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  Summer, Year 3    Leviticus Era
The new Firstborn Vihaan is visiting the horses of Carinae in Viridian Fields!
The Lost One has appeared needing help of your characters in this site wide plot!
Congratulations to Ritsika, the new player of newly mortal firstborn, Cora!
Welcome new Empress Kashmir of Heretic!
The Red Wastes now has a sub-forum of its own! All Lyrus members can post there but outsiders beware!
The training battle between Gotham City and Caelian has been decided on a winner!

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Age Immortal
Gender Stallion
Scale 19.2 hh - 1900 lbs
Sexuality Unknown
Baser Nature Aggressor
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Acrux, Heretic, Vega, Aranea & Cora (The Sister) are his Firstborn siblings

A writhing black beast lined in yellow, this Firstborn truly looks like a creature from the darkest depths. With his wasp like colouring and a tongue that stings, he is a force to be reckoned with. Usually appearing in a swirling mass of matter, he is something ethereal and unnatural. This mass seems to have the capability of crawling and seeping into the tiniest of corners of a horse's heart. More often that not, his eyes are reptile-like slits, and it is only through speculation that some wonder if he has a forked tongue to match his snake nature.

The lover of chaos is a dark heart and brought evil to the wolrd of Elysium in a more ordered manner, with the formation of the Heretic herd. In simple terms he is a self-centered bigot with a flavour for drama. Heretic is morally lacking, and with the Heretics being his presence on the Earth, he uses them like puppets in hs plan to being the downfall of the entirety of Elysium. Also sometimes displays psychotic tendencies.


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