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Prince Pig Bastard Son Of Renegade

Age Adult, 4 yrs
Gender Stallion
Scale 17.3 hh - 1300 lbs
Sexuality Homosexual
Baser Nature Neutral
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all my friends are heathens

Prince is unmistakably the offspring of Renegade and Grafite. His body is slightly thicker than his Mother's light build, yet he possesses the sleek and agile frame she supported. He forms a slender outline, with a mostly feminine body. Gentle, shallow curves make this young colt appear delicate and frail. From his shoulder blades spout two enormous wings that engulf the little boy, limestone rock jutting out from the line of his shoulder up the forearm of his wings on both sides. His wings match his height at this moment in time and form a cocoon around his body in times of insecurity, yet never will he be able to fly. A large chunk of feathers broken from the skin has not, and will not, regrow. The gap enlarges as the boy grows.

The most obvious feature about the colt is that his body is a wash of pure white. Faint dapples may mar his coat, little sneaky hints of what is hidden beneath the white layer of paint. His hooves and eyes are the same as his dam's - a pristine, untouched white. The tips of his feathers bear a mark in silver, gold for his largest feathers, similar to the eye found on a peacock's feather.

There is a burst of colour breaking through the young Prince's skin, another scar left by his mother dear. Pale gold-coloured flesh is visible from a rugged tear spanning from above the colt's right eye to the tip of his lips. Dark brown breaks through into that eye, rendering it sightless.


i cannot stop this sickness taking over

it takes control and drags me into nowhere

Reserved and unusually quiet, Prince would sink into his surroundings if not for his appearance. He is a keen observer and can be particularly aware of his surroundings at any time.

Despite his unwillingness to engage in conversation, Prince is a strong willed and determined boy, but his true intentions are often held close to his chest.

His sick and twisted mother named him Prince as a cruel joke, but the young boy upholds the arrogance attached to the name better than she could ever have imagined. In following with her vain behaviours, Prince takes pride in ensuring his coat remains a perfect sheen of white.

Another trait he inherited from her is his natural talent for deceit. His tongue, when unsilenced, can form the easiest of lies. Twisting the truth comes as easy to him as breathing.

Quick with situation analysis, Prince possesses quite the array of devious traits and talents.



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