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Shocking Arrival [Companion Drop!]
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Posted on Nov 05 2017, 8:07 AM. (Edited: Nov 25 2017, 9:27 PM by Camy. Edit Reason: Explained more about the shockwave reason of not being used. )

The large rock high above the sea groaned as it began to shift.  The waves seemed to welcome the moving rock, splashing high up and wetting it before going back to the sea.  Two plates shifted away, morphing to bat like wings, before a tail with a spear at the end sprung out and finally a head with glowing white eyes and massive canine teeth peeked out.  The gargoyle had slept here for centuries, perhaps when Elysium first became an island from a volcanic eruption. 

With a lazy yawn, the gargoyle let out all the water its body absorbed the past centuries into the sea before taking flight.  It nearly dropped to the sea before regaining itself to settle upon the sandy beach.

The scent of beings of the unknown made it curious of who dwelled upon this island now.  Digging its front hands into the sand, the gargoyle sent out immense vibrations into the earth that would act like a shockwave yet not harmful to the island or those who lived it in any way.  Once...twice..three times before deciding that it was enough the gargoyle waited patiently for anyone...or no one to arrive.

Something is happening!  A gargoyle has awakened from a very long slumber!  The first ten characters to reply to this thread will be able to win this gargoyle as a companion.  Once all ten characters have answered, the winner will be decided by RNG.

The gargoyle will be the size of a large domestic cat that will be able to fly and hover but will not be able to use the shockwave since it cannot be a replacement to signal other horses around your character.  The gender is decided up to the winner.


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Posted on Nov 06 2017, 3:50 AM.

The Vampryn mare made her way carefully across the rocks, sea water spray hitting her. Her mane was dripping with water, making her look like a Kelpie. The only way one could tell otherwise was by her red eyes that seemed to glow in the cloudy atmosphere. A sound of moving rocks caught her attention; Charna Tanith moved from a slow trot to a lope, still following the rocky shoreline. 

  She slid into a graceful stop as she came to a segment of moving rocks. Eyes seeming to glow even brighter with a predator's gaze. "Well, I'll be, another fellow creature of darkness. She watched as the gargoyle drained the sea water from its body. She wasn't sure yet what gender it was, but either way, she haven't seen one in a very long time. Charna Tanith lowered her wings, as to not scare the small creature, small compared to her any whom.  She made a clicking sound, hoping the creature would recognise the sound as to mean, " no harm do I intend. " The mare would then come a bit closer,staying about 6 feet away from the creature. 

While she knew not the gargoyle's intentions, she was eager to find out all then same. It didn't seem to mean any harm, probably just wanted a friend.

  Only one way to find out.......


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Posted on Nov 09 2017, 8:56 PM.

Salty ocean air filled my thin, violet nares as I sure-footedly made my way towards the pale sand. My small daggers clung to the jagged rocks beneath me. Tiny crabs scattered across the unlevel surface, taking refuge in the crevices. The sound of the waves rolling towards the shore muted most of my hearing, making me hyper-alert of my surroundings. It had been a long time since I stumbled upon the ocean. The sounds, the smells, and the creatures were almost foreign to me but my young curiosity pushed me out of my element sometimes. I wasn't uncomfortable here, despite being unfamiliar. I took a moment to evaluate my surroundings from a still perspective. Upon doing so, I spotted a glowing pair of crimson eyes in the distance. I lowered my broad dial, wishing to not be seen by the dark silhouette. The creature didn't seem to notice me and continued down the shore through the fog. My milky white orbs narrowed mischievously as I began to follow the scent of the other equine. I stepped softly, trying to make as little noise as I could to remain unnoticed. Suddenly, the sound of rocks grinding together made my auds press to my skull. At very first, I thought I had somehow mis-stepped, but the sound was loud and farther away than the equine I had begun to stalk. That ruled it out from possibilities of where the noise came from.

What the hell was that?

My ivory pools scanned the terrain, searching for answers. They widened and dropped to the ground as it began to shake beneath my pistons. I stood motionless for many moments, before deciding to follow where I believed they had come from. Making my way towards the sand, I racked my brain for possibilities but couldn't come up with any logical explanation for the sound and the vibration underground. When I finally approached the sand, what I saw next wasn't very logical either.

To my surprise, I saw a creature I had never seen before. It looked as though it was made of rock, but it appeared to be.. alive. I wasn't the first equine on the scene, however. The scent I had been following and the glowing crimson eyes I had seen belonged to a winged, ebony equine who was clicking her tongue at the creature. I watched for a moment from the edge of the rocks, thinking my next move carefully. It was in that moment that my heart froze and his beady eyes met mine. My nostrils flared and my senses were heightened. I stood tall, letting the creature know I didn't fear him and anxiously awaiting what would happen next. 

OOC: So I'm a little confused about the shockwave. You said he can't use it because it's not harmful? I thought they couldn't use them if they are harmful?


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Posted on Nov 10 2017, 7:03 AM.


Tried to keep our colors inside the lines
Fiery sorrel ears strained toward the ominous roaring of the salty waves, which crashed against rocks below in a flurry of seafoam froth. A bone white draft patched with chestnut markings stood upon an outcrop overlooking the fierce waves. The once gentle sea breeze had turned into bitter cold gales as the season relented to the wintertide. Flaxen tresses snapped and whipped against her brow and neck, and the thick tail tangled around her hindlegs trying to escape the blustering winds. Mismatched eyes, a deep blue and a rich brown, eagerly absorbed the magnificent sights. Pale pink nostrils, chapped by the chill, flared to catch the distinct scent of the ocean. She could very nearly taste the tang of saltwater upon her tongue.

Carried by the thin frame were wings of great span. In order to keep the tall maiden aloft they needed to be large and, indeed, they were quite the sight. Avian feathers blended from white to fawn to sepia and finally dark umber. Trembling with anticipation, the mare was about to leap from her perch when the solid ground beneath her hooves shook. At first she hardly noticed, thinking her weak knees were the cause, until a second and third shuddering wave caused shales of stone to drop into the greedy waves.

Casting glances all around, the filly-mare took note of figures in the distance. With great ebullience she bunched her muscles and leapt into the air. Stretching her wings to their full width, the pegasus thrust them to gain altitude before settling into a rhythm that allowed her to angle in the direction of the sandy shore. Overcast and threatening rain, the mood of the bay appeared apathetic or lethargic. Yet life continued to struggle – seabirds shrieked and swooped, a pod of dolphins surfaced not far from shore. Wide and wild eyes took this in as she swooped down and performed a running landing. The long hairs upon her legs danced with her high action lope and sand spewed from her ground eating strides.

Approaching without caution, the damsel took note of two strange equines without impressing upon their details. Instead her curiosity was completely captured by a creature, of which she had never seen the likes of before.  The size of a kit, it was made of stone! With wings shaped like a bat, the creature had eyes the color of snow and they appeared to emit a soft glow. Two canines erupted from the mouth, looking rather enormous, and a moment of fright had the mare shying backward before settling three horse lengths from fantastical beast. Regarding the patient atmosphere surrounding the rocky creature, Alell decided to wait as well though she fidgeted with expectancy.

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Posted on Nov 19 2017, 10:47 PM.

i r a c e b e t h'
run on for a long time, sooner or later god's gunna cut you down

Shores seemed to play a large roll in her life. From being lost along shores to following them back home, Iracebeth could not escape the frothy white caps of the ocean. They were a terrible reminder of Mother Nature’s power. They ebbed and flowed, seemingly on their own accord, as if the ocean itself was a beast. When these thoughts shivered down her spine, she was ominously reminded she was never taught to swim.

Now, she rugged jagged volcanic rock, skirting their glossy surface as the ocean spray speckled her pelt. Her golden hooves cautiously stepped, her eyes of equal hue staring at her footing with intense focus. She had learned the trick to walking ground like this when she was still alone, trying to read her internal compass. Now, it was honed, a skillful needle always swaying and shifting, stuttering with her own indecision. Today, it brought her towards the source of the shockwaves. She had just returned when she felt them, fresh from her wandering. One, quite calm, hardly noticeable but picking like a fly. Two, with further strength, making her stop. Three, turning her to face the Bay, where she walked forward compelled by nothing but curiosity.

What would she find?

Shouldn’t she be finding her mother?

A thought occurred to her, one that made her nostrils flare and heart quiver. What if it was a danger, and mama was there? She had to look. Just to be safe. Just to make sure her mother was safe. So here she was, stepping finally onto a rocky shore and into a more open area. Down the beach, three other equines had hailed to the call of the shockwaves, and for a moment, Iracebeth’s eyes widened as she scanned the small crowd.

Was she-?

She was not. Iracebeth’s mother was not within the group. She halted a moment, discontented. They all seemed alert, but not on the defense. Whatever had produced the shockwave didn’t seem to threaten them. The young maiden sighed, her visage turning so that her glare burned into the ocean. Nothing, again. Distracted, like a fool. But her youthful curiosity had her interest piqued, and she could not stop her eyes from slipping back. She supposed she was here, she might as well assess what was happening.

Marching forward, the young maiden rose her visage with her calm pace, audits forward so that she could listen if any spoke. But she halted still some distance away. What? A creature of stone, quite small, rest within the group. It’s quartz white eyes stared out at them all, a body of rock scales dull in the overcast day. Along speared tail swept back and forth, and Iracebeth did not know if the beast was feeling unease or inquisitive. Did she dare get closer to find out? She took a few more steps until it’s white eyes finally saw her, and she froze again.

word count: 000
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Posted on Nov 19 2017, 11:00 PM.

In the darkest times, 

hope is something you give yourself. 

That is the meaning of inner strength.
The winged beast wasn't sure what had dragged him away from the sanctuary he had found in the Immortal Gardens, but Agni couldn't muster himself to complain about it. The volatile, if almost stormy nature of the bay reminded him of his own past. Rimrock Bay reminded Angi about his father, which made bitter feelings arise in the stallion's chest. A stormy, dangerous place where one would surely drown definitely fit his cold, unpredictable father. With a sneer, Agni turned away from the rocky ledge he stood upon.

The past was best left where it belonged. He didn't want to dwell on it.

Yet, Agni found himself standing on the sandy beach, staring at the churning waters with his pupil-less gaze. He had little time to spare dwelling on why on earth he had wandered all the way down here when a crowd forming out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. The fallen god turned towards the group before scoffing. Mortals. They were so easily amused. But then someone shifted, exposing the thing they were all gawking at.

Agni's brow quirked. Now that was something interesting and worth exploring. He had missed the shockwaves but was inevitably drawn by the growing crowd. A cursory glance noted the group was all mares ranging in all ages, but he paid little attention to focusing more attentively on their defining traits. Agni turned his gaze to the gargoyle and found himself willing to wait patiently for something to happen. Gargoyles were rare and fantastical beings to find, even as a god. Besides...it seemed that for now, the gargoyle wasn't in any kind of distress.

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Posted on Nov 19 2017, 11:19 PM.


 He felt the vibrations in the air, ruffling his feathers and knocking him back a foot or two before he regained complete control. What could that be? Silvered eyes glance toward the earth and he drops to a lower altitude knowing the source must be below him based on the direction it pushed him. A few strong beats of oversized wings and he comes into visual range of a small gathering of equines. Cautiously he lands, not overly eager for battle today yet never failing to remain on the defensive. He observes the group as galaxies become obscured in his eyes, overtaken by pure obsidian and the shadows heed his silent cry. 

Their movements are quick like striking serpents and he is obscured from view. He waits and he watches until there is a gap and he sees the source of the shockwave. A gargoyle? He thought them extinct! Shadows flee and he approaches on soundless feet, wingtips dragging on the ground behind him. Thoughts of those near become secondary and he stares at the small figure; entranced and intrigued. How did one so small survive this long? Did he lay dormant? The Fallen sweeps his eyes to heaven and spits a curse at the gods who cast him out. What deity would leave a gargoyle so alone? Ozereus resigns himself to wait and silver slides back into a gaze that never leaves the stone creature standing in their midst. 

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OOCAgni Well I saw there is a fallen god here and had to bring a fallen angel. =) 

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Posted on Nov 20 2017, 1:46 AM.

burn it to the ground tonight.

It was a bit late in the season for him to be wandering outside of the Red Waste, away from the heat. The changing seasons were no friend to Vukan, the hairless beast. Although the scales that littered his under side were heat plates, it only warmed him so much. So leaving the territory of the Red Waste wasn't particularly in his best interest. However that day, it had seemed a bit warmer than most outside of the Waste. Vukan had sometimes ventured out far enough just to test the weather. To explore the rest of this island was on his list of things to do. It was just something he'd have to wait for when the warmer seasons came back around.

With it still being slightly warm out, enough to the point of Vukan being comfortable with just his heat source. It had been hours since he had left the Waste to explore, yet he hadn't been aware of the amount of time. He was just in awe of the many landscapes this island of Elysium had to offer. Upon the warmer seasons, he would thoroughly enjoy to explore further. He had hauled his massive body over grasslands and through the narrow passage ways through a line of mountains.

The scent of sea water fresh in his nostrils.

A cluster of vibrations underneath him caused Vukan to stop in his tracks. He hadn't a clue of what was going on. Was this normal for the island? What was happening? The words ran through his mind as he stood his ground, somber eyes darting every which way. It came in threes, once the second one had spread through the soil beneath him, he continued his way toward the smell of the sea. He wished to see the ocean.

The breeze became warmer as he neared the beach, the salt water was strong in his nostrils. Though he had hoped the beach would of been deserted, it had been despite a small group of other equines that seemed to be gathered. Ears immediately perked forward, his bulky muscles rippled under his hairless skin. Feeling the deep sand surround his hooves with every step he took, he felt the drag as well.

Nearing the group, his height had came in use as he peered over their heads to get a feel of what exactly they had gathered around. His gray eyes found themselves looking upon a rock. What? They're joined over a rock?!

A few steps closer, he focused his sight again. No! A gargoyle! His eyes widened for a brief moment as he took a step backward. A snort came from the hairless beast as he shook his head, moving toward an opening around the creature to get a clearer look of it. Vukan found himself within a couple feet from the gargoyle, his nostrils flared as he lowered his skull to it. "What a unique creature." He observed, completely ignoring the rest of the group, yet he kept himself very aware of each and every one of them.  



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Posted on Nov 25 2017, 5:09 AM.

[Image: tumblr_ntbfr9uDbZ1uw1422o1_500.gif]
The earth rumbled beneath him as the demon awoke from a light slumber, dreary eyes narrowing sharply at the feeling of something rather unnatural occurring. The dreary atmosphere left him in a rather subdued state, but he couldn't exactly say he didn't enjoy it - devils such as he rather enjoyed dangerous auras like this land seemed to emit. Slowly gathering his wits about him as he got to his feet, he stared at the crashing waves in the distance. Horses had gathered as something took to the skies, and he huffed as he had a faint idea of what it was. A hellborne creature, one associated with demons and darkness. His tail lashed behind him as he hesitated for only a moment before launching into a ground-swallowing gallop. 

Approaching the crowd, he hissed and bared his tusks at those who stubbornly refused to move out of the lumbering brute's way before shoving his way to the front and surveying the small beast that lay before them all. A threatening nip in the general vicinity of the stallion currently investigating it to back off, it's his turn. A dissatisfied huff escaped his nares as his golden gaze sought out the tiny thing's own. "Rather puny compared to your brethren back in Hell, young one," he chortled, disdainful and curious all the same. Because how did a being such as this end up in Elysium, of all places? Though he could direct the same question to himself. His dark prince had a sense of humor.


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Posted on Nov 25 2017, 8:05 PM.

His movements were languid and without the press of time or purpose. He did not have anywhere to be today, and probably wouldn't have anywhere to be tomorrow, either. So why not a day on the beach? The feel of sand underfoot and the way it gave, just a little, with each step as the grains shifted. The problem with sand was the way it could cling to skin and fur, and the itchiness that occurred from it. Quinn wasn't much of a fan of that part, but minor irritations had stopped meaning all that much to him in the passing years. He might not have noticed that fact if it weren't for all the little moments where he would have picked a fight and yet had not done so being brought to his attention. 

At least he had still made a point or two in a bigger way here and there, but in the long run, Quinn knew he wasn't quite as voltile as he used to be. That might not be a bad thing, if it hadn't been purely apathy and the general lack of giving a shit about nearly everything around him. He needed goals, real goals, if he was going to thrive here. It would take some thought and planning, but he knew he could start by collecting information on everything and everyone around him and go from there. Now all he had to do was decide if he wanted to stick to the shadows to do that, or if he wanted to do things in a bold way instead. Choices, choices. Too much face time could cheapen it, and too little was just bad.

He might have gone on with that internal tangent had he not felt the shockwaves zipping up from his hooves. It had been sent out from somewhere in the distance in front of him, and he could admit to some curiousity. That was what caused him to move forward at a steady pace until the collection of equine shapes caught his attention. Quinn wasn't feeling all that social just now, so he did not bother to get all that close. Enough, of course, to see the gargoyle there on the sand. Had he not been a sculptor or a golem creator in the past, he might have continued to walk on by, but the gargoyle held his interest because he wondered on the truth of it; alive, or a golem given animation? So he waited to see what it would do, what would happen with it.


image credits: yokamycelium


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Posted on Nov 25 2017, 11:27 PM.

The hulking frame of Lysandros moved awkwardly toward the sea. His battle with the queen of the red wastes had proved to be a challenge, but one he thoroughly enjoyed. Lysandros did not get away without wounds, and he found himself staggering from the residual pain she'd left him. The crashing sounds from the sea consumed the atmosphere, and was only growing louder as he approached. The roaned hessian continued moving towards the sea. A sudden flit of water from the cliffside caught his attention, and a solid object began to fall at an alarming speed. Lysandros found himself staring as he watched his rock like formation tumble down the face of the cliff. It abruptly changed course, and collided with the sands of the beach. A strange occurance, and none he had ever experienced before. A sudden rumble through the sands started soon after, and he looked to his feet with a sudden rush of adrenaline. It felt as though the world would crumble beneath his feet.

Three pulsing vibrations shook the sands, and he narrowed his eyes at the figure that he assumed was the cause. This stupid rock beast decided to cause a ruckus for seemingly no reason. Lysandros pinned his ears and began to move his draft body closer to the strange stone creature. The closer he drew, the more detail he could see. It was winged but truly carved from stone. He said nothing as he approached, paying almost no attention to any of the other heathens drawing near it. Lysandros didn't care about any of them, he only cared to understand what this creature was. As soon as he came close enough, wary that it would tremble the ground if he moved any closer, he stopped. His molten gaze locked on the figure with its hands grasping at the sand. "What is this?" He murmured just loud enough for anyone nearby to hear him. Lysandros stared completely bewildered at the creature, unsure of how to go about this situation.

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Posted on Nov 26 2017, 12:50 AM.

The variety of equines that came to the call that the gargoyle made made it grin with its eyes closed.  The first one however was quite the curious elderly mare who clicked at the gargoyle.  The creature just watched her, allowing her closeness since it was also curious of how this land had changed and how they effected the equines.  The second to arrive was the opposite of age, young yet cautious. 

Again the gargoyle made no threatening movies, just reacted with curiosity of calm yet observing eyes. The next equine was very interesting, the immense wings with white brown and cream caught the gargoyle's attention while the equine swooped down. 

The gargoyle stared up at the equine as they came forward.  Another cautious animal.  But these three equines were all tall, towering over like gods.  

The gargoyle shifted onto all fours, walking around the legs of the equines slowly, wanting to get a closer look of each one until the gargoyle noticed that there was a very young equine standing some distance away.
 It made no move to attack still, and probably never would so long as the equines behaved themselves.  So far they were, still inquisitive as ever like the gargoyle was.  

Same went for another winged equine who hanged back but again, the gargoyle made no movement since it was already occupied with the three around it.  The next one however was quite eager to come up and the gargoyle arched up in defense from the quick movement of the dark equined before relaxing again.  It wasn't good to startle a old gargoyle!  But a laugh still escaped its mouth before flying up.  Curious eyes stare in the dark one's, almost giving a lecture in its own way with its striking gaze of silver.

The sudden snort caught its attention before turning around, angling its body to do it quicker.  A very large equine who seemed to have their fair share of troubles came into view.  Unique indeed!  Such nice manners...compared to the one who hissed and bared their teeth before threatening the nice stallion whom called the gargoyle unique.  Puny...  The gargoyle's eyes shifted from a calm silver to red, and without warning, the old gargoyle sprayed water towards Sevatos' face with no drop of mercy. 

That would hopefully show him.  With a gruffy hmph, the gargoyle landed back down on the ground.  The gargoyle noticed one more equine had come yet hanged back cautiously yet one other came futher up and locked gazes at its hard claws that gripped the sand after anger.  

What was it?  A wide smile was sent up to the taller of the equines, showing off its rocky teeth that looked like fangs.  This bunch of equines were quite the interesting lot but one had caught its eye.  Skittering underneath the equines, the gargoyle began to run on the sand on all fours before flying up towards to the one who came before the smokey black equine with blue dapples whom decided to hang back just before the bolder and darker equine came up to the gargoyle.  

Its silver eyes stared into the dark blue ones for a while, as if seeing the child of a god's soul and past.  What would this equine do?  Curious more than ever before, the gargoyle made its decision and landed gently on the stallion's back, careful not to poke with its claws or tail.

Something is happening!  The gargoyle has chosen its winner with RNG, and the winner is @Agni!  Should Angi not respond within a week, the gargoyle will choose a new companion.  Thank you everyone for participating!

Proof: http://prntscr.com/hfa392


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Posted on Nov 26 2017, 2:01 AM.

In the darkest times, 

hope is something you give yourself. 

That is the meaning of inner strength.
Others had gathered not long after Agni had arrived at the rather...interesting scene. The rest of the newcomers were stallions, like himself. All were of varying degrees of curiosity and respect for the creature who had once just been a myth. The fallen god spared a glance for the newcomers, but Agni was raptly focused on the gargoyle as it began to move throw the growing crowd. It showed no hostility; in fact, the way the gargoyle moved and looked at the others that had gathered around it reminded Agni acutely of a child. Full of wonder and unafraid, the creature moved from one horse to the next. The only form of aggression the gargoyle showed was when it responded in its own defense, startled more than furious. A laugh played off the incident, but the look in the gargoyle's gaze said plenty.

From there, the gargoyle's responses to the others varied: respectful, to spraying water at an unsuspecting fellow with no signs of remorse. Agni chortled, unable to help himself. It had a sense of humor, which was a nice change of pace. Agni found himself wondering why he was still here when he noticed a change in the creature. It paused, claws digging into the sand before a toothy grin gave the slightest inclination of the gargoyle's intentions. The gargoyle and Agni seemed to have a stare down of sorts before the creature began to sprint towards him.

And Agni being...well, Agni, continued to stare the creature down without moving a muscle. What little he knew of gargoyles told him to hold his ground, but he was unprepared for the overtly friendly nature of the gargoyle once it reached him. The gargoyle paused in front of him, continuing their stare down. But it was more than that; it felt like the creature could see into Agni's very soul, if he had one, and could easily read the darkest corners within himself the stallion tried to guard. It was unsettling, yet oddly comforting. With a blink, the spell was over and Agni found himself suddenly turned into a jungle gym for the gargoyle in question. As the gargoyle gently settled on to his back, Agni couldn't help the slight smile. It wasn't much, but it was enough for him - for the stallion who hardly expressed many emotions to begin with. "I am honored. Shall I call you Vasu?" he spoke, his deep rumbling voice betraying the mirth hidden by his stoic facade. With care, the stallion adjusted his wings to give the gargoyle more space on his back. "I do hope you like gardens."

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