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Age Adult, 6½ yrs
Gender Mare
Scale 20.0 hh - 2300 lbs
Sexuality Unknown
Baser Nature Aggressor
Magic Category N/A
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There's nothing here that she cares to remember.

In her absence from the lands of Elysium, the crimson juggernaut of a mare has matured. If she was built in her youth, that's near uncomparable to her appearance now. Her body still ripples with muscle, far more muscle than even a stallion should have, yet it somehow doesn't impede her movement, as if Nephele's natural state was to be the monster she's forced upon herself. Over the stonework bulk of her body is a shining sanguine coat, nearly iridescent in the light and constantly flitting to different shades of red with each movement and shadow. Contrastingly, her irises are an icy blue, nearly white, and they lack a pupil while floating in the blackness of the rest of her eyes. Just behind two pairs of ears, on either side of her massive head, are long, golden antelope horns that shine like polished metal. A blackened muzzle hides a pair of wicked tusks, reserved for battle only. Her mane is black and shorn close to her neck, for practicality if anything and her tail is docked short, as well. The base of her tail is bound tightly in a gleaming gold wrap, and the same wrap can be seen on her ankles, all six of them. That seems to be her crowning feature, six legs instead of two. Her hooves are heavy, dark, and without feathering. With all of that, it should be noted that she towers far, far above a great deal of horses around her, a true pillar of a mare.

Though her physical aspects have changed, that same can't be said about her personality. Cold, vindictive, and wrathful as ever, Nephele is not one to hold anyone in high regard. To her, worth is measured in how far one can take her towards reaching a goal. Whatever cruel action she may demonstrate upon another is just the means to the end, in her eyes, and should be given the same regard as dust under her hoof. Not one person is held equal in the mare's eyes, as all are lesser creatures whose purpose are to benefit her in whichever way she sees fit.

Born into a class of judges in a far away empire, Nephele was the object of fear and hatred. Her mother was appalled to find that her newly born filly was a monster with six legs and a coat redder than anger itself. Her religion, the dominant faith of the empire she lived in, kept Nephele's mother from killing the child, but she was always hidden away from the other foals. Naturally, they feared what they didn't understand, and perhaps that's the reason Nephele turned out the way she is today. The only person to ever show her any form of affection was an old, feeble nanny, just a servant of her family's made to watch the children. She treated the red foal like her own daughter, but this was short-lived. The old mare died before Nephele's second year, leaving her alone in a world that hated her. She never forgave her for it. Years passed and she was still raised to judge her peers, but every decision cast was out of hate than fairness. If the world hated her, she would hate it back. As soon as she came of age, she left her empire in search of her own story. She happened upon Elysium and saw many things, gods and monsters alike, and even made her home there, only to disappear again. Years later, she's returned once more, this time with blood on her mind.

Additional Info
-art by Strixx-Variaa -Nephele has a familiar, a seven-foot Horned Viper by the name of Ardis. -Nephele has an incredibly high body temperature, and she radiates warmth like a hearth.

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