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  Summer, Year 3    Leviticus Era
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Age Yearling, 1½-2 yrs
Gender Mare
Scale 17.1 hh - 1900 lbs
Sexuality Heterosexual
Baser Nature Neutral
Magic Category N/A
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Sire: Gotham City

Dam: Kashmir


Symkaria - Older Half Brother

Offspring: -


The best description of Evalyn’s makeup is like taking two entirely separate puzzles, randomly scrambling up the pieces, and then gluing the back together. Her mother, Kashmir, is one of those puzzles, and her father, Gotham City, is the other. Thankfully the picture that the puzzles make is a lovely one, and is one that can be framed and permanently hung on a wall. Evalyn’s base coat is a creamy white coloration, which is the stark opposite of both sides of her immediate family. While their coats are both dark, hers is pure alabaster. This must come from further up in her family line somewhere, for where else would she get it from?

On top of that white coat are black spots on Evalyn’s right forearm, behind her left elbow, and on her stifle. There are also black spots on her mouth and right pastern. Interwoven on top of those black spots are glowing cyan stripes. It is pretty clear where those originated, and that is Kashmir. From Evalyn’s muzzle to her crest, there is that same cyan blue shade. Her mane is a combination of black, blue, and white, with her tail being wavy strands of only black. Evalyn’s forelock is long enough to go past her chin.

Speaking of chins and mouths, Evalyn’s has that same stitched look that Gotham has on his on hers. It creeps up just below her golden eyes. She is a moderately tall sized girl, juggling the balance of Friesian, Zebra, and something Draft blood at the same time.

The prevailing impression that one gets from Evalyn is that she is a sweet, fun, and curious kind of girl. From minute one she is not afraid to prance up to someone and start a random game with them. Evalyn has all the zing and zeal that anyone could ask for in one feminine body. This girl is largely comparable to an apple pie in two ways: she is warm, inviting, and she has a little spice to her. Her golden eyes light up in enthusiasm like her mother’s, and their personalities are both quite circumstantial at times. Evalyn’s behavior is based upon what is going on at the time a lot. There is some unpredictability there, but not so much so to be chaotic. She is grounded and amiable most often, though there is room for sporadic reactions too. For instance, Evalyn was more than willing to try and lick the scaled man Asterion, much to his undeniable chagrin.


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