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  Spring, Year 3    Leviticus Era
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Byon DeVoid

Age Adult, 11 yrs
Gender Stallion
Scale 18.3 hh - 900 lbs
Sexuality Heterosexual
Baser Nature Neutral
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a man much too sober to enjoy the city's view


he wastes away, so pointlessly, looking at the moon

Byon is a tall, thin thoroughbred-type horse. Standing at 18.3hh, he is immensely thin, emaciated in his current state, although he is gaining a few pounds. There is little muscle or fat coverage on his skeleton - so most ribs and other bones are visible. He is a light grey, on a flaxen chestnut base, with scattered 'star' markings across his body. These collect on his narrow shoulders and chest, and swirl around a black circle on his chest - as if they are being sucked into it - like a black hole. The stars scattered across his body do not touch his legs, back or stomach - mainly staying along his side. They glitter slightly, and are mainly blues and purples, but some are red, orange and yellow. His legs are a dark grey. Byon has a long, thin, sparse mane and tail. His mane holds two braids, ruggedly cut off at the ends where two silver rings had been tied. Replacing one of these rings is a long, thin pheasant feather picked up during the stallion's travels. His tail still holds the silver ring at the end of a single, long braid.

someday these flowers will bloom


i know i haven't done a thing but i still feel guilty

Byon is the silent type, but quick to act. When he does respond, he can be overbearing - he loves to be the one in charge. To step up, and take control, that's what he does. However, it is not always what is wanted, and had made a few enemies for him in the past. He tends to be more on the inconsiderate, anti-social side, but he is by no means a loner. Whilst he does not actively seek the companionship of others, Byon is more comfortable around others, more relaxed, more suited to a herd lifestyle. Byon also prefers to lurk in the dark than in the light. He tends to be more active at night than day - a tendency horses from his family have - and is often found to be wandering around at night instead of sleeping, and resting during the day.

and by now i can't be sure if i'm 'me' anymore


dear my most hated past

i'm ready at last

to leave you behind

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