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Age Adult, 4 yrs
Gender Mare
Scale 14.2 hh - 900 lbs
Sexuality Heterosexual
Baser Nature Neutral
Magic Category N/A
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Elka comes from a small herd. She is not a horse of a rich and luxurious background but one of love and happiness and closeness of a small family. She was raised lovingly by her parents before bidding them farewell to seek her own life.

Elka is a pretty mixture of the hearty breeds of Icelandic and Fjord. Characteristically, the young mare looks more similarly to the Fjord while beating a lighter mane and color from the contribution of the Icelandic side of her bloodline. Elka is lighter in stature than most Fjords. The Icelandic side of her lineage has given her a more slender, more feminine stature with a higher, more flashy movement when she walks. Upon her brow is a curl of of branch like antlers. Elka is a rare unicorn that banishes any traditional idea of what a unicorn is. It starts behind her ears and in the thickness of her mane and grows outward to nearly meet at the center of her forehead. Depending on the season, foliage will sometimes grow from the ends of the branch antlers (branchlers?) Mainly green leaves/flowers in the spring and summer and brown leaves for the fall but winter causes the ends to glitter and sparkle with frost.

Elka is a sweet nature mare. She will always prefer to deflect a confrontation and will always attempt to find a solution to an issue with the least combative means possible. She prefers to use her words and logic to deal with an issue rather than running in with angry words and unnecessary yelling. Elka does enjoy the company of others and often finds herself making friends rather easily. She is quick to offer support, go adventuring, and sometimes enjoys lying around in the warm sun to fall asleep. The young woman can sometimes be naive and not realize she sometimes places herself in dangerous situations. She is a happy-go-lucky type of horse who can speak easily with the most sullen horses out there. She's rather charming and easy to talk with on most topics.


Additional Info

Character design originally by Harlequinconcept

Art by Shyponies, Ameameridian, Harlequinconcept, Harleq, Rhiaan, Are We Dancers

Link to all art HERE

Magic Ability Description

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