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Age Adult, 10½ yrs
Gender Mare
Scale 18.0 hh - 1000 lbs
Sexuality Bisexual
Baser Nature Aggressor
Magic Category N/A
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Mother- Instance- deceased and eaten Father - Cobalt - Deceased and eaten

A sight to behold, this creature is close to the very definition of "demon." Her upper canines and lower canines both making themselves visible from outside her maw. Curved an sharp. The rest of her teeth, hidden within her mouth, are sharp, built for tearing flesh and the likes.

Never think this mare cannot hear you her ears being extremely sensitive to her surroundings. If she had been blind she would have been able to rely on only hearing and feeling. Though her going blind is very unlikely. Having eight eyes brings "monster" into her appearance. Not counting her limbs and the likes.

Near to the bottom of her neck are six holes, These holes give her the ability to spray an odd mucus-acid long-ish distances, used in hunting and display of intimidation. The holes are used as not only blood release, but with all six, she can release a screech that often finishes with leaving a lasting ring in one's ears, longer lasting depending on how close one was.

Her strongest muscle line her hind legs and top line. In fights the mare often will spin to shove the spikes along her hips into the opponent. Her adrenelin is fueled buy the smell of fear, she will not usually feel the pain of wounds inflicted until the adrenaline rush fades.

This mare has no tail, while she does indeed have a deep grey mane, her tail is like that of a long bending, warping bone.

Unlike her hind legs, her front are structure differently. And rather than hooves, she bears what resemble the claws of a dragon. Pose-able thumbs, and six inch tallons to allow easy access to ripping muscle and flesh.

Unlike most carnivores, Arkham is a cannibal. The thrives while eating the flesh of that of another equine. It gives her pleasure to know that she was successful in hunting such a beast like her. With this, comes a tongue that is unnaturally long, usually only exposed when eating.

A demonic being in all explanation. Vicious and prone to attacks, this monster strikes without warning. It is near to impossible to understand what Arkham may be thinking, one moment a laid back stance, and the next lunging for your neck.

Arkham has split personalities. Her sane self, (ish) and te insanity. More often than not this mare as no rational thoughts. Though while some may believe her to be thoughtless and upfront with attack, she is extremely clever. Calculating her opponent with the eyes of the devil herself.

Arkham rarely gives her true name. Known by most as "Wendigo." Origin being from her cannibalistic mindset. Feral and untamed, Arkham consumes the flesh of her own equestrian species. She bathes in their dying breaths, savors their flesh in every way imaginable. She would rather starve than eat simple prey, but wit a goal of ultimate power, she does so to continue on her way to glory.

When sane, te mare ca understand most rational thinking. though rare, she will offer mercy. When fighting for leadership, she will not partake in that of a death match, as she holds respect for those willing to give their most to fight for their place

Arkham is one to bathe in the attention of others, sadistic and needy for bloodshed. She will do everything in her power to make those in which she rules bow to her very existence. To spread her popularity, Arkham will outright attack others, and sen them running back to their homelands to spread word of her existence.

To be put together along the road.

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