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  Spring, Year 3    Leviticus Era
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Posted on Jan 20 2018, 5:32 PM.

Mountains in the winter were not always a pleasant place to be staying. With the snowfall came memories of the storm - was it really only last year? - that had him trapped in the Eternal Wood. The woods where trees grew far too large and imposing. Byon hated trees, they blocked out the stars at night and the sky during the day, making it difficult to judge the date and time.

He had been raised on mountains. His body was adapted to them, muscle memory programmed to keep him steady even as the ground shifted beneath him. So it only made sense he chose the Lunar Mountains to make his own home. But the stick man still didn't know why he hadn't left. Maybe it was that dreadful hope that one day he would see Siral again. That one day he could repay her for saving his pathetic life that day on Dragon's Ridge.

But part of him knew she was gone. So, he looked for another face he might know. They had met here, beneath the slightly less imposing trees of the Immortal Gardens, where even in Winter the plants seemed to grow, colourful petals seeking the sun through the snow.

Of course, Luvena wasn't there. Piccolo - that was what the sloth-monster was called, yes? - wasn't there. The Gardens were empty, and he was alone as far as he could see. Not that he looked particularly hard. His eyes were instantly drawn to the tree she had laid underneath when they met and when she wasn't there, he didn't cast his glance elsewhere.

Byon simply stood, staring at the patch beneath the tree. One hind leg shifted to relieve itself of his far-too-little weight, hip bone jutting out through his tightly pulled skin. The ragged cream sheepskin he wore was far too small to cover his body, pulling up to cover his loins and barely meet at the clasp on his chest. Beneath it, the skin between his rubs sunk inwards like the way a valley did between mountains. Simply, he was emaciated.

But even if he were in peak health, he would be skinny. His heritage favoured those with grey coats and long, thin legs paired with a body housing lungs and organs far too small to be of any real use. They survived and thrived in their homeland, but elsewhere was more difficult. Byon tried anyway. 
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