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  Spring, Year 3    Leviticus Era
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Night Shenz

Age Adult, 5 yrs
Gender Mare
Scale 17.1 hh - 1500 lbs
Sexuality Pansexual
Baser Nature Pacifist
Magic Category Fire
Magic Type

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Dam: Nightmare Sally ---- Sire: Misael
Siblings: Lots by her sire
Children: None

Breed: Friesian x Percheron x American Cream Draft
Height: 17.1 hh
Eye Color: Goldish
Mane and Tail Color: Black
Coat Color: Black, dark red/ maroon and olive green
Hooves Color: Shiny maroonish
Deformities: Two toned stripes are 100% genetic. Long, silky mane; will tangle often. Her mane trips her at times because it tangles around one of her front legs. Her long, silky mane may be genetic if not passed down then that generation or child is a carrier of the gene. Tried to grow horns like daddy but ended up with small, riveted spurs but her children will grow long full horns.

She can be extremely quiet, fair and kind.
Very strong and muscular, capable of getting jobs done.
A bit of a grudge keeper, has good memory.
She can be extremely elegant, and she can keep a good pace when needed.
She is very smart, and sometimes a little witty.
She is pessimistic at times, easy-going/ go with the flow, keeps to herself sometimes.
She is mischievous, flirtatious, childish.
She some times speaks without thinking.
She can be clumsy, sensitive, & quick to anger at times.
She is also very watchful over other mares foals when they share the same herd, caring for and feeding them whenever the foal's mother could not or was not around.
She opens up to everyone and is not afraid to be herself in front of anyone, not even the dark's worry her as she can take any amount of torture just as long as she does not see or hear a foal being harmed.
Not many can hold her back when it comes to saving an young life and will always help another in need no matter what age, alliance, gender or height.

Born to a mare named Nightmare Sally and a stallion by the name of Misael. She was raised by her mom but would go and see her sire who trained her to stand up for what she believes in. She never met her many siblings that had been produced by her sire. Her home was destroyed by a flood when she was three. She wandered around ever since looking for her siblings. She joined a couple of herds on her journey. She was kicked out because they didn't like the way she always stood up for what she believed was right. She was then in a herd in which she fell in love with the lead stallion who was mated(widowed) so once she over heard him talking to another about choosing a mare who he loved. She did not know that the mare was her so she left. She started to wander yet again from land to land until she found her way to this island.

Additional Info
Ref is by pseudo-dreams.deviantart.com

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