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Kindred of The Red Hills

Age Adult, 4 yrs
Gender Mare
Scale 14.3 hh - 1100 lbs
Sexuality Pansexual
Baser Nature Neutral
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Her mother - Deceased - Willow of The Red Hills Her Father - Deceased - Nameless of The Red Hills Her Uncle - Deceased - Kuru of The Red Hills Adpoted Brother - Phoenix of The Red Hills

A Blue Roan on it's own is a rather rare colouring in pelt. Coming from the tribal lands far overseas, she bears the markings that rank her as one of the Mustang of the Red Hills. Such markings circle her face, cornet bands, and around the dock of her tail in the colour of a fiery gold. The mare happens to be rather small in height, but follow tradition mustang, her bone structure makes up for lack of height. While her mane only droops slightly past her throat latch in length, her tail drags behind her in nearly three inches. The colouring, instead of strait black, is actually a darker grey. In the summer, it doesn't lighten in colour like the rest of her body will. This mare has soft heterochromic eyes that stand out against her dark face, the left an ice blue and the right a deep gold. Antlers stretch past her ears in a long arch, colouring a deep ebony with each point tipped an ebony colour. Her teeth are rather odd, canines acting much like a snake's. While her bottom rows of teeth and shaped in a predatory way, and the bottom canines are pointed into a wolf's curve. Her upper teeth have the same appearance to every way except the canines. Such are needle sharp, showing their appearance when her maw is parted, but in a dire situation the upper canines lengthen from within her skull into an immense length. This tooth mutation renders her an omnivore, able to consume meats and vegetation. While moving, her gait is smooth. She struts, unintentional, but with a proud manner that gives her a noble look. Her canter, if not sprinting, is smooth, a prance that gives her the look of a careless foal. Not a worry in the world. Her sprint is much different, a menacing gait, powerful, ground shaking. With each pounding step the ground seems to make a solid sound, sending jolts up her legs and body in muscular quivers. When she stops, it is collected and quick. A sliding stop that brings her hind end under her, such is a way that helps to build her muscle. On her right side, she bears a long scar from the fires of her homelands.

This mare has little worry, not caring for trivial matters of politics and the likes. The only importance to her is freedom. She is a kindred spirit, she believes that while one shall follow the rules and mandatory conditions of the chief "leader", one should also be allowed to live to a free nature. Dedication to only one thing is not how you should live your life. Kindred isn't necessarily religious, following the tales of her tribe, but not her tribe's Gods. She believes that, had they been existent, she would not have been driven from her home. That her home would not have burnt. Had the Gods been real, her home would not have been destroyed. She is peaceful, elegant and wise. Though she is also rather playful. A mischievous mare that believes fun and joy is an essential part of the life of an equis. When in a serious, stern mood, Kindred is rather blunt and impatient. She dislikes being questioned and wants answers. She means business. One word to explain Kindred - Fearless. She is a fighter. She fights for what she believes in with fearless ferocity. In a real battle, Kindred is without fail someone who fights not for herself, but for those she cares for. Kindred doesn't trust falling in love. She fears being hurt in the end. The thought of foaling scares her. Her mother died foaling her, she doesn't want to leave her foal to grow up alone. She has always wanted love, but doesn't trust herself.

Kindred was born within the blistering heat of the Red Hills. A hillscape in which overlooked the Red Dessert, but acted as an oasis and prairie to the horses who dwelled there. They believed and worshiped Gods that consisted of Sacrifice, war, peace, love, and many others. Her father had been ranking just beneath their chieftain, a widely respected stallion who had little time for the filly who had looked up to him as a hero. Her mother died in birth to her. She was given to a mare who had recently lost her foal to nurse and raise her. She was weaned a month early, and quickly became rebellious and independant. She hadn't been given a name, they had just referred to her as the Kindred Spirit. So she stuck with it. As years flew by, she grew into a mare worthy of warriors. Few teased her over her height, though most knew she was too sweet to do much about it. She looked up to her father with admiration, though he did not acknowledge her as his blood. Only another warrior. For the year after that, it hurt. But she couldn't dwell on the fact that he didn't claim her. She had duties to tend to. It was the night of harvest. No one suspected that the rival tribe would attack until it was too late. Flames painted the grasses of their homelands. Cries of pain and despair seemed to replace the calls of the frightened deer and birds. Terror was all she felt. She had been trying to get the foals to safety, the little red roan colt on her left, and a black filly on her right. She was trying her hardest, but the filly fell into the flames. Trying to save the filly she was burnt viciously,unable to save the filly. In the end, she escaped with the little red colt. They were the only survivors. The Phoenix, and the Kindred Spirit. They would be one for the other.

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