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Age Adult, 4½ yrs
Gender Mare
Scale 18.1 hh - 1800 lbs
Sexuality Heterosexual
Baser Nature Neutral
Magic Category N/A
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Despite all that we've done,
Mother :: Angel [Deceased] | Father :: Silver [Deceased] | Daughter :: Iracebeth [Alive]


All those we've lost,
Her coat is the color of the night sky during a new moon with no stars to light it up. Her gleaming golden eyes are the only part of her that can be seen when she is in shadow. Her mane and tail are slightly darker than her coat, although her forelock has a few light grey streaks and there is one long streak of the same grey running through her tail. The long horn spiraling from her forehead is, you guessed it, black, but there is a thin strip of gold that spirals from the base to the tip that seems to glow when light hits it. The only other spot of color on her is a piece of golden thread, the same gold of her horn and eyes, that is sewn through her mouth to keep her from speaking. Though they will never be seen she has the sharp teeth of a raptor and her tongue is pointed in a similar way to theirs. A golden key hangs around her neck.


We're still here.
She is unable to speak and because of this she isn't the most social being and prefers to wonder alone instead of with others. Most tend to run from her when they see the thread holding her mouth shut, unable to understand that she did not do that to herself and so they find her silence unsettling. Although if she could find a way to communicate they would be able to see that she is in no way a danger to them. In fact, she has a huge heart that is willing to love anyone as long as they love her back. She is fiercely protective of those she loves and would do almost anything to keep them safe. Her face and body are very expressive, this being the only way she is able to communicate. She has become slightly depressed with Peregrine's disappearance.


You're not alone.
She was born in another land to a father that was rarely around and a mother who spent most of her waking hours searching for him when he was gone. She was not neglected though. Her mother adored her and, whenever he was there, her father did too. She never figured out where he went when he left them, but she never really cared. She was more worried about her mother, who would wander off from time to time without saying anything. Back then she didn't have the thread sewn through her mouth, keeping it held shut. She was free to move her mouth as she wished, eating, drinking and even breathing without causing harm to herself. She could smile without wincing in pain, although she rarely smiled. She had taken it upon herself to keep an eye out for danger whenever her mother was in one of her searching moods, which was fairly often. Ezera became a stoic filly, a sentry that guarded wherever they had decided to call "home" that day. Her life as a foal was not what it should have been. It was not full of laughter and games. It was barely even full of love. She grew up caring for her mother instead of the other way around, keeping them alive while her father did his own thing. This lasted a for about two years, Ezera keeping them safe while Angel searched for her mate and Silver stayed away. She didn't know if her father was the one to bring the demon back, or if he just happened to come back the day the demon decided to attack. Whichever it was didn't really matter, the attack occurred anyway. The demon took out her mother with just a swipe of its claws, the mare having already been weak from being malnourished. Next it turned to her father, who put up a mighty fight. Silver managed to wound the beast but in the end had been unable to land a fatal blow and was slain. Ezera had charged the demon, her head lowered to impale it with her spear of a horn. Fear had been something she pushed down into a box back then. She would not have been able to keep her mother, and herself, safe with it deciding her every move. So as she ran towards the demon, not away, she was free of fear. Her horn managed to pierce about an inch of the slimy flesh before she was shoved away by scaled arms. Intending on stretching out her death, the thing marred her coat by pulling strips of her skin away. The mare had never passed out from the pain, refusing to give this demon the satisfaction of her giving in. She wasn't sure how much time had passed before the slimy thing was ripped away from her and tossed into some portal. Her burning eyes landed on whatever had saved her, making out the form of an equine before her mind finally gave into the darkness that was so enticing at the edge of her mind. The pain melted away as her eyes closed. When she awoke she was still in the clearing, surrounded by the blood of her family, but her body was healed. Nothing the demon had done remained on her coat, no trace of the wounds and pain. The equine that had saved her stood off to the edge, silently watching. Only when Ezera stood did it speak and inform her of what had occurred. The equine spoke to her of what it had done to heal her, but how it had only been able to heal the damage done by the demon but not the piece of her vocal chords that was missing. In an attempt to help the equine, a goddess, made Ezera into a goddess herself. The Unicorn became a goddess of silence and was bestowed with the ability to speak telepathically and the ability to cause silence around her. To show this new status her mouth was sewn shut with the golden thread. It only bothered her a little back then, for she was able to speak with her thoughts and was immortal so she did not require food nor water. For two years she lived like this, wandering the lands as her mother had. She met up with her grandmother once but had refused her offer to stay, wanting to explore what she hadn't been able to as a filly. This is how she ended up in Elysium two years later, her journey leading her to the border. Of course, as soon as she crossed it she lost her immortality and abilities. The thread began to cause her pain and her stomach began to rumble, demanding food she had not needed before. She learned how to eat in a way that would not hurt her mouth too much and also how to keep her mouth shut at all times. And now she is where she is.

Additional Info
Mate - None
Companion - Voski (Male GHI Ball Python)
Face Claim - Phoebe Tonkin
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