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getting started

in character

out of character

Why Battle Magic?

Many have asked and waited for this to arrive since the beginning. Rather than just with strength, you now have the ability to purchase a custom battle magic of the categories listed below. So long as it technically fits into the elemental categories below, it's available. Of course, there will be some limitations to give everyone an equal ground, so when you apply, you have to think on the weaknesses, defenses as well as your abilities.

You can level up to 5 ranks and while this can be seen as ultra powerful, there are still limitations of what you can add to your character's magic arsenal to make it both challenging and fun for all. We have a unique system in place to make sure of this while also making you want to rank up!

Types of Magic Allowed

These are the main categories with subsets of elemental magic. If you don't see the one you have in mind, feel free to apply for it as long as the elemental magic that you want your character to have isn't all powerful (i.e. telekinesis and/or gravity manipulation), we'll be able to look over it without any trouble. If you're not sure, it's best to ask staff beforehand.

  • Water
    • Ice
    • Snow
  • Wind
    • Tornados
    • Storms (small to medium)
    • Smoke
  • Earth
    • Nature/Flowers/Plants/Vines
    • Metals/Crystals/Gems
    • Sand
  • Fire
    • Lightning
    • Lava
  • Dark
    • Shadow entrails
    • Curses (Can't involve death related)
    • Poison/Acid
    • Necromancy (Can't bring back character's from the dead, only smaller animals)
  • Light
    • Holy
    • Sparkles

Ranks of Battle Magic

While we did want to implement battle magic, we wanted to keep in mind the focus that LTTS is not about main conflict but also balance it out for those who want to wield it for battle. We ask that you please read through the ranks below entirely to understand the system we have in place to make it fair.

These are inspired by the Latin words for the word "star" while Nova is for the star term in space.

Lumen (Level 1)
First rank of battle magic users that is given for free. Have one large attack and one small attack matched with a defense. Needs to have a legitimate weakness as well for both attacks.

Astrum (Level 2)
Second rank of battle magic users, add one large attack and a huge weakness.

Sidus (Level 3)
Third rank of battle magic users, add one defense, one small attack, and a small weakness.

Astra (Level 4)
Fourth rank of battle magic users, add one huge defense only.

Nova (Level 5)
Fifth and final rank of battle magic users, add one special attack and one immense weakness after using it. This is not a finishing move since it's still up to the versus player if it will land or not.

What counts as a weakness?

A weakness is a limitation that is put upon an ability.

For example: The small ones will be like when the small attacks are used while large ones will be for when large attacks are used. An example for small is below:

Bobra uses her crystals to use a small attack that makes crystals grow from the ground and shoot like arrows, the weakness will be that she can only send three at a time OR she puts a small amount of yards that it can go up to.

This is a way to make sure that everyone has a chance to dodge yet use their attacks wisely.

How to Rank Up

To rank up, you must make the following post requirements only in battle. Training does not effect battle magic level.

10 battle posts in total for rank 2

20 battle posts in total for rank 3

30 battle posts in total for rank 4

40 battle posts in total for rank 5

Stacking is allowed and included: if you already did 10 battle posts for rank 2, you just need to make 10 more for rank 3.

Key Terms

So what does attacks, weaknesses, and defense really mean?

  • Attacks
  • - To inflict harm, unleashing an attack onto a target.
  • Defense
  • - A way to protect yourself rather than relying on strength of dodging in other battles.
  • Weakness
  • - Tied with attack, what happens if you use them too often and what is their limit?

How to Apply

To apply, you must purchase the battle item and then go to this thread here and fill out the following form:

Here's an example to help you get started:

Magic Category: Earth
Magic Type: Crystals made out of diamonds
Magic Ability Description: Diamond crystals sprout out from the ground in sharp end points if desired. Can use this as a way to send a signal to others as well as climb on them. Smaller crystals can be shot out of the base ones but they will focus more on speed rather than attack, therefore a weaker way to attack another.
Magic Weaknesses: An immense pressure from something heavy that can shatter them (like a hammer to a diamond). Takes up a lot of concentration and magic source making her feel fatigued, so must use it wisely.

How to Update Ranks

Make sure that you have made the correct battle posts required. If you do not yet, you may not apply.

Then, you will need to post in the same battle magic thread (link around here) as you did for applying the first time with the correct attack or weakness or defense, depending on the rank, and a staff will look over it.

One of the team members will then inform you whether or not your character has ranked up or not with your additional abilities and weaknesses stated.


What if someone already has my idea?
You can apply for it either way, no one can claim a magic type. Plus, you will be able to make it your own of how you will want it so long as you follow the system we have in place.

How many can we have per character?

Do I have to keep track of attacks?
You will, and while we will do our best to do as well, you will have to keep track of what attacks you make as well as their weaknesses that came along with it.

Do we gain extra attacks and/or dodges?
No to the extra dodges, but for the magically gifted, you can purchase the item "Magically Gifted" that will give the ability to overcome ONE weakness of your choice to attack again.

What if we keep using defenses? Is that counting for dodges?
You cannot, you will still have to follow the 3 partial dodges and 1 full dodge rules as any normal battle without magic.

I'm confused about the attacks, defense, and weaknesses, what should I do?
PM the Staff account and we will get back to you.

I have a suggestion/feedback on this, where do I go?
Please feel free to voice it in the suggestion thread located here.