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Age Adult, 8½ yrs
Gender Mare
Scale 14.2 hh - 900 lbs
Sexuality Heterosexual
Baser Nature Aggressor
Magic Category N/A
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thelxepeia, mare of supposed soothing words, is just as death-defying in appearance as she is in twisted personality. in the flesh, xepeia is a beauty queen; standing a simple 14.2 hh, beneath many of her pure marwari counterparts, her skin is swathed in the colour of rich dark chocolate. such chocolate lined coat appears to shimmer even in the night, glittering with a soft silver sheen as if radiating from the mare's skin herself. her back, stomach and neck are embellished with soft silvered dapples, while the chocolate skin fades to a soft chestnut-crimson from her knees to fetlocks.

the mare holds a soft, pleasant look upon her crown, quite contrary to the aura that lays inside. the woman's skull fades too to the deep maroon across her muzzle, while milk chocolate eyelashes flutter from her sapphire painted eyes. the bridge of her dished face holds in it 3 embedded circular sapphires, that glitter along with her silvered coat and stand just millimeters out from the flesh of her head. the same sparkling jewels are embedded in her rump, following the curve of her behind, not unlike the shape of a crescent moon, and of varied size towards the knee of her hind leg.

further added to her stunning physique, thel's hair is twisted into intricate knots and braids, looping about her ears in a fashion not unlike a tiara, while the loose hair sits in elaborate waves, reaching just beyond her fore-shoulder. braided into the flaxen-gold hair are multiple strings of white pearls, tied together with bunches of peach and pink blossoms. her forelock will always sweep to the left, over her left eye, unless the girl is in rapid movement enough to dislodge the hair from where it naturally falls.

on rare occasion, she wears a swathe of pale blue chiffon over her back and around her chest, tied at her shoulder with a brooch brandishing the logo of the pantheon tempest realm. this has come to be reminiscent of the making of her first herd on pantheon, and serves as a reminder for the most evil of her actions thus far. the outfit is accompanied by a number of thin pastel blue chains running from a cuff on her left ear to the brooch, then across to loop around the dock of her tail. hanging, too, from the brooch are a number of teardrop shaped sapphire stones, the same as those embedded in her rump and nose, and a chiffon veil hangs over her evil stare. to finish, a blue-silver snake winds up her left foreleg, though this is worn more often than the rest of the ensemble. in fact, she rarely takes it off.

contrary to her vastly alluring aesthetics, xepeia is much the devil in disguise. with a flawless ability to act an angel, the girl is ever-defying those who are daft enough to fall into her traps. having been born with the faultless voice of a siren at sea, thelxepeia grew up knowing she was blessed, however the motives of her melodies soon became twisted. startlingly beautiful, the siren used each perfected trait to her advantage. first, the voice to allure unsuspecting men, and further still her appearance and easy way of acting to pull them in further, before pushing them to their knees and subjecting the victims to a rather grueling fate.

born a leader, however small and frail she may look, thel would never be one to give up on a goal. once her heart is set, she is capable of pushing anything and everything from her path in order to feel fulfilled. having committed cold-hearted murders by the young age of 3, the fae's heart has never been anything but stone. with the only organ capable of feeling unable to melt back to childlike form, thelxepeia is nothing but evil in its purest form. there are few things which cannot be changed in the world, however the menace of xepeia's inward smile, the crimson blood of her veins which may as well be laced with poison, is one of the things that is forever set in stone. one would wonder if such a cruelminded mare may even be capable of loving another.

while ordinarily the subjects of her evil know no boundaries, there is a specific hatred in store toward stallions. of course, the seductress' charms are historically connected to those possessing the y-chromosome, but the ties of her loathing are connected to it, too. you are unlike to find a stallion she will befriend, unless he is sick and twisted in ways words cannot describe. only then will the despicable woman forget her qualms against the male gender and, well, not befriend but allow an acquaintanceship with a man. be warned, though, that her definitions of evil are specifically written to her terms; simply being a disgusting, dishonourable creature will not work unless your heart is not entirely and completely black to the core.

brought up on pantheon's close boundaries, the youngest child in a family of ten, thelxepeia was never content with life as a foal. she found quickly that the notes of her voice could pull in stallions from a specific circumference about her figure, and so her siren-descended traits were the main subject of her attention. though the girl never suffered neglect from her parents, she rapidly learned to be independent, finding her own food and water sources, be that flesh to sink her teeth into or blood to stain her lips, and grew vastly apart from blood relationships.

by the time xepeia was merely 2, her heart was a wretched mess, shredded not through unrequited love but through the sheer menace of her head. driven awry by the reckless melodies of her singing, the filly was breaking hearts and bones without a second thought given. it wasn't long before such apparently minor damage was switched to murders, betrayals and the captures of multiple stallions. she grew fast to know she belonged as leader, and her twisted dreams contorted to ones of leading a group. such group is one she would strive to gather herself; only those whom were truly evil at heart, and desired the same as she, who were not cowards and would kill coldheartedly should the need arise.

thelxepeia's past was merely the brewing of her evil; the true story is yet to be written.

in the lands of pantheon, thelxepeia was the alpha of the chimera caverns herd, structuring it into some sort of 'labyrinth of evil'. filled with skeletons and ghouls, few dared venture in, and fewer managed to venture out. already she has the soul of the tortured gershwin attached to her name; he dared trespass on her lands and throw despicable comment at her, and so he suffered for it. let that be a lesson to you, should you be thinking of doing the same.

Additional Info

argenteus, the male hummingbird

argenteus, the name to mean adorned with silver, is a quaint male blue chinned sapphire humming bird, standing 4 inches in height, with a wingspan of similar dimension. the entirety of his body is adorned with shimmering feathers, varying in colour from a deep blue on the chest, flight feathers and chin, to a golden green across the wings and above the beak, and a glittering sapphire-cyan mingled in. his eyes are large, piercing ashen black, while his beak, of a mere 3 cm in length, is sharp and pointed - silvery grey with a similar sheen to his feathers. though his eye is black, it often glitters with the turquoise of the surrounding feathers. though small, argenteus is rather a magnificent sight in flight - blink-and-you'll-miss-it turquoise, cyan and blue blur, glittering with even the most sparse sunlight.

not unlike the facade of his companion, argenteus can easily defy the beauty of his appearance. he often assists xepeia in her endeavours for blood, sometimes pushing her conscience further to evil thoughts, though never holding her back. at heart, the small, innocent-to-the-eye bird is just as evil as his partner in crime. though, to thelxepeia he is an ever loyal friend, one who is not betrayed by her melodies and who in part will help to keep the girl sane enough to murder with at least a reason.

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