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  Mid-Winter, Year 2    Leviticus Era
A meeting for the Knights of Lyrus is being hosted by Commander Kodarki in the Red Waste!
Destroyah has lost to Draco in a heated fight, but we're sure we'll see more from the mare!
Valor the dragon-horse has lost against Zuriel, fighting on behalf of Etain for Crucis!
The Hall of the Dead now has an official forum within the Depths.
Beaufort takes Amapola to the Creation Pool after she was badly beaten by Valor.
Valor calls together the horses of the Viridian Fields for a meeting.


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Open  WAR-TORN [Lyrus Warriors]

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Posted on Jan 06 2018, 10:52 PM.

galileo kodarki;
and I walk right into the path of a lightning bolt

Kodarki was aging and he could feel it in his bones. His body ached with the inscriptions of war, the scars striking his body telling stories of battles long since past. There was the knick he had got on his left foreleg the first time he had sparred with his father. There was the long scar he'd received from the cougar he'd fought before entering Elysium for the first time. There was the wound that had taken the longest to heal, gifted to him by the fiercest battle of his life. Sometimes the Waste enjoyed reminding him of that day. The heat was prone to giving any horse illusions, no matter how used you'd gotten to the place. It'd been here he'd sworn he'd seen a vision of his eldest brother, the one snatched from his family before his time. He'd imagined the stallion's warm features and friendly, bay face. He'd tried to approach, reach out to touch his soft muzzle, feel his breath and his skin and his heart and oh, how he longed to feel his life. But, like most things in Kodarki's life, it fizzled out, leaving the stallion staring off into the flatlands of the Waste.

Time was passing quickly and he was getting older. It was time he passed on what he knew to a new generation. His leadership of the Lyrian army was one he had always taken seriously, so it was important for him to have several proteges in case anything happened to him. As Syrilth was so careful with who she let into her inner council, he was the closest thing she had to a second in command, and it had humbled him. He hoped to inspire respect for both himself and the queen to the knights, who he would argue were the most important part of the herd. They were there to protect and serve and to enforce the rules. It was time to train.

Calling out from a rock that jutted above the rest, his voice floated around the plateau, reaching every nook and cranny. Though the stallion didn't know it, it was actually thanks to his distance speech magic that had been instilled in him by Vega. "To all Lyrian warriors, I call you to this meeting; come and speak with your commander!"

@warriors of Lyrus | Koda is hosting a mini meeting!!
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Posted on Jan 07 2018, 10:14 PM. (Edited: Jan 07 2018, 10:14 PM by tantibus.)

It was today he would decide to venture into the Red Waste for the first time. His demeanour was surprisingly quiet. Soft, one might even say. His features were painted with a kind, gentle expression and his mind was clouded in white fog. Perhaps this was why such serenity washed over the brown beast on this day, but he welcomed the holiday from dark emotions and red fury in his veins.
Once, his blood had ran with lava. Maybe it still did, only he hadn’t had any cause for blood to be shed and to enable him to find out. But if it didn’t, if in changing kingdoms the man had swapped his magic blood for mundane red and white cells, then it often felt like he’d gone back in time only the magma was replaced by shivering anger. The haphazard nature of his emotions had planted a growing wickedness in the stallion. His old ways were coming back with more vigour than they had ever appeared before. His battle scars were glowing, itching with trepidation to fight again. His heart was leading him not to another pretty mare he could fall in love with, but beating only towards those who might entertain the possibility of spending a single night in his company. Who could know when the man would reach his climax, his worst, and exactly how bad it could be? He had no idea himself, though that is also to say he had no idea of the spiral he was slipping down, let alone the black pit he was hurtling towards.
The Red Waste was hot, Tantibus would give it that, but it was not in many ways dissimilar to the lands of the Incendiary and so he was unfazed by the fiery climate. There was a small part of him that found comfort in its similarity to his past Kingdom, and found solace in this.
The creature was barely over the border to the Waste when he heard a voice addressing the warriors of Lyrus, a category into which he now fell. His antlered head scanned the horizon and yet saw no equine from which the voice seemed to have come. Luckily enough, there was a clear direction and so the man set out to find the caller. Tanti quickly came to the assumption that the man he was wandering toward would be Kodarki, whom Syrilth had told him was the Lyrus Commander and, effectively, his boss while he retained his title of Knight. Eventually the dark stag came across another stallion, actually eerily similar in appearance as they both possessed a pair of antlers, a specimen of lion or unicorn tail, and a deep coloured coat. Kodarki stood a while taller than he, but he’d come across many a gargantuan creature before and did not feel particularly intimidated or embarrassed by the difference.
He craned his neck up to the man who stood on a rock to address his warriors, ”Kodarki, I suppose Syrilth has not had chance to tell you of my presence. I am Tantibus, I met your Queen but a few days ago: she invited me to join your ranks as a Knight. It is an honour.”



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Posted on Jan 09 2018, 4:49 PM.

being a druid is not a choice;

The Druid was not one for being ordered around like some common whelp. Ask him to help, then fine. Let his discover the issue for himself, even better. Come to him begging and pleading for aid, then maybe. Order him? No. You will be met with the sheer force of his willpower and resentment unless you were the royalty he had chosen to serve.

Syrilth, he had chosen to serve. Kodarki, he had not. So when the younger man's voice had echoed across the desert, the Druid had been extremely tempted not to respond. Even the High Druids had allowed him that pleasure - until they grew weary of the old man, and removed him from their ranks entirely. Still, you can take the Druid away from the Halls of Paranor but you cannot take away his magic.

His actions, or lack thereof, would have consequences. So, he sucked it up a little and made his way across the red sands towards the ever-impressive Kodarki. That's sarcasm, by the way. Marauder found him irritating simply because he was higher ranked and felt he could order the Druid around. Marauder felt that he could lead an army to war better than this child.

He arrived second, not taking nearly as long as he'd hoped, finding himself next to yet another new face. The man was larger than he, naming himself Tantibus. A Knight the Queen had accepted from sight alone, he supposed. Looks like being named a Knight was not so much an honour as he had hoped - he had known, but still. A man can hope.

No, that little coil of spite, bitterness and anger was growing again in the pit of his stomach. It seemed to be a regular occurrence nowadays. Perhaps he should leave. It would be as simple as speaking a single word and walking away. No one could judge him for it - the man had tried to take the throne for himself, and then submitted beneath the Queen's hoof. Then he had found himself being expected to submit beneath yet another hoof, one he did not appreciate.

After all, Marauder had not come to this land to find a herd in the very beginning. That had merely been a side effect of his pilgrimage. The Red Wastes had called to him, and the Queen Ursa had made him welcome. To tell the truth, he missed the spirituality the herd had held in those days - even if the Queen had claimed Vega to be a God when no, she wasn't. There were no Gods. They were all dead.

Contemplating his latest train of thought with a great deal of seriousness, the Druid turned his gaze from the thoroughbred-esque newcomer and levelled a glare from beneath the cowl of his hood at Kodarki.

it is a calling


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Posted on Jan 10 2018, 2:14 AM. (Edited: Jan 10 2018, 2:14 AM by Eo.)


Live for More
Today was the day.

The day that the young woman had been waiting for. The day she had worked so hard for since the moment she had been accepted into Lyrus. Countless miles she had raced this dusty landscape, building the endurance and muscle necessary. She had also taken the time to scale the treacherous Lunar Mountains to the east, her reward the view and the beautiful, clear bay that lay upon its other side. Beneath a hide of rusty silk, lean muscles now defined each curve of her body. She was no longer the scrawny child who had stood before the General and all but pleaded for him to make her  knight. No, Eo was now a young woman beginning to blossom into adulthood, one would rightfully earn her place among the Knights of Lyrus.

Eo dipped her head in greeting as she approached the group, nostrils flaring slightly in exertion. She had not been far when she had heard the call and had kept a brisk pace on her way, but still two others had arrived before her. 

A lesser woman might have been intimidated. She was the only female among a trio of massive stallions, the smallest of whom was still more than a hand taller and ten stone heavier. And if Eo was honest with herself, she was a little nervous. Even now, nearly a year past the tragedy that had forced her to leave her homeland, the presence of so many stallions around her raised alarm bells in her head.

Where she had come from, stallions like these were not to be trusted.

Still, she swallowed that fear. She was a warrior of Lyrus. 

She would not be afraid.

The first stallion, who looked surprisingly similar to the General upon first glance, had introduced himself as Tantibus. The second had not spoken but merely glared out from beneath a hood at the other two. Neither of these gentlemen she had encountered thus far in her wanderings of the herdlands. Eo squared her shoulders and hips, held her head tall, and hoped that they would take her seriously despite her diminutive size.

Her amber eyes turned upward to the great antlered stud who towered above them. A bright, sparkling smile pulled at her ebon lips, one that she could not even contain if she'd tried. No, despite her wariness of the other two stallions, this was her General. He had already earned her trust and loyalty. 

"Hello again, Commander. I look forward to learning whatever you have to teach me."

She clearly was the youngest of the gathered souls, she noticed, as she turned to the other two stallions with whom she was not acquainted. Eo's liquid copper gaze took in every detail of first the anonymous stud, clearly battle-worn by the pale and calloused face that loomed beneath the brown hood, and then Tantibus, whose antlers she noticed upon closer inspection were not his own but that of a skull he wore like a battle helm over his face. These were to be her comrades.

"Hello, fellow warriors. I am Eo."

Short, sweet, the words rolled off her tongue like a drop of water in the heat of the desert. Now, introductions complete, she stepped back into line and awaited the rest of their troupe.

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