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Azrik, the Lone Pup

Age Foal, 6-12 mos
Gender Mare
Scale 14.3 hh - 800 lbs
Sexuality Unknown
Baser Nature Pacifist
Magic Category N/A
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Father: Unknown
Mother: Halki
Siblings: Diskan, Uskum, Aoklox, Mingrim


Please note that height, weight, and appearance are based off of what she will look like fully grown, not her current age.

Delicate would be the easiest way to describe Azrik. Her head is finely shaped, with large eyes, small muzzle, and dished profile. It is held high by an arched neck that leads into a leanly muscled body, suited for endurance rather than speed. She is short-backed with a tail held proudly high in all of her movements. Her entire coat is silky smooth. The tail trails on the ground behind her, the mane kisses her pastern on the left side, and the forelock parts gently over her eyes to fall to the end of the muzzle when she pulls her head back. She is completely unmarked by scars, brands, or any other imperfections.

Of her coloring, she is considered rather strange. Her tail, mane, and forelock are a dark grey that fade into a golden red, which in turn becomes pure white. Her base color is the same golden red with white dapples. Perfectly even white stockings cover her legs. They are higher on the front side - ending at where the leg joins the body - and lower on the back side - dipping to meet her chestnuts. Her face is white, save for the strip of golden red that runs from behind her ears and down the top of her nose to her chin in a stripe. Bright golden eyes peer from behind her forelock.

Despite her appearance, however, she posses sharply pointed teeth like that of a canine.

A reminder of the life she left behind, a massive wolf-like pelt rests on her back, strange magic having made it grow with her. The wolf's coat is a black so dark that the star-shaped white marking on its head is almost painfully bright. Its head runs along the top of her neck, the tail with her own, and the legs lined up likewise. It covers her so completely that one can only see her coat when she takes it off. Of course, she does so only to clean it and herself or it does not dirty in battle. It is held together by thick, braided leather with an unusually large diamond. She also has a cloak of flames. It is entirely made out of near-orange red flames that cannot harm anyone who touches it but keeps her warm no matter the weather. Unless specified otherwise, assume that she is wearing her wolf pelt.

Each cannon has a two inch black metal band that is fitted so that it does not chafe or slip from place.

A black earring is pierced through on her left ear, about halfway down the ear.


Please note that her personality is subject to change as she grows older.

She is not quick to anger, preferring to make friends with those she passes and leaving them with a postive impression. Azrik can make friends out of just about anyone with her sheer stubborn attitude. However, she can be easily offended and driven to tears if one puts true effort into being rude to her. In such cases, she will usually flee so that she may collect herself. The one who drove her to such an extreme emotional reaction is avoided from that moment forward unless they are able to make amends. In rare cases where her temper is truly ignited, she is known to bite with her words but not her teeth before making a graceful exit with all dignity.

Because of what happened to Uskum, she is also afraid of heights. If she is distracted or sufficiently motivated she can face them, but otherwise she refuses to go near them.


There was once a story of finely created horses with delicate features and strong bones. They were admired and feared in turn by those that lived near them, for their teeth were sharp but their manners were impeccable.

There was once a story where tales were sung of the good deeds these horses did. They saved others from natural disasters, provided food and safety for those seeking shelter, and advised on situations when they were asked for an opinion.

There was once a story of how some of these nigh-divine creatures became greedy for more. They took and took and never once gave back. They exploited all that they could and grew angry when there was nothing left.

There was once a story where these creatures turned on one another. One side was in favor of staying true to their origins. One side was in favor of changing their ways to capitalize on the high standing they held.

This is not any of those stories.

Instead, this is the story of the few horses left as parent turned on child and sibling drew the blood of sibling. They fled from their home and travelled. Where once they were half-revered, they were now utterly feared as word of their brethren spread. They struggled to uphold their ideals while desperately searching for a place to finally rest. Generations passed before such a thing became possible.

And then the same thing happened again.

And again.

And again.

And yet again.

It was in the newest incarnation of this vicious cycle where Azrik was born. Her parents were wanderers of the fleeing herd of too few horses and too little good will from outsiders. Her mother never told of who her father was, only gifting her the cloak that she now wears when she never stopped questioning. Five months after being born, Azrik and the other four foals of the herd were sent out to drink from the river. The herd left them behind as it travelled on, now unburdened by the young ones.

Mingrim fell first. She was the youngest and had not yet been weaned, dead only a week after abandonment. Diskan, the oldest of them at nine months, was hit hardest by her death. He became distant from the rest and disappeared a few nights later. Uskum had suffered from seizures from birth. They were usually mild despite occurring every few days, though one month after abandonment he had a seizure and fell down the mountain they were climbing. His neck was broken when Aoklox and Azrik found him.

Aoklox and Azrik travelled together for two more months before they found themselves separated in a snowstorm. Aoklox had stopped, hit hard by the cold that Azrik was shielded against with her wolf pelt, and Azrik hadn't noticed until it was too late. That night found the eight month old Azrik hiding in a cave that was actually part of a system of many other caves. She did not realize this until she woke the next morning to a massive wolf's breath in her face.

The she-wolf pushed her to follow her back to where she was nursing her pups. They weathered the week of terrible weather together, consuming the mice and bats that hid in the cave system. Then the weather broke and Azrik made to leave. The she-wolf stopped her from doing so for several days until her pups were weaned and eating on their own. She presented them to the filly and waited patiently until Azrik finally realized she was being told to take one.

She chose the smallest of the four, the one who looked least like their mother. Where the she-wolf was black as night, this pup was white as snow. Even young as she was she must have taken after whoever their father was, for she would never more than half the height as even the next smallest pup. The she-wolf gave an approving growl and herded the other three along with her as she left, the blue feathers tied behind her ear and to the base of her tail bright against her coat.

It had been three weeks since the choosing of her companion when she found herself in Elysium.

Additional Info

She is currently ten months old.

Azrik is entirely carnivorous but finds other equines distasteful. She primarily snacks throughout the day on birds and other small animals, though occasionally she makes an effort to hunt down larger prey like goats and sheep.

Her cloak of speed is her wolf pelt, gifted to her by her mother. The black metal bands on her legs are her cuffs of silence and her hear-ring is her black earring, both of them given to foals at birth in her original herd. Her companion is an arctic wolf with blue eyes named Nicla, and she carries the leather satchel found in their travels.

During the Lost One plot, Azrik found a special cloak.

Though Diskan, Uskum, Aoklox, and Mingrim are listed as siblings, they are simply the foals that were abandoned with Azrik. Diskan is four months older than Azrik, Uskum was the same age, Aoklox is a month younger, and Mingrim was two months younger.

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