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Age Yearling, 1-1½ yrs
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Mother: Nightingale Father: Abrin Siblings: Nox

Like his mother and father before him Andante sports a pelt dark as night. Dark auburn socks coat his legs along with the same coloration splashing upon his mane, tail and horns. Strong cloven hooves hold up his intimidating frame, allowing him quick movement and devastating blows. His lion like tail is adorned with a row of serrated horns akin to spikes. and at its end a dark tuft of long hair. Atop Andante's head he wears a crown of horns. One being like that of a unicorn and the other pair a twisted set of hefty antlers. Setting along his jaw are a few more prominent spikes. Like his father, he too was gifted with dark red eyes and black sclera. Within his mouth lay rows of dangerously sharp teeth, ready to tear into prey and horse alike.

Andante by nature is the dark and brooding sort. He finds resentment towards those brought up with an easy life, or those too weak to find strength within themselves. A firm believer of the old saying "kill or be killed", he does not waste time with trivial matters and would not hesitate exchanging blows. He is a proud horse, taking great pride in the lineage flowing within his veins. Andante carries himself in a regal manner and is careful to keep others at a distance. He believes that emotional weakness is just as bad as physical and therefore keeps a professional and even pompous air around him. Although he truly fears that if someone were to get too close it would cause his downfall. Likewise anyone lucky enough to get that close would be able to see that he hold good qualities as well. Fierce loyalty, charm and compassion being amont the select few.


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