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  Summer, Year 3    Leviticus Era
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Age Adult, 4 yrs
Gender Stallion
Scale 18.0 hh - 1700 lbs
Sexuality Heterosexual
Baser Nature Neutral
Magic Category N/A
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He has little memory of his past. Only fragments of who he was before remains. From his fragments of memory he knows that his family could somehow manipulate water.

Almost all classically Blue Roan with metallic flecks throughout his coat. Black face and legs but the metallic flecks are present. Has one horn in the center of his forehead that is cracked. The horn is rather small compared to most, a little under 10 inches Both eyes are light blue with black pupils and right eye has a fresh scar about five inches long. Extremely long black mane and tail, mane is almost to the start of his hooves and tail drags on the ground behind him. Has a somewhat iridescent spiral sea shell embedded under the skin on his left shoulder. Poseidon is very tall and muscular, but has now been losing his tone. Walks with a slight limp and favors the left side from an old injury. Very simple and tame compared to his previous unknown appearance.

Very timid and untrusting of others, often confused and has flashbacks of his past. Only aggressive if he feels threatened. Has a gentle side but it’s kept very guarded. It is difficult to like other horses because of the trust issues and he comes of as weird or crazy to others. Is sort of also quirky because of his memory loss. He only knows his name. When he does chose to trust someone he is very loyal, kind, and gentle towards them. Huge difference from what he used to be before the memory loss. When it comes to love, he is frightened of the idea and does not know why, it’s almost like he’s forgotten how to love another. He has the most difficult time trusting and getting along with female horses. But does not have a desire to hurt anyone.

Little is known. He remembers that he came from a place where was a lot of water. The physical form he is now is not the same as it was before. He was banished here by a higher power, with little of his memories intact.

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