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  Summer, Year 3    Leviticus Era
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Hideyoshi Nagachika

Age Adult, 5½ yrs
Gender Stallion
Scale 14.0 hh - 600 lbs
Sexuality Unknown
Baser Nature Neutral
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"it may not be stylish, but live"


Barely standing as 14hh, Hide has the build of a Welsh pony. His head is slightly dished before it bumps outwards above his muzzle, his brown eyes large in his skull. His ears are thin and long, perking up above a bush of thick forelock. His neck slopes into a rounded shoulder, lacking sharp points and definition of an athletic horse. His whole build just screams 'Pony'.

His coat is a vibrant blonde, broken only by the dark brown of chimera on his shoulders and forelegs. His muzzle, too, is dipped in this dark brown. His hair - mane, tail and forelock - are thick and bushy, pointing in all directions.

"when planning a date, you have to pick a place where the girl will have fun"


Generally cheerful, carefree and friendly, Hide makes friends with almost everyone he meets. He has a natural charisma to him, being outgoing, loud and outspoken.

He has a rather determined nature - when setting goals, he'll devote himself entirely to their completion. Alongside this, he is extremely observant, figuring things out in an almost Sherlock-like manner. He will take his time to watch people, developing an interest in something or someone and working hard to 'crack the case' until something else catches his attention.

Despite his loudness, Hide keeps private matters to himself. He'll keep his concerns to himself so as not to trouble you, and he'll learn more about you than you ever will about him.

"duuuddddeee where have you been - rabbits die from lonliness, did you know?"


"who cares about that, let's just go home already"

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