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  Summer, Year 3    Leviticus Era
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Gotham City

Age Adult, 11 yrs
Gender Stallion
Scale 20.0 hh - 2400 lbs
Sexuality Heterosexual
Baser Nature Aggressor
Magic Category Water
Magic Type Manipulation

Other Info
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maddox, born to cotovatre on pantheon
evalyn, born to kashmir in elysium
symkaria, born to varya in elysium


A true hulk, most accurately named as a behemoth and not a horse at all. He stands strikingly tall, 20.0hh to its best point of accuracy, and his body of pure, chiselled muscle only serves to make him appear even bigger. Painted the darkest of blacks, the unmarked swathes of his flesh blend seamlessly into the night. The beast’s canvas, though, is flecked with a shade of smoky grey in a manner not dissimilar to a piebald’s distinctive markings.

A further accessory to his black coat comes in a peculiar fluorescent cyan. Sporadically sized rings brush from his poll to his wither, then reappear briefly down his rump. These can be seen on either side of the beast’s hide, but are not symmetrical in their appearance. The same glowing cyan ribs tiger stripes on each of his legs, circling around the entire limb from the coronet to the knee. The hooves are black, but for that on his front left leg which continues to glow cyan. These markings glow through day and night, though by night it is likely they are all you will see him by; the only means by which one may detect his presence.

His left eye is a glowing amalgamation of chalky blue and piercing violet, not spiralled but churned together in such a way that his stare may appear entirely different from one hour to the next. His right eye, however, is a soulless hole. He is not blind, not nearly so, in fact the vision in this eye is just as good as the left. But for some reason the iris is entirely invisible. Common to both eyes, however, is the jagged disk of teal spanning from the bridge of his roman nose to the sharp edge of his cheekbone. A similarly jagged line tapers off at the same point, running downwards in a satirical sneer to curl around his mouth. This is a more off-white, blue-tinged cream.

The man is coated in a thick layer of fur. While his coat is glossy and sleek, the backs of his forelegs and beneath his barrel are thick with black fur comparable to the tufts of a lion’s mane. This fur is streaked with the same teal that masks Gotham’s eyes. His mane is often hogged, for the sake of battle practicality, allowing for a few inches of forelock, and his tail just reaches the tip of his hocks. These are both also streaked with teal, and his tail is tied into 5 plaits at the dock to keep it out of the way. Perhaps the most striking feature of this ghoul, though, are the half-dozen-or-so jellyfish lappets threaded into his tail. These glow as with his markings, and are mostly for show. They can pack a painful, in cases paralysing, sting but often his use of them is banned in battle; a rule he will begrudgingly accept.

Bling Me Up Scotty Token: First worn for the first Crucis Ball hosted himself, Gotham now owns a simple outfit for formalities and such like. When sporting such outfit, Gotham has a single blue forest lily behind his left ear and a rich, admiral blue silk scarf draped over his right shoulder, fastened with a silver pin to the base of his mane. Said pin is circular, engraved with the illustration of a jellyfish.

A heart to match the face, it may be fair to say. He is cold, brutal, emotionless and careless. While one may attribute him to a loyal cause and he will stay true to it purely for his own pride, it would be wrong to say he would ever care for the cause in hand.

The only care one might think Gotham has is that for his promiscuity. But then, even that is too feminine a word to put to it. Not to place a stereotype to promiscuity, only the beast is far from a foolish, wanton woman. In his eyes, at least. He’s more of a womanizer, finding a little meaning in life to challenging himself each day, finding new women to bed each night and then barely batting an eye when they come running back to him with child. He is no father, only the ghost of one that children will be told stories about by their mother. How he swept them off their feet, whispered sweet nothings into their ear and then disappeared into the witching hours.

Not only a lecher but a masochist, too. It may even be accurate to attribute sadism to his name; he is a lover of battling, sparring, drawing blood of his own and of others’. It does not have to be for purpose, for some “greater good” – of which he cannot fathom there being, anyway – but he is undoubtedly talented in the grounds of a battle arena, beaten by very few. When you should catch him not with one of many women, he is likely to be sparring, whether by creating some animosity with another for no reason, or rarely having asked another if they should wish to fight. Somehow, he has come to associate the feeling of pain with happiness. Perhaps not happiness, in fact, but exhilaration and adrenaline. Experiencing the pain of another induces the same such emotions.

One may, should they somehow find their way into the deeper truths of Gotham’s mind, find the only peaceful, harmless traits to his personality. Fascinated by time and space, it is his only pleasure that plays no harm to anyone else. If it were not for the rest of his unpleasantness he may be a somewhat philosophical creature, but this is hardly possible given the overriding nature of the behemoth’s being. If fighting and sleeping around are the building blocks of his person, a fascination of the space-time plane and everything behind it is merely a grain of sand resting on top.

former aqueous king of pantheon, travelled here, happening upon it by chance, after his former lands fell desolate (pantheon closed down)

manipulated the elements of water and psyche while at pantheon, to an expert level.

Additional Info
reference by yours truly <3
pagedoll by fintron.deviantart.com
header from unsplash.com

Magic Ability Description
Description: Can manipulate / summon water around him to use as both a weapon and a defense.

Small Attack: Can summon water (pools from his feet), manipulate it into very few sharp 'shards' and freeze it into sharp icicles from the ground.

Large Attack: Can summon upon the opponent a sensation akin to drowning - mouth/throat will fill with water (that cannot be spat out for the duration of the attack), pressure will be felt around the brain/ears/eyes like when in deep water and breath will be impossible until the hold is released.

Defense: When the opponent makes an impact with Gotham, he can liquify the part of his body so that the connecting limb of the opponent goes straight through and causes no harm.

Magic Weaknesses
Small Attack: the shards will melt away after 5 seconds so can only cause harm if they make a direct hit. They cannot be larger than 40cm so can only make hits to flesh low to the ground, and he can only create 2-3 shards at once, one time PER battle (not per post).

Large Attack: the drowning sensation lasts from 15-30 seconds (?) but once it surpasses 20 seconds he starts to feel some of the effects himself. Prolonged use will make him nauseous, short of breath and weak. This attack cannot cause actual prolonged physical harm and would be void on creatures who have gills.

Defense: Can only be used once per battle, requires incredibly quick reaction and cannot be used for attacks on his face or legs - only from poll to rump.