that she leave and never return.

Alell can just barely recall the journey she took when she left her birthplace in search of something she couldn't quite understand. She hadn’t the slightest clue where to begin her adventure so she set out with an aimless ambition; what she didn't understand was her heart searching for a home, something she didn't have experience with so she couldn't even define. Alone she wander until her heart was content. Weary and low on hopes, she meandered across a small path – just wide enough for her to cautiously cross. Reaching the other side, the filly was amazed by the beauty of the land and soon encountered her first true friend. Arriving at a place that was frightening and rapturous, she gazed in awestruck wonder until she found herself terribly lost in the giant treed forest. A powerful stallion with a calm, monotone voice gently lulled her into a quiet state herself - extremely unusual - until she snapped back to herself and found that she was un-lost. With a sense of absolute rightness, Alell quickly bossed and, smitten with herself to this day, conned the brute into protecting her and leaving the moor open to her ever ravenous appetite for adventure and play. Sometimes the proud stallion would even come and indulge in her foal-games to her utter enthusiastic delight.

Alell remembers this much like a dream, fuzzy and distant, because the filly awoke one morning to a strange silence drowning the moor. Instinctively, Alell knew she was alone. To this day, the feeling of terror brought about by this revelation still gives her the chills as she remembers blindly bolting through the forest following once cherished paths that are now empty and dark. Recalling how suddenly everything was alien to her and her helpless whinny of panic. Then finally bursting from the once comfortable embrace, but now choking hold of the trees, she felt her back shiver as her wings eagerly promised escape and safety. When the wings came she felt no pain, they simply came when she needed them and went away when she was done, and she took to the skies and never looked back. Whatever instinct gripped her didn't let go for a long while, she couldn't remember a time when her body had ever ached more than now. Dipping and wavering in the sky, her great wingspan could hardly keep her aloft. A paradise appeared, Alell could not bring to mind when the expanse of land was beneath her but she eagerly flew down to rest. All four hooves upon the group, Alell sagged on weary legs but managed a gasp when her wings refused to leave. Bemused, she curled her forelegs and settled down with a great sigh. Deep in her heart Alell knew that her journey was only revealing a new chapter.

Upon awakening, Alell began to learn about the new island she had found. The land was called Myrosia. Full of many different beasts of the day and creatures of the night, Alell was met by many and escaped the clutches of quite a few. The first few acquaintances came upon for as she opened her gritty eyes after that long, terrifying flight. Two equines were chatting to her, one sweet and the other a bit sour, when they came. Death was their fragrance and cruelty was their tongue, Alell barely escaped with her life intact as she fled the two mares after a curse from one of the undead was placed upon the sour sister. Her wayward escape led her to meet a beautiful, kind mare named Kiah as night began to darken the horizon. Becoming fast friends, the companionable mares were just about to seek shelter when a hideous creature emerged from the shadows. In a heroic effort to protect Alell, Kiah intercepted the rotting brute and yelled at her to flee. And, as each time before, Alell bolted for her life as tears streaked her face and horrified thoughts of Kiah’s safety filled her mind. Exhausted and weary beyond any prior memory, the chestnut mare stumbled along in the twilight until she quite literally bumped into a stallion. Trembling and stuttering, their encounter was brief yet sweet. He restored her faith in friends though she was leery of foes hidden behind every tree. Guiding her to a territory filled with lighter hearts, Alell was put under the protection of the ruling queen. Able to wander these safer lands, the winged filly explored and found some healing for her soul as her adventures took her to beautiful valleys, forests, and finally a sandy coastline.

Feeling freedom for the first time since arriving on this new island, Alell became reckless in her ambition to feel alive again after the traumatizing events and went for a dangerous skydive above the ocean. Surviving the plummet, the winged youth ignored the slight pain in her wings and the nausea inducing headache to simply savor the rush of adrenaline, which spiked again upon noticing one of those beasts of the day – a dragon! The enormous scaly brute called himself Eyvindur, though he preferred Vindur. Exactly what Alell needed at that moment, he provided protection, warmth, and great company. As time moved forward, the disease of the unholy began to creep into the protected lands and a decaying stench spewed forth from once pure drinking water and grassing lands. Fear pinched her belly again but Vindur promised to keep her safe. Leaving her – promising more than once that he would return for her – to find new lands to fly to, Alell trembled until his return. Gleefully launching herself up to meet him, the filly questioned his every word as she confidently settled herself in his presence. Together they would enter the portal he spoke of and emerge in a strange new world.

I'll be there to put a smile on your face,,

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