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Age Adult, 4 yrs
Gender Stallion
Scale 19.1 hh - 2100 lbs
Sexuality Heterosexual
Baser Nature Aggressor
Magic Category N/A
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Gotham City x Varya

and the rest is rust and stardust


Full Name: Symkaria
Age: 4yo
Gender: Stallion
Height: 19.1hh
Weight: 2100lbs
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Baser Nature: Aggressor


He is the velvet turn of the night, proud and regal in his stance and holding a badge of royal honour to his chest. Expression is warm, peculiarly bearing no resemblance to either of his familial lines. His eyes are kind and his paces gallant if you should see him as any more than cyan streaks in the black of daylight's death.

Cloaked in the darkest of midnight indigos, Symkaria's physique is nothing but sleek and chiseled. He borrowed height from his father and a fine athletic build from his mother, becoming sculpted into the shape of a fine-limbed heavy horse. 19.1 hands is far from small, and his build tends towards the characteristics of a Freiberger as draft lineage mixes with sinew and leg. Purpled navy transitions slowly lighter as a new shade of blue caresses the stallion's back, neck, and skull. Alabaster markings shout of his mother, seen in a stocking on his hind left leg, two strangely asymmetric splashes on his neck and underbelly, and two near-identical irregular circles over each eye.

Beginning midway down his back and ending at the dock of his tail is an array of luminous azure hoops and freckles. Thin zebra-type stripes cross both forelegs to just beneath the elbow, and 6 stripes of the same kind fold themselves over the bridge of his nose, which he looks down upon with glowing cyan eyes. All four hooves glow a funny milky blue, shiny in some lights and in others as if they are filled with a swirling blue smoke.

Mane and tail are most often unruly and unkempt, falling in tousled waves from rump and neck. Tail drags across the floor by a number of inches, and his mane is hardly short enough to keep from doing the same, tapering to an end just before his fetlocks. Both are deep navy in colour, fading to a mystical pale blue at the tips. In his mane, though, is a single lock of hair, about two inches in width, that glows with his ethereal markings.


noble / honourable / passionate / changeable / stubborn / rash

There are few traits lended to Symkaria by his parents. While his sire is emotionless and distant, Sym is passionate and warm. His circle of trusted and loved ones does not spread wide but the bonds holding it together are strong and fiercely treasured. He is a man of nobility, holding distinct pride to his name and fighting not to soil the honour of his lineage and stance in Elysium. As blood-heir to the Crucis throne, there is rumour he may be regarded as a Prince and such title comes with certain expectations which Symkaria endeavours to uphold. Every action he makes is made with honour in mind, fighting to do right by those he stands with and for, to build his loyalty to a point where it cannot be questioned.

It's not reasonable to fear that Symkaria may leave your side, not unless you give him explicit reason to do so. His heart is warm and loving, and while caring soul may be camouflaged by firey exterior, never doubt that it exists still.

A rose does not come without its thorns, just as a jellyfish will not be without its sting. Symkaria's mood can turn on a dime, unpredictable and without warning. He would never take anger out on his beloveds but can come close and will later severely regret his changeable behaviour. Perhaps this is some manifestation of the uninherited negative traits of his manipulative parents, but besides that it is unexplained. Even while his mood is not turned momentarily dark, the stallion is stubborn and can be prone to making rash decisions. These are traits he is aware of and holds no pride in, but remain with him nonetheless. He will often fix on a decision made quickly and thoughtlessly, carrying it through despite logic suggesting it mightn't be safe or fair. Once the poor choice is realised he will do all in his power to remedy it, but one had better hope the decision made initially does not inflict too much damage.

Perhaps the closest characteristic Sym shares with his father is his love of the stars, though this is further developed than Gotham's. For some reason likely somewhat tied to genetics, he frequently becomes transfixed by space and the solar system. He would happily stargaze for hours at a time. Most of the philosophy involved in his father's interests eludes him, leaving him only with the whimsical fascinations of the Celestial bodies that surround Elysium.


gotham citysire x varyadam

born to the elysium creation pool, there is little to speak of symkaria's history yet. keep in touch, though - everything is subject to change.


none to speak of. not yet.


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