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Forged under the hand of the underworld. Was once a normal horse that sold their soul to Hades in the hopes their family would be saved. Only to be betrayed by and untrustworthy Hades who had other plans for them, thus creating the monster they are now with little to no hope to ever change them back. Their past life only exists, in their, although rare, dreams.

Venom, is a grotesque creature. They are very tall, appears to have little muscle but the reality is they have plenty of strength. They are all black with the exception of their underbelly which is white that creeps up in a random pattern up the sides of his body. and white around their eyes, their onyx black eyes have a blanket of white over each one, almost almond in shape but it has parts the stretch out almost as though the white is bleeding through the black in a jagged pattern upwards and downwards on their face. Their maw has open jagged cuts so they can open there mouth wider than normal to reveal a set of sharp pointed teeth throughout their mouth. They are also equipped with a pointed tongue that the can stick out unusually far. Venom has not a normal tail, but a smooth one that almost looks like a devil tail. The fur that covers the tail as well as the rest of the coat is VERY oily. The have a mane that goes a little past it's neck but is also very oily. Almost looks like they are always wet when they aren't. Venom also seems to constantly be drooling, when their voice is heard it sounds like there isn't just one voice but multiple and the sound that it makes is Deep and gravely almost like they have been gargling glass shards most of their life. His eyes are all black and soulless, and coat is so black it makes him stealthy after dark.

The one thing that Venom lacks is emotion. They are a sociopath. It was created that way by their master. Their master is the only one that they're loyal to. Very aggressive, but created for a purpose. The lack of emotion helps them to not get to attached to things or other creatures. Although they have taken a particular likeness to others that have done things he enjoys tormenting those creatures. They are prone to be loyal to those who are willing to help them fulfill a mission and will not do any harm to the ones who help them. The innocent is their only weakness and when a little bit of emotion will show. Otherwise the a vault, filled with so much evil they are a monster, a machine. Their gentleness towards the innocent would indicate that they may have been different before they were created as a disciple of evil.

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