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Age Immortal
Gender Mare
Scale 20.0 hh - 1600 lbs
Sexuality Pansexual
Baser Nature Aggressor
Magic Category Fire
Magic Type White Draconic

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From a line of equines with dragonic like features, Syrilth is from a dangerous lineage that feeds upon other mammals to survive alongside the normal diet of equines. With their height, horns, fangs, and sharp hooves, they're built for battle and usually stubborn. When they mate, they exchange blood as a sign of trusting each other with their life. This ritual is brutal since the mates will use their fangs to do it. With other species of equine that don't have fangs, they will need to find another. Another reason is that their blood is hot and can burn other equines if they are not used to such heat.

Sire: Ril (third generation)
Dam: Sy (fourth generation)
Siblings: None.

Mate: Isolde.
Offspring: None :(

Syrilth looks more like a shadow than that of an equine with dragonic features. She has a black coat, as if the darkness itself spat her out, and it is usually covered in dirt rather than glossy. Even her eyes are void of color, completely black, giving her a very eerie presence. The only light that shines in them is the light sources up in the sky and nearby. This mare is very tall at 20hh and robust like a stallion, showing off her strength with well developed muscles after years of training in her homeland.

Upon her crown are twisting long, black horns like that of a Greater Kudu gives off an illusion that she is much taller than her actual height. Developed to frighten other species, as well as prey, to back off or pay the price. Her mane is slightly long, rugged and a little dirty at times, while her tail teases the ground. This is so she is quick in traveling as well as able to fight without worrying they will get tangled. Her hooves are black and cloven, giving them a sharp and deadly appearance. While not very dragonic, she knows how to wield these bad boys.

However, the one thing you should worry about are those fangs that peek out from her mouth that are long. These forewarns others that she is also a carnivore, feasting on anyone, especially when getting too near without permission. She uses these fangs in battle, often biting down and tearing off flesh in large chunks maximum. Don't be surprised if she eats in front of you after injuring you. What you should be surprised for is what comes next...

UPDATE 1/3/2016

After she and Isolde along with Nike disappeared to investigate darkness elsewhere. None of them thought they would be staying for so long. Isolde had to stay due to a prophecy and Syrilth had to make the biggest decision of her life: Have Isolde stay, stay with Isolde, or go back. Either way, she had lost her fancy title that didn't mean anything, but the other herd members, and other equines she came to know, was without someone there to protect them. She promised to protect them. As much as she loved Isolde, she had to let go. Staying there would've made her guilty.

Pain shot through her while her blood and beast within came to life. Dragonic wings sprouted from her back, large enough to pick her large figure that would make her ancestors and other dragons approve. It was then that she realized that letting go and going back was greater than being selfish without thinking for others. While she hadn't been so before, her decision came from the way she was brought up.

Now she could fly.

UPDATE 8/14/2017

After receiving constellation from Vega for immortality (which also gave her minimal starry eyes rather than the usual voided (black) ones), Syrilth felt her skin tingle and black scales here and there upon her back, her neck, and partially around her belly to act as protection upon her weaker areas.


UPDATE 7/5/2017

Syrilth has transformed from a hotblooded mare to one who gives others a chance, a parallel to her previous and starting personality. What used to annoy her to bits, just annoys her a little now.

Her humor has thankfully grown as well, though don't expect her to laugh at sexist jokes else you might be bitten and probably attacked. Depends on her mood. Close friends are very well welcomed and are met with a smile, as well as some jokes made from herself. Try not to die in shock.

While her rage does make her get heated and aggressive, it's not as reckless as before. Rather, it's controlled which makes her even more deadly. Insulting her immensely and other mares are a one way trip to being attacked, so be weary.

The bluntness is still ever strong however, which might earn some giggles from those who know her. Just Sy being Sy.

UPDATE 3/18/2016

She is a little bit kinder now, thanks to being mopey on the inside for her mate and love, Isolde. However, Syrilth is still a fighting and killing machine when necessary.


Her appearance is a warning to anyone that she means serious business. With her addiction to the taste of blood, and thanks to her lineage to eat upon the flesh without getting sick to her stomach, Syrilth is not one to be messed with. Not even lightly.

Little-to-No Humor - Zilch, nada. Okay, so she does laugh when something amuses her, but she is known to attack anyone who dares insults her. Trust me, she will make sure that you will be sorry by making them bleed. Unless your character likes pain which will just make her confused. Sometimes she'll even feeding upon them if and when the foolish equine lets down their guard. They could be family or friends, she doesn't give a damn. This makes those who wish to "joke" with her have difficulty.

Strong - With her ways of fighting, she is someone to depend on during a time of war and will not desert the battlefield until she dies. Fighting is her addiction, relishing it when it involves her. It's what she was born for, for her kind was suited to endure the harsh environment that she lived in before fools unleashed war upon it. Usually she will bathe in blood from her madness of her love of battle and blood so may want to be careful.

Sadistic - Not as large as it was before, thanks to Isolde, but still, Syrilth is quite talented at making others suffer, especially if/when she finds out that someone has lied and betrayed her, she will make sure that they suffer. Mostly to entertain herself while watching the life disappears. Do not take her threats lightly.

Hotblooded - Due to her lineage of dragons, she is known to buck a lot, but does not act recklessly. In her homeland, if you act as such, you are foolishly giving your life away for something stupid. However, there are times her temper and need to bloodshed gets the best of her, she is learning to keep that under control.

Volcanoes and lava pits was home to Syrilth as she grew up, playing near the painfully hot liquid that many other species stayed away from. Dragons and strong equines alike lived there until war fell upon it to enslave the massive beasts to control as a weapon. Syrilth was one of the many to survive by fighting their way through, showing to the others that they wouldn't go and would fight to the death.

With their home destroyed by the war with various magic, they dispersed their own ways. Some following their family, some following the dragons, while others like Syrilth who were confident to go alone.

Syrilth's Nicknames
Due to her...lovely personality, Syrilth has gained quite a collection of nicknames from others before turning a new leaf recently.

  1. Bitch - given by Renegade
  2. Snaggletooth - given by Nike
  3. Snake - given by Malphas (he loves this one)
  4. Snake Woman given by Benna
  5. Wench - given by Renegade
  6. Witch - given by ????
  7. Witch of the Waste - given by Malphas or Romi, can't remember lol!
  8. Worthless walking incubator - given by Renegade

Additional Info
1st Ref by Soupi

2nd Ref by ailanor @ dA

2nd Ref by Arga-mux @dA

Background from Unsplash
Profile coding by Camy <3

Magic Ability Description
Syrilth can breathe and guide her fire, which is white due to how hot it is. The hotness will raise the more she levels up.

Small attack: Syrilth can breathe fire in a 5-10 feet radius but can only do it up close.

Large Attack: White little dragons made out of her fire will launch towards the enemy, up to 4, and will hit them as if they were fireballs.

Defense: Syrilth covers herself in the white fire, which will burn someone else but her for 5 seconds only. If they're immune, this won't harm them, and if water or ice is used on it, it will become weaker (water) or frozen (ice).

Magic Weaknesses
Small Attack: Each time she uses it, Syrilth needs to take at least a turn without it to regain energy.

Large Attack: Needs to use it wisely since she will find herself to be hydrated after a while, even if she is a dragon.

Defense: Syrilth will find herself too hot after 4 uses in a row. If up against ice or water, she can cool down for a bit, but it's not a wise decision to push herself and can get sick in the process too if soaked/too cold.