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Malsumis. Slayer Of Dragons
Second in Command

Age Adult, 4½ yrs
Gender Stallion
Scale 20.0 hh - 1800 lbs
Sexuality Bisexual
Baser Nature Neutral
Magic Category Fire
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Reina- Mother Deceased
Alco - Father deceased
Astrid - Mate Deceased
Drake - Son Deceased
Corona - Daughter Deceased

At a distance, the first sight of this massive creature could be imagined as a monster. Face covered by the skull of a dragon, the bottom jaw draped low past his chin in a show of threat and protection. Under the skull is his own bone, though not actual bone material. His entire bone structure is that of obsidian., showing under the dragon skull as deep purple and black. Shining as opal. His eyes gleam from beneath the skull, both a glowing bright blue. The contrast between the colour of his eyes and the jewelry around the skull makes his appearance all the more menacing, in a whimsical sort of way.

The skull and bone armor is the same colouring, all a deep tan. Due to the bone being from the dragon, killed by himself during his coming of age, has long, jagged spikes along the spine. The skull itself is a large and menacing structure. Long antler like horns, curling behind his head. Equipped with cuffs of gold, imbedded Precious gems as a display of rank. Showing he had been chieftain of a large tribe. What looks like a crown of feathers, are actually carved iron shards. Used in fighting as a sort of defense mechanism. The armor covers his top line, under line, and the front of all four limbs.

His pelt is a deep grey-black. Not a marking in sight. Under his armor lie many scars from his childhood, and chieftain life. Though once his armor was set onto his form, not a soul broke through to the flesh. Due to this, no scars are visible. His mane, tail, and feathering along the legs are a light flaxen cream colour. Contrasting well with the deep grey of his pelt.

Maslumis is equipped with a set of teeth resembling that of a dragons. Supported by the skull, this is equivalent to two rows of top teeth. The inside in which acts as a crocodile, bacteria coating the inside of his maw. Once bitten, an infection spreads wildly throughout the bite to find way to the bloodstream, and into the heart. A fatal bite if not treated within hours. Due to this, Malsumis is carnivorous, unable to consume any fauna other then herbs, les he become ill.

His size, coming from his father and mother, looks to be that of a friesian. Though if anything he resembles the Gypsy Vanner breed. While most may have a long, flowing mane and tail, his is trimmed and shortened. A long mane or tail can be used against him in battle, because of this, a short mane and tail work more in his own favor. His body structure, with the obsidian bone, is very stocky. Muscular. While he does indeed move quickly, as he must in order to make a successful hunt, he is built more for battle.

Apart from this, Malsumis has the mind of a genius. Countless times, in the moment of battle, he has used his environment. With his hooves, large and rock like, he easily kicks up rock and dirt. From time to time, sparking fires from flint. He reads his opponent quickly, as time often would not allow a slow observation when in a fight. Easily picking out weak points, and places in which he could strike that stallion or mare down with ease.

Due to his vocal structure, Malsumis creature rather predatory sounds, resembling wolves, Dragons, Cougar. To make the equine sounds seems to strain his throat, as such he cannot do much more then to nicker.

Malsumis may at first seem cruel and merciless, but once he has opened himself to someone, he becomes loyal and kind. Born to be a leader, he is naturally able to take the lead in a tough situation, and act as "the voice of Reason." When a situation comes out of hand, he will use his authority and presence to put them back in their place.

The Beast of a stallion will naturally drift towards power, not in a bad way, more in a way that will announce him as alpha male. He was raised to be the chief, and as so he grew up in the lead. When his father lost his sanity he fought and won. He became chieftain at a young age. This raised his protective instincts. More loyal to his herd then to himself. He would give his life to do what was best for them.

This Stallion was once a sucker for love. Having fallen for a mare at a young age. When his mate became to bare a foal, the herd was attacked by the drake species near the tribe lands. His mate died in the chaos. This left him to believe that the likes of love was not meant for him. That the Gods had punished him for straying from his path of destiny.

Even with everything that has happened to him within his past, he is still kind. And merciful. Never will Malsumis give a killing blow. He believes that chances are to be given to all, even to those who are undeserving.

At birth Malsumis was a leader. Taught to take charge. He was never given a chance to be a common foal as such would be a disgrace.

When he turned to a yearling, his mother was killed by the drake of the mountain. He vowed to avenge her death, and once his right of passage came, he succeeded. He killed the beast and returned with it draped over his back. In reward he wore its bones.

Malsumis grew into an impressive stallion as the years passed. And his father slowly grew more insane. The stallion was sending their herd into chaos. As a last resort he was forced to challenge and kill his father. Taking his place as chief at the age of only two.

Malsumis brought the herd many victories. Being the best the tribe had for many years. Though when he fell for a mare going by the name of Elis, things fell apart. She grew to become pregnant with his foal. The heir to the tribe. This was not meant to be. On the night of her labor, the tribe was struck by drake. Killing his mate, unborn child, and the rest of his tribe. Striking him with dishonor. For years on he believed he had done something against the Gods. Rendering him cursed. Though he slowly realised that such was only trial, and he was destined to rise as alpha once again.

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