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Adrenaline Overdose

Age Adult, 6½ yrs
Gender Stallion
Scale 15.1 hh - 1100 lbs
Sexuality Heterosexual
Baser Nature Neutral
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Points 100 points
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The first of the Overdose bloodline, born to two unknown equines - an Arabian sire and Marwari dam - whose past is unknown other than the fact they briefly held places on the thrones in an old Kingdom outside of Elysium, and were dethroned for reasons somewhat spurious and suspicious. They gave the surname Overdose to their 3 children in an effort to be remembered despite their fall from royalty.

Two immediate siblings, both younger. Names/genders/profiles yet to be decided.

His lines are not purebred, but half Arabian and half Marwari. As a result, his body is slight and angular, standing a fair 15.1hh but with legs that appear to stretch for miles. The dish of his nose is less pronounced than in your typical purebred Arab, but still there. His ears curl in towards each other more than an equine of non-marwari lineage, but remain a few inches from touching.

His muscular body is painted a shining silver: his coat is so pristine it almost appears metallic under certain light. It is decorated with pinto markings in a deep rusty red, rich onyx and flawless alabaster. The most notable of these markings is the tri-coloured stripe running from his honey-coloured eyes down his face to paint his nose black. His ears, too, appear to have been dipped in soot.

Adrenaline’s thick, curly mane, when not tied into neat plaits over the ridge of his neck, hangs to his knees in the same blood-red of his markings. When sporting his most common outfit, his forelock is tied into sections down his nose. His black tail just skips over the floor, though is often tied into a rose gold cuff at the dock, and then bunched again with a smaller cuff a few inches from the end. His rear left hoof is a snowy white, following from the stocking that starts at his hock, and the other 3 are crimson.

One with looks as royal as Adrenaline’s couldn’t possibly go without an expensive outfit to prove to people his exquisite calibre. His most common outfit includes a rich royal blue scarf, slightly translucent, stitched into the plait halfway down his neck with 3 feathered darts. The silken fabric gathers over the rest of his mane before tying into a knot with a rose gold clasp at the base of his neck. The excess metre-or-so of fabric lay over his withers, providing the illusion of a short cape when he picks up his gait. He wears two rose gold chokers at the base of his neck – one thick, one thin – and a rose gold cuff earing on his left ear. From this earring hang two chains that connect to the two sapphire beads on the thinner of the chokers. Running from his wither and beneath his front legs is a royal blue leather band encircling his barrel. This connects to a rich chocolate brown fur chest piece, the other end of which connects to the thickest choker on his neck. A thick band of the same fur clothes his left foreleg, and on special occasions this may be wrapped in a thin rose gold chain, while shining jewels and trinkets will hang from the fur chest piece. The ensemble is completed by the rose gold cuffs that gather his black tail, which may also be further decorated when the occasion warrants it.

The eldest son of 2 formerly celebrated royals, he is bound to know his own worth and flaunt it. There is a certain arrogance about the man, but this is not to say it doesn’t lend to his charm. Granted, the Overdose children in general may be considered conceited and self-obsessed, and this is a trait that he, alone, began to make popular, but he is not nearly inherently bad.

Being of former royal descent, he has a respect for loyalty and trust, even if most of the time he believes it should be directed towards himself and not something he should give out to just anyone. It takes time to earn the loyalty and respect of this man, but once you get it you should savour it because it means more than most anything he could give you. He will fiercely stick to his words and his promises, he is not a man you should take for granted.

He possesses dangerous wit and intelligence; while in a physical fight he mightn’t be so feared for his brawn or his sharp kicks and bites, you should fear his quick feet and fast mind. If he were to beat you it would be in trickery and intricate battle tactics. He’s a passionate academic, when he was younger he was often found with his head in a book, though it is a trait he is less willing to admit to those he does not know well. He will never hesitate in beating a man down with his knowledge and quick-wittedness, but to say such wisdom spawned from his being buried in books is a much harder thing to roll off his tongue.

Romance is not off the cards for the stallion. After all, he is expected to continue the immaculate Overdose bloodline. Expect a relationship with him to be fiery, unpredictable and wild: that said, he will treat a woman as if she is his queen.

Lived in the Kingdom with his parents until they were dethroned; ran away with his 2 siblings when he was 4, lived on the run until recently stumbling across Elysium. Regardless of his shame over his parents' unceremonious dethroning, he has retained a majority of the personality of a royal child.

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