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  Summer, Year 3    Leviticus Era
The new Firstborn Vihaan is visiting the horses of Carinae in Viridian Fields!
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the Carinae Herd

"the beryl empire"

The Carinae herd was made up of both the Corona and the Arae members and was created to save the horses of Arae from the fog that descended on their beach. It was not so much founded as it was a necessary merge of the two herds for survival. The rulers of this herd chose themselves and then were agreed upon by the other members and the Firstborn now known as The Sister.

In Spring of in the Year 3 of the Leviticus Era, The Sister changed back into Aranea and Cora after realizing the herd did not need them anymore. Aranea brought back the Satin Beach while Cora, a young foal, moved onto elsewhere, joining the mortal world.

The New Firstborn - Vihaan
As Cora's wish to become mortal has been fulfilled, the youngest of the five firstborns was expected to step up and take her place in being the patron deity of Carinae. Vihaan fancies himself as somewhat of a casanova, having spent his years before responsibility living, and flirting, among the mortals of Elysium. Doubtful you would have encountered him, though, for he was quite sneaky in how he made his way before rising to the skies and resuming his whimsical form. A classical marwari, Vihaan's ears curl inwards to touch each other at the tips, his build is sinewy and lithe. The stallion's hide is painted cremello, a pearlescent white base with pale gold hues brushed over the hocks, fetlocks, chest and chin. Long swathes of wavy alabaster hair fall over his neck and hind legs, so long that you'd expect him to trip over and yet miraculously he never does. A singular oval teal gem sits in the center of his forehead, its colour deepened by the turquoise eyes sitting on either side. Finally, a set of translucent dragonfly wings sprout from his shoulders, bordered with silver and shimmering an iridescent shade of periwinkle blue. When he flies, the wings are a mere blur of cyan, hardly looking to be there at all.

The 2nd Firstborn - The Sister
As the combined forces of Aranea and Cora, The Sister was both wise and youthful, cunning in her own right to save the beaches that glittered in the sunlight after the fog rolled in. Their power was enough to stop it from eating it whole, showing her compassion. Yet, not many were pleased, the Arae missing their beach called home and wondered what would become of them. With the joined forces of the two, Corona herd was renamed to Carinae in combination of the two herds.

The Corona Firstborn - Cora
“You lose! Get lost, Bud! Go find a cave to haunt or something.”

Quite unlike her counterparts, the Firstborn Cora is an exuberant, youthful goddess whose purpose was to combat the darkness that Heretic brought upon Elysium. Much like a filly still budding into an adult, she has a fiery passion and sense of peace that horses find approachable, and she does not stand for foolery or injustice. She is every bit a horse of nature with a coat of earthen hues and an appaloosa's blanket of emerald spots and gemstones. Her mane and tail are rich and green, thickly tangled with braids and flowery, leafy adornments and a small tiara of branches tipped with green stones is worn between her ears. As she grows her body will mature with her, and with that growth will come a being who will be a horse for the people, always erring on the side of precious good.

Royal Roster
Those who have held King or Queen positions over the dominion:

Ezera, Queen -- July 2017 to September 2017.
Amapola, Queen (Ezera) -- July 2017 to November 2017.
Valor, Khal -- November 2017 to December 2017.
Arête, Khaleesi (Valor) -- November 2017 to March 2018.
Shakaya, Queen -- March 2018 to Present.