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Age Young Adult, 2-3 yrs
Gender Mare
Scale 17.0 hh - 1400 lbs
Sexuality Pansexual
Baser Nature Aggressor
Magic Category N/A
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Cordial’s body type is most similar to that of a Swedish Warmblood, most seen in her long, strong; yet slim, legs, and her lean, muscular and appealing body. Her chest is barrelled and leads into a body whose strength is, in part, lent by youth. Beneath her fur, the skin is tightly drawn to her frame, faintly hinting at the presence of ribs and boldly outlining the impressive musculature of her neck, quarters, and shoulders.[br] On the subject of fur, hers in mostly that of a dark bay, though the underside of her body, all of it, including the very bottom if her jaw and the most delicate insides of her thighs are neutral cream color. The transition between the two dominant hues being a flea-bitten pattern that leaves specks of deep brown along her belly and chest, to name a few areas. Within the deep and dark chocolate that makes the majority of her coloration, flecks of red dot the fur, strikingly visible against the earthy tone.[br] Her muzzle is a rich black, as are the rims of her ears, which frame the same red that accents her coat and shadow her eyes; which are the same shade themselves. Appart from the colored muzzle, her face is bald, and the white flows into her mane in a wide swathe, completely devoid of pigment from the fetlock to just behind her skull, where the rest of her mane is a thick, lustrous sheet of maroon, as is her tail, which drags behind her.[br] On her hooves, a think band of red lead from the hoof itself, up to the knee or hock, on all legs but the left front. Behind the red, a band of cream, the same color as her belly, creeps into the hooves, leaving deep brown to take the rest of the space.

Cordial has a particularly troublesome tendency to be very, very cocky. Always one to feed her curiosity, she's usually among the first to stick her nose into unknown territories, not bothering to test the waters before she jumps in headlong. Sadly, though not unexpectedly, this gets her into more trouble than she can handle, but those who bite off more than they can chew tend to choke, anyway. This being said, she finds a way out of those sticky situations, more often than not, but sometimes needs a helping hand. Or, even better, a partner in crime.[br] Sure, she can be a bit demanding at in-your-face, and yes, she's a mare that knows what she wants, but that doesn't stop her from seeking companionship in nearly every soul she meets, though they'd have t withstand her more-than-ridiculous scrutiny. Another thing to be said about Cordial is her glaringly dominant traits, more likely to act as a young stallion than a mare. With this in mind, she much prefers the company of more submissive equines, taking particular enjoyment in flustering and flirting with the poor objects of her temporary fascination.


Additional Info
-Her name is a reference to a Cherry Cordial, given her colors. -Art by Ray-Gunz on DA.

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