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  Summer, Year 3    Leviticus Era
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Jaxx Ward

Age Adult, 4 yrs
Gender Mare
Scale 15.0 hh - 900 lbs
Sexuality Pansexual
Baser Nature Neutral
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Jaxx is built to be slender. As a long distance runner, her legs and body are longer than what a possibly normal built horse would look like. Her idea of normal is not the same as everyone elses. Jaxx's body is colored in slate gray dappled with silver so that her base color looked much lighter than it normally would be. The dappling started from the base of her skull all the way to the base of her tail. From the tops of her pasterns and knees, dark gray socks extended down to her hooves and accentuated her long, lean legs. Her mane, forelock, and tail all matched the dark storm cloud gray color with just a touch of silver hairs here and there. It almost looked like she had silver highlights in her mane and tail, but it was hard to tell in certain lights. The mane was long as it extended to just the top of her front legs and her tail swept the ground.

Jaxx's face did not take on the silver dappling as the rest of her body did. Instead, it adorned a bright silvery white color all the way to the bridge of her nose where it faded into a stone gray color. It was as if she had dipped her nose in liquid stone to achieve the deep, rich gray on her nose. The backs of her ears were black and the insides were a silvery gray. The only thing that stood out against her coat was the bright blue of her eyes. On the outward edges it faded to a deep sapphire blue while close to the iris it brightened to an ice blue color. Both of her eyes had two spots of brown, close together, on the left side of the iris. It was a strange pattern, but it made her eyes unique.

Upon closer look, some minor adornments she had were both jewelry and physical body adornments alike. On the side of her pastern on the left rear leg was a small scar from when she tripped and fell on a rocky mountainside as a younger filly. She had traversed a rock in the wrong way and ended up gaining a deep gash that went from the front of her pastern, wrapping around to the left to end at the bottom edge just above the joint near her hoof. It wasn’t too bad of a gash, but the healers had to treat it for a while to make sure infection didn’t settle. She could still walk fine, but the cold weather made it difficult due to the impact on her joints. Her left hip had also taken a hit from her fall and she had a smaller cut just above the left rear leg that had turned into a scar. No pain there.

On her right shoulder closest to the front of her chest was another scar that extended from the bottom of her shoulder, crossing diagonally down until it was almost in between her front legs. Another fall she took as a filly. In her younger life, she was quite clumsy and adventurous, so Jaxx got into all sorts of trouble. It was not hard to see now because it wasn’t as obvious as her scar on her left pastern, nor was it as bad. It just happened to be a cut she received from running and not looking where she was going on the same mountain she had fallen on. Since then, she hadn’t returned to the mountain.

For the more attractive adornments, Jaxx sported a long horn protruding from the middle of her forehead much like a unicorn horn but not of the same shape. Instead, this horn spiraled out of her forehead and curved toward the sky. It was not very thick, but the material was stronger than armor – at least she thought so. Since doing all sorts of things with it, she has yet to even break it. She sheds it once a year, but that’s about it. It had a shiny surface that showed off the ribbed edges from base to tip. She had often toyed with the idea of poking someone with it, but she never developed the courage for it, nor did she know what would happen if she did. Maybe if someone pissed her off enough they would be her experiment.

The second gorgeous adornment she had was a pair of silver feathered wings that were one and a half times her body length wide. The amount of force they pushed were so strong that it lifted her off the ground in one push. The amount of wind they produced from it was enough to whip someones mane around like a hurricane. The feathers on the outside were ¾ silver from base to just before the tip where it faded into a dark storm gray. As the feathers spread out to the very edges of the wings, the feathers would get darker until the final longest feathers at the tips of her wings were dark storm gray in totality. Jaxx normally kept them folded as to not be limited on her travels. She walked more than she flew because there was just so much to see on the ground. It changed her perspective when she walked. Shortly after she would get lazy and then would fly again. Other places she had feathers in the same color was at the tops of her withers, along her spine, and the very base of her tail before it turned into normal hair.

The third beautiful adornment was a set of gold bracelets on the left front ankle joint above her hoof. Some of those bracelets had little bells on it. It was a gift she had received from her mother some time ago and she had always cherished it. Since it was an inherited gift, she would pass it down to her offspring later on when she had any. She hoped they would have the same appreciation for it. The gold bangles were always kept clean and maintained, and the bells on it were silver. The jingling noise they made was soft and pleasing. Not too loud that they were annoying, but not so quiet that you couldn’t hear them. Just the right tone and volume to add the uniqueness and preciousness to them.

Another and possibly more final beautiful trait she had was that at the tip of her horn, she could cause it to glow brightly to light up dark places. Jaxx could also control the intensity of the brightness to either blind others or simply have it dimly lit. The light traced the ribbed edges of her horn like the core inside was the actual source. Other parts that would light up on her were her hooves, as well as four spikes on her shoulders and on the tops of her hips. The spikes were made of the same material as her hooves, but they were much stronger and sharper.

Psychology: Gifted intelligence Self-discipline: Enthusiastic Lifestyle: Independent, Nontraditional Social attitude: People-oriented. Hates to lead or control others Honesty and honor: Truthful and Honest Emotional capacity: Unsupportive and Cold Current emotional state: Eager

Jaxx Ward is as her name suggests; she is a warden or a guard. Jaxx guards the close connections she makes because she would otherwise hate to lose them. She wears two masks generally all the time. First and foremost, she is cold and unsupportive. Any new stranger will get some of her kindness, but any help they ask for or support they need for whatever reason, she gives none. Not many understand why, but most have determined it is because she cares about others so much that she doesn't intervene in their growth. Unless they absolutely need her help. Jaxx will never admit it. For those that win her affection and loyalty, her personality is completely opposite.

Jaxx is quiet most of the time as she is more of a watcher than an actual action maker. Being as observant as she is, Jaxx has learned many things about others from their body language, vocal tones, and even specific words they use. Through every sentence, she can begin to pick apart the intention of whom she's speaking to or listening to, but it's not always accurate. It's a skill that Jaxx is developing. This can also cause her to be a little arrogant. Jaxx is also eager on learning new things. She has a more philosophical perspective and while she doesn't mind sharing it, she knows that not everyone can actually see the way she does.

With that in mind, Jaxx doesn't normally talk about her perspective unless she feels the listening party can actually be on the same page as her. She has very little patience in trying to explain something to a lesser educated mind. Jaxx tries to remain optimistic in all situations, though she has her down days.

Jaxx had been born on the higher mountains where the snow covered the majority of the peaks and you were required to fly down to find food. Jaxx never understood why her family wanted to remain so isolated from the rest of the world. It wasn't as if they would come under fire for coming down off their precious mountain. In fact, they would be welcomed into a world full of new and interesting things. With her philosophical way of thinking, Jaxx tried to convince her herd to come down, however they were so stuck with remaining isolated that she was the only one to make the flight.

Not wanting to try to lead a horse to water anymore (pun intended) Jaxx made the flight down to the lower levels and inspect the new world she threw herself in. While there was no longer any snow, she would have to adjust to the new temperature which was of no issue. It took some weeks, but eventually her feathers and coat thinned out so it wasn't packed with warmth. She liked this temperature so much better anyhow.

With the only difference of her horn and wings, Jaxx looked about as normal as everyone else and seemed to fit right in. Of course you had your simply flashy horses, she decided just to stay isolated for now until she could see the world for what it truly was and adapt to it. Because she only had her herd to go socialize with, Jaxx explored her world with little intention of making new friends or feeling lonely. There was no point in feeling lonely because at some point the rest of her herd would follow - wouldn't they? Jaxx would slowly come to accept that her herd had decided their fate of dying on the snowy mountains where they were birthed. With this in mind, Jaxx sought to see what new adventures could be had and just what dangers lurked out there - all while seeking to increase her knowledge and wisdom on what she understood to be.

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