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State of Elysium

The land of Elysium (where LTTS takes place) is an AU-based fantasy land. While its weather systems and other planetary elements are relatively the same as our Earth (one sun, one moon, standard gravity, etc), Elysium is a unique land separated from what we know as "reality". Characters will encounter strange creatures and potential magic that one wouldn't find on earth. One of the more important traits that all members must be aware of is that no horse, born in or out of Elysium, will have ever encountered a human as they don't exist in this universe. If you see something incredible around the site that might not have a realistic explanation (the gigantic deer that inhabit the Eternal Wood, for example), feel free to chalk it up to the "fantasy" element of the site.


Arriving & Departing

Equines who are not native to Elysium can still find the land through travel. While all surrounding land masses are an utter mystery, there are certainly other equine civilizations and cultures outside the gaze of the Firstborn that simply aren't recognized within Elysium. Thus, outsiders can enter the lands at any point in time with their own customs and languages.


Given its penchant for fantasy, Elysium is home to all shape and size of tree, flower, bush and grass. It is a very lush land with meadows overrun by wildflowers, protected glades of trees as well as ample water supply via various creeks and streams.


It is also home to many species not seen elsewhere. The towering trees of the Eternal Wood can be thousands of feet tall at their most dense, with trunks as wide around as skyscrapers. Some species of fungi grow to be taller than even some of the horses who live here, and there are also flowers just as large.


Most importantly, feel free to use your imagination! So long as your flora creations do not break the rules of powerplaying (such as creating a poisonous plant specifically to inflict upon another character) we encourage you to make Elysium a little bit of your own.


Just as with the flora, Elysium has a plethora of creatures that call each land home. While the majority of the lands is inhabited by predator and prey that might also be found in North America (deer, bison, wolves or raccoon) there are also a handful of beasts that have only ever been seen here. Some, despite being herbivores, can still be quite dangerous given their size alone so it is best to be cautious around these more unique species.

Dire Wolves are the species most likely to prey upon the equine characters of LTTS. Growing to nearly five feet tall at the shoulder, these beasts often hunt in packs of 3-5, however it is not unheard of a solitary wolf slinking about in the shadows. Like most wolves they are out to survive: to reproduce and raise their young, however the Dires are much more intelligent than average wolves. They are capable of holding grudges, and will often track down a single horse who might have crossed them wrongfully. Dires can be found in any territory.

The Artax are a beautiful -- if terrifying -- species of deer. Inhabiting only the deepest portions of the Eternal Wood, Artaxi grow to sizes that suit the trees that live here. Comparable to the size of a humpback whale, they are surprisingly silent and stealthy as they weave in and out among the trees, their fur glorious shades of dark green that often change colors like a chameleon to match their surroundings. It isn't often one sees an Artaxi in the light: they were bred for darkness, most often seen as hulking shadows in the background or, if you're lucky, a flash of pearly golden eyes that blink at you from behind the trunk of a giant tree. While they keep to themselves, Artaxi can be very dangerous: a single misstep from one could kill a horse, even by accident.

Gryphons are independent creatures who choose a partner and mate for life, making them a very intimate and loyal species on Elysium. They are most often found in the higher regions like the Lunar Mountains and the peaks of the Iron Valley, often coming together in large flocks. They are large: the size and body of a lion with wings and the head of a bird of prey. Gryphons come in many subspecies, ranging from eagles to owls. If left alone they rarely harm the equines, but if cornered or picked upon they will absolutely strike out with their potentially lethal claws.