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Jasper Ó Maol Aodha

Age Adult, 4 yrs
Gender Stallion
Scale 14.3 hh - 700 lbs
Sexuality Bisexual
Baser Nature Pacifist
Magic Category N/A
Magic Type

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mother - calla ó maol aodha - alive
father - percival lemminkäinen - deceased
unknown male - x calla
unknown female - x calla

onyx // magical // luminous // enchanting // granite // amber

borne of magic, his body is swathed in black. he is lithe and lanky, only small but with the perfect proportions of an arabian, the only difference in the slight roman nose he carries in favour of the arabian's dished skull. his body is marbled with whispers of grey that mutter he might be made of granite. a faint crescent moon brands the right side of his barrel though it is barely there and disappears as his downy winter coat grows through. upon his left hind leg is a peculiar alabaster marking that drips down from his hock. it winds about the limb in irregular strands, painting a coronet above his hoof which is black but for two white stripes. the only other marking he carries is the peculiar stripes of his badger face. these curve around his right eye but sweep right over his left, painting also his left nostril with white and the slightest smudge of pink.

his right eye is a granite grey to match his coat, while his left is a pale blue - nearly white - and appears milky as if it might deny him his sight, though it sees with perfect clarity. behind his dainty onyx ears is a set of horns, only about the length of his head and a darker black still than his body. they are wound with stripes of deep gold, spiralling upwards to the touching tips that glow a warm yellow. from the underneath of his skull grows a soft beard, sooty black and never-changing, even with the shedding of his winter fluff. the same soft hair makes up his short feathers, black on all four fetlocks.

the warlock's hair is long and silken - while his coat may grow fuzzy in winter his hair is still pristine and shining. when hanging loose, his mane will hang beneath his knees, though half of it is tied into 6 identical ball plaits on the ridge of his neck. his forelock loops over his forehead, the end tied into the first plait on his poll. his tail is looped into two loose buns at the dock, though the rest still hangs in effortless waves to drag behind him as he walks. both mane and tail are adorned with fairylights, golden spheres on a thin amber string that loop around his braids and illuminate the otherwise monochrome palette of his aesthetic.

dreamy // ethereal // gentle // mystical // sleepy // whimsical

he is fairylights and jars of fireflies; he is pixies and purple galaxies and the feeling when candyfloss dissolves on your tongue; he is the music of a glockenspiel, enchanting and celestial.

he is eternal for age is but an experience and death is merely a transition. life does not begin and nor does it end: it is an ongoing cycle between worlds and countless dimensions, one may never know the timeline of the universe. magic is a salvation offered by the higher deities, those unnamed and undepicted by societies biased judgement, and he is one of those chosen to wield it, or so he believes. a warlock is adept with poisons and potions but these are trivial things both learned and practiced. he is borne of enchantment, though most fond of divination, charm and sorcery. the auras of elysium do not allow the truth of his craft to be appreciated and so the witch is limited to herbal remedies and hybrid concoctions otherwise. the magic, though repressed, still lurks in the shimmer of his one white eye - do not look into it too deep.

a fascination with death oft leads the boy to provoke false first impressions. death is a transition, a stepping stone between dimensions, though the thought proves too radical for the majority. he does not kill, he never kills, but he will not mourn the dead. it is of no use for they are not gone, not done and done but living another life elsewhere. their bodies are contributions to his obsession and research though he treats the passed with the utmost respect.

he is sleepy, dreamy, more likely to return your conversation with riddle and rhyme than comprehensible words. he means well, never harm, his friends are treasured and cherished. he is deep in thought on frequent occasion, the definition of whimsy. everything is a cause for fascination, though miracles are few and far between. he is devoted to his upper deities, obsessed with worship and gratitude for the magic they betrothed to him. his devotion is precious, and somewhere deep within his glowing heart is a cavity that yearns to be filled by a gentleman or a lady whom he can adore with every bone in his body.

a gentle soul, radiating mystery and brimming with love and passion, he is jasper ó maol aodha.

reins from a herd of warlocks and witches, devoted to their unnamed and unpainted deities and the practices of magic, enchantment, divination, voodoo, hexes and incantation.

left the herd to study life, death and divination amongst the non-magical. stumbled upon elysium to realise magic was not permitted, and his borne abilities were repressed. devoted his life to learning the practices of herbology and learned enchantment through potion and poison making, though still believes his chants and rituals to have an element of honesty. wishes that magic will one day be allowed amongst elysium but until then is content with his research and studies.

Additional Info
reference 1 by mockingale.deviantart.com
banner and avatar images frrom unsplash.com
page doll by fintron.deviantart.com
derp by oxlorn.deviantart.com

he speaks with a soft irish lilt, gentle, low, melodic and comforting(example)

his companion, casper, is a black smoke maine coon cat (link). casper doesn't often speak, for his affinity with jasper is so strong they can often tell what the other is thinking without the need for words. casper is friendly, as mysterious as jasper, but adores being petted and paid attention. he's utterly devoted to his companion, assisting him in magic and enchantments, but may often be spotted roaming elysium on his own, quenching his feline wanderlust and finding groves of flora and herbal treasures with which jasper can brew and experiment with potions.

Magic Ability Description

Magic Weaknesses