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  Spring, Year 3    Leviticus Era
Draco has been kidnapped by Moonfire, whom fled the scene quickly!
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Posted on Jan 19 2018, 9:17 PM.

He was back. He didn't pause on the border of the valley as he stepped back in, mind slipping back to the explosions of pain he felt last time he passed this way. Teeth had ripped at the flesh of his face, hooves had tried to shatter the bones in his shoulder. The smell of iron, cold and hard, took him back to those moments when a horrid, guttural screech was ripped from his throat at the sensations. Ha had then run from the valley, not coming back to his senses until he was in a marsh.

But the gnawing was back now. His bones were being grated upon by teeth, hundreds of tiny teeth that scraped along his skeleton until he felt like he was slipping more and more into the madness he fought in vain against. The gnawing brought with it a gnawing of his mind. A need to go back. A desperate need to feel the sensation of his body being battered again, being damaged and pulling from his throat that horrific, skin ripping sound.

So, he was back. Tendrils of black smoke reaching up to the sky behind him, wringing together and pulling apart as he wrestled with the things going on inside his head. The clenching and knotting of his stomach attested to his unease of being there, but he needed to know. Was that just a single, one-off time where sensations exploded through his body like that? Would it happen again? Could it happen again?

But there was something else. Seeker needed something from being here. He needed to taste the blood of another.He needed to exact revenge for what had happened to him here, within the walls of the iron fortress that surrounded him now. So he paced like a caged wolf, beaten, abused and neglected, starving for the flesh and blood of something in his mouth and on his tongue.
their screams all sound the same
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