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  Mid-Winter, Year 2    Leviticus Era
A meeting for the Knights of Lyrus is being hosted by Commander Kodarki in the Red Waste!
Destroyah has lost to Draco in a heated fight, but we're sure we'll see more from the mare!
Valor the dragon-horse has lost against Zuriel, fighting on behalf of Etain for Crucis!
The Hall of the Dead now has an official forum within the Depths.
Beaufort takes Amapola to the Creation Pool after she was badly beaten by Valor.
Valor calls together the horses of the Viridian Fields for a meeting.


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Joining Crucis

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Posted on Jan 13 2018, 10:17 PM. (Edited: Jan 13 2018, 10:42 PM by Phantasma.)

It had been a long travel. Her hooves ached, and she was weary with exhaustion. But it was definitely worth it.

Despite everything, the mare still looked beautiful. Her black pelt was still gleaming and shiny, despite the dirt that caked her legs. Her white hooves had darkened with mud, although they still looked nice. Her long white tail and mane flowed, with no dirt to be seen.

She trotted, still fresh, through the burnt down wastelands that were known by most as the Claiming Grounds. The brown that had stained her white hooves was being joined by the gray of the ash that made up the soil, and the ash was clinging to her lower legs.

The young mare took a moment to look around, gleaming gold eyes taking in her desolate surroundings. There were no green trees to be seen, only dead tree trunks and shrubbery. Even the sky seemed to have a gray-ish tint to it, and she had the oddest feeling she was seeing the world in monochrome.

Now, she supposed, all she could do was wait, and hope someone would come from the Crucis herd.


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