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Moonfire Ignis

Age Immortal
Gender Mare
Scale 20.0 hh - 2000 lbs
Sexuality Homosexual
Baser Nature Aggressor
Magic Category N/A
Magic Type

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Points 257.5 points

About Moonie
Joined Dec 19 2015
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Slept with: Erinys
Lover: None
Crush: None
Animal Companions: Skye (White Tailed Eagle), Tempest (Baby Dragon)


Moonfire is a clydesdale-eske draft horse with huge wings on her back. She has a shortish mane, long feathering on her lower legs, and a tail that reaches almost to her hooves. She is super muscled, which is why she is able to fly easily with such a heavy body. Don't make her angry, because she can also use those muscles to deliver a powerful kick! Moonfire's coat is inky black, and it is extremely hard to be seen during the night. Her feathering on her legs is the same color, and it flows down over her hooves, which are a shiny silver color. Her mane is shortish, and reaches about halfway across her neck, and that reaches her withers. It is the same inky black color except for a streak of fiery red mane in her forelock, next to her right ear. Moonfire's wings are the same black colored feathers, except for metallic silver speckles on them that make her wings resemble a starry night sky. Her body seems to glow under the moonlight, but not under the sun (weird, huh?). Her eyes are a blue-green color. Moonfire has a large blaze that streaks from her forehead to her upper lip. Moonfire is able to eat meat due to being distantly related to a species of dragon from her father's side of the family. Because of this, she has two barely noticable canines in the front of her mouth, along with the rest of her normal horse teeth.

Hippocampus Form

Moonfire has gained magic allowing her to change into a hippocampus at will when she is in the water. As a hippocampus, she gains black scaly gills on either side of her head, that can puff out when she is mad, much like a male betta fish. Her wings disappear, since they would only slow her down in the water. On her front hooves she gains small fins on the back of her legs. Instead of having back legs, however, a majestic black half moon betta fish tail takes its place. The area back by her new tail also has small patches of metallic black scales. Though her tail may be beautiful, it allows her to go incredibly fast through the water.


If you are looking for a good, loyal friend, Moonfire is the one you are looking for! She is fiery, passionate, brave, and will always do what she believes is right, and follow her heart. If you are friends with Moonfire, you have nothing to fear, she will defend her friends at all costs, and even fight to the death (though that is not preferred) to protect them. Put simply, Moonfire hates boys who have any other intentions than to only be her friend. Any kind of boy who flirts with her will receive a not-so-friendly kick in the face. She would never admit it, but Moonfire dreams of finding a girl to sweep off of her feet (Or hooves), and not vice versa. When it come to girls, she is bold, funny, and in many cases, flirtatious. Even though Moon has yet to officially become a knight, she has promised to abide by the code of chivelry, no matter what.
Changes Within Elysium
After accidentally having a child with the mare Erinys, and not getting to see it after birth, Moonfire has become more absorbed in her work as general, trying to forget that she has a biological daughter somewhere across Elysium. She is still friendly and approachable, however she has "grown up" you could say, and become quieter and more mature and adult like. Along with this, Moonfire will not have any more one night stands, as she will be afraid for the other mare's safety, she does not want to impregnate her and have another child roaming around without two loving parents to guide it. She is still open to romance, but it will be slower going.

Years 0-3: First Home
Moonfire's beginning to life was an easy one. She grew up in a small, tightly knit herd of horses that lived in a mountain cave far from Elysium. She was her mother and father's pride and joy at first, until she began to grow. Her mother was furious that young Moonfire did not fit into the role that females were supposed to take, a foal carrier and nothing more. The young filly became a rebel, learning to fight from her brothers, who were much more accepting. As she grew older and larger, her mom belittled her and even abused her because of who she was. Her father was very absent from her life, as the stallion did not help raise the foals.
When Moon was two years old, she had a friend named Lilac. Her mother was pleased that Moon seemed to be finding her place within the herd, among the mares and not play fighting among the colts. Moonfire was intrigued by her new friend, and something more began to develop between the two. Somewhere during this time, Moon realized that she would never be like her mother, simply because she did not like stallions in the way most mares did. When Moon admitted she wanted to be more than friends with Lilac, she expected her friend to at least keep it a secret. She did not. When Moonfire's mother found out, she trapped her in a cave that branched off of the large one, and attempted to beat her. In a fit of desperate rage, Moon fought back, leaving her mother badly injured. Sobbing and fearing for her life, Moonfire flew out of the cave as fast as possible and never looked back. She did not know whether her mom survived her injuries or not, but part of her hoped she didn't.
Years 3-4: Traveling
Moonfire travelled the world for about a year after that, living off of what she could hunt and kill, and what she could forage if there were no animals to be found. She wandered through a land named Aashira at one point, though the land and it's inhabitants did not interest her enough to stay, so she left. She wandered for a few months after that before crossing the border into Elysium.
Years 4+: Life in Elysium (get ready for lots of bullet points)
-Joins Arae alongside Faervael, meets Migisi
-Learns about a stallion named Renegade from Ion
-Meets Stellar Infinitum, helps him on his quest.
-She meets Bella, and the two become fast friends.
-meets Skye above the Toran Peninsula, they bond and he becomes her companion.
-becomes a knight of Arae
-has a one night stand with Erinys
-meets Dolly, begins to crush on her after a little while
-Moonfire meets Erinys again, who is quite pregnant.
-Bella is raped by Renegade, Moonfire swears to hunt him down,
-Erinys gives birth to a filly, Ampha
-Dolly disappears.
-Moonfire becomes the Arae General
-Finds a dragon egg, which hatches. She bonds with the derg and names it Tempest.
-Joins in the Exodus festivities (and fight), witnesses the Everbeing.
-Fights Elias for the Arae throne and wins
-Becomes Queen alongside Talla.
-Meets Andrew
-Steps down from the throne to become General again.
-forms the Amazons
-Satin Beach is taken by the Fog
-joins Carinae
-Becomes Carinae's General
-Meets Medea, leads her back to the Viridian Fields

Additional Info

Current Residence: Satin Beach
Rank: Carinae General

Art by Lull, Zetro, Elidhu, Victoria, myself, and Mono

Magic Ability Description

Magic Weaknesses