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  Spring, Year 3    Leviticus Era
Draco has been kidnapped by Moonfire, whom fled the scene quickly!
Gotham City is the new king of Crucis!
A meeting for the Knights of Lyrus is being hosted by Commander Kodarki in the Red Waste!
Destroyah has lost to Draco in a heated fight, but we're sure we'll see more from the mare!
Valor the dragon-horse has lost against Zuriel, fighting on behalf of Etain for Crucis!
The Hall of the Dead now has an official forum within the Depths.


Age Adult, 10 yrs
Gender Stallion
Scale 19.1 hh - 2100 lbs
Sexuality Bisexual
Baser Nature Aggressor
Magic Category N/A
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Garaile is born from two parents; a male and a non-binary whom are respected officers back at his home. No siblings or offsprings.


The epitome of a fighter, muscles yet sleek, scales like the color of blood, Garaile is one of the many warriors out there. This massive stallion has no mane, having been cut down since birth to enroll into battle. However his back and tail are covered in hair that is white going into a brown hue with a bloody stain. His entire body is stained with blood, or so others think. It's a way to intimidate others that he is a fighting force. He does has a certain toughness to him, thanks to an iron hide. White mouth, pasterns on his right hind hoof and front right hoof, and tribal-like wisps around his groin area symbolizes his rank from where he is from, it nearly gives off a creepy impression.

Antlers that are long and spikey, curling up to the heavens adorn his crown while on below his nostrils showcase his Kirin lineage. They act as a way to detect only close movement during the night but he has to be careful. With tough hooves that are colored in the earthy brown yet are a colored iron, matched with his piercing glowing eyes, this warlord is exactly that. The last thing to notice is the flaring aura around him, giving off heat to himself while black smoke billows out from his note as he breathes. Neither are enough to burn anyone.


Blunt, arrogant, wild, that's what others think when they see such a stallion with his appearance, but that is far the opposite. Garaile is a warrior, and only fights with honor. There is no needless or reckless bloodshed. To him, killing is when there is no option. Subduing is his preferred way, using his massive form to push them down and try and pin. Killing is one thing far from his mind. To those who know him, they know to stay behind him and be protected. To fight at his side is also an honor. He is calm in battle, his red eyes only fool the enemy to think he's blood-lust when in fact he is calculating what to do next. To see if what he would do is necessary or not. To earn his trust is what many sought for for such a loyal, honorable warrior. He's someone there for you through thick and thin.

But to betray him? He will always remember. Second chances would be given but after that, he is through. He won't trace you till the ends of the earth to kill you. He would rather go the opposite way rather than allow himself go on the path of bloodshed. However he is not afraid to kill whenever necessary as mentioned earlier. When he does, you know you screwed up badly.

When with friends, family, and loved ones, he is a literal gentle giant. He'll let things try to annoy him, babbling doesn't phase him, or nagging questions from foals to the elderly. He's far too patient to deny them, but when he is firm, he can be terrifying. His word nearly seems like law when really he's just a natural being strict when the need arises. He's like the older, responsible brother, taking on everything with stride upon his strong shoulders.



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Main Art: carota17 @ dA
Design by: iDisturbed @ dA

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