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Open  Beware the Light of Elysium

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Posted on Feb 04 2018, 8:58 PM.

Enough was enough.  Moonfire strode along the border of the Iron Valley, occasionally breathing the surrounding scents.  The powerful mare had been watching all of the herds, watching them change.  Carinae sat collecting dust, just as Moonfire had suspected.  It was ruled by a foolish queen whose “mate” had abandoned her long ago.  He was a coward, just as Moon had though. The queen of the Woods, Etain, had been ousted by a newcomer.  Moonfire smirked.  She would see what became of Crucis under his rule.  Lyrus was the most stable, led by the mighty Syrilth.  The Heretics were much different.  They were ruled by a foolish Emperor, a son of Renegade, her old enemy.  He was clearly unstable and if the rumors that Moon had heard were correct, then he was plotting unnecessary attack.  Why did Moon care? Because if she took down the Emperor, she could hold some power in Elysian politics.  Though she was without a home, Moon was not about to disappear from the political scene.  

Skye and Tempest, eagle and dragon, flew low overhead, searching for the Emperor of Heretic.  Moon, sensing he was not near the border, activated her Cuffs of Silence and strode confidently forwards into the Iron Valley.  Skye and Tempest followed overhead.  It was not long before she caught the scent of the insane Emperor.  Her blue eyes sparkled with glee.  She wanted his black blood to spill all across the ground of his own kingdom before she took him away.

Moon found Draco with his face buried in the carcass of a bear.  The pegasus’s mouth watered, yet she stayed focused.  The stallion in front of her was hers.  Crimson covering his face, Draco looked up just as Moonfire rushed at him, snapping at his neck with her jaws and lowering herself in order to shove from under him.  The Emperor was completely caught off guard by such a well rehearsed attack and was hit full on.  Moon’s brute strength forced the stallion upwards while black blood squirted forth from his neck.  Moon did not bite down hard enough to kill him, just enough to make him bleed.  She did not let go and Draco froze, knowing he was completely at her mercy. “Who the fuck are you, wench?” He gasped out. Moon laughed.  To Heretics, she showed no mercy.  She reared, smacking Draco hard between the eyes with a single silver hoof.  His eyes rolled back and he collapsed unconscious.  Tempest descended, resisting the urge to let out a roar of victory.  Draco, laying on the ground, had a large wound upon his neck where blood was gushing out.  Moon signaled to Tempest, who went over to the blood and dipped a nearby stick in it.  She quickly wrote on a clearly visible slab of light grey rock before joining Moonfire by Draco.  Skye finally landed, carrying the iron wrought chains he had been assigned to carry.  They strung them around Draco for when he woke up, and the three of them each took a side of the fat beast.  They shoved from under him, each flapping their muscular wings. Somehow they achieved liftoff, though they could not fly very high.  Silently they flew back over the Valley and into neutral territory.  Draco was theirs, Emperor no more.

Back upon the rock, the message written in inky black blood was as clear as day:

Draco is gone
You have been warned
Beware the light of Elysium



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Posted on Feb 04 2018, 9:29 PM. (Edited: Feb 04 2018, 10:16 PM by Nocturné.)


hic sunt leones
It had been too long since the lioness had spokem to her king. She had been prowling the lands, gathering gems of information to pass along to him, as was her duty. It was duting these wanderings she heard of a strange letter that had been delivered to the other leaders of Elysium... Something about a foreign emissary from a nearby land. Nocturné was curious... And had returned home to the Iron Valley to find her Emperor.

What she found instead chilled even her icy heart to the core.

Black, fresh blood dripped down the rock... Despite the ursine carcass that lay at the foot of the strange altar, Nocturné could smell that the blood on the stone was not the bear's. No, upon closer inspection she could smell the musk of a stallion, of her Emperor, in the blood and the air.

On the ground nearby lay a letter wrapped in ebony ribbon... The selfsame letter the others had received. 

The other leaders, though, had not been kidnapped... Or worse, murdered.

The ebony goddess roared, a scream of rage to split the skies. It rang out across the Valley, a battle cry to the warriors of Heretic.

Someone had stolen their Emperor, and there would be hell to pay. She would make sure of it.

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OOC | @[all] Noc is calling a herd meeting!

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Posted on Feb 05 2018, 6:34 PM.

The Emperor was gone. A scream of pure, boiling rage had shattered the foreboding stillness of the day. Benna had responded immediately and without hesitation. Her wings had healed since her time in the Viridian Fields, but she did not fly. The young dragon instead leapt from her perch and was galloping the instant her hooves struck the ground. She headed towards the black altar - the place where everything happened since it had been discovered.

She was there within moments, heart pounding in her ears, but Benna did not balk at the scene laid out before her. The dragon had seen much bloodshed in her days. Murder and torture and maiming had been acceptable in her motherland and no punches were pulled in dealing it out. It was only a matter of time until it was seen in the land of Elysium, and it looked like this was said time. Even so, Benna had not been anticipating that the Belgian stallion would be on the receiving end of such a string of fate. He had been strong and powerful, but he was nowhere to be seen. The Emperor's scent clung to the valley, a lingering piece of him, left behind as clearly as the carcass he had fed upon and his blood spilled across the fortress they called home.

His letter, still wound with black ribbon, laid on the floor untouched. Benna had read hers and some childish part of her had grown excited at the anticipation of another celebration, a feast or even a sacrifice. But not that was long gone, her little spark of childish fun was being snuffed out and replaced with something more. Something stronger. That small spark Nightingale had recognised in the yearling all that time ago was lit aflame for good. She took a deep breath, feeling the air rattle in her lungs before leaving again in a great exhale. She was an adult now. She was mature. She was ready for anything.

Besides the letter was a note written out in the Emperor's thick and sticky blood, addressed to the herd themselves. Draco is gone. Yes, he was. The man who had defeated a basilisk to claim the throne of the Heretics was gone. He, of all equines, had been defeated in the comfort of his own fortress as he fed. Where were the guards? The knights? The men and women trusted to have the land protected? As yet they were nowhere to be seen. Benna was appalled. Disgusted. They had let their leader be taken from them from within their own home. They had grown complacent and soft, but that would be no more. This was a wakeup call for them all. A harsh reality check. You’re not safe.

You have been warned. They were being threatened. This was a direct threat to the entire herd. The feline woman beside her was seething with a tangible rage, as would most of the herd be. But now was not a time to let the rage take over. No, they would have to keep their heathenous heads on their shoulders. This meant some justice seeking equine had targeted Draco directly, and was now holding the knife over the whole herd. They would have to be careful. Was it just one horse, or was it many? Was it one of the other herds? Had - spirits forbid - one of their own turned against them? Had the attack been planned, orchestrated? She didn’t know. She doubted anyone knew. They didn’t even know if Draco was alive.

The Light of Elysium. Whoever this was against them saw the Heretics as the darkness. The evil, everything that was wrong with the world. That had to hold some form of clue. Who hated the herd enough to pull of something like this? Well, that was a useless question. There were many horses in Elysium who had been spurned by the members of Heretics. A better question would be who amongst them was powerful enough to take on a full grown Belgian draft? She didn’t know. Benna couldn’t put names and faces in place. Was it even someone she knew?

Benna took a deep breath to steady her thoughts. Yes, this matter was pressing but there was an even more dire situation at hand. Someone needed to be there to still the herd as the gathered, to assert their rule over the rest of the herd. Benna had been there since the time of Nightingale and Abrin. She had been there as they burned the Eternal Woods to the cries of their Witch Queen Sloan. If anyone had the right to take charge, it was her. This time, it was her turn. But for now, she would wait and see.

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Posted on Feb 07 2018, 10:21 AM.


Flirting with what's mine? You must want to DIE!

  Reddit wasn't ready for any drama today. She felt tired after patrolling the whole night and wanted to just sleep a little bit when a new day comes. She was resting in a lonely cavern she found, still trying to get used to her new body form. Out of no-where, a scream full of boiling rage was heard, shattering all the peace of the Valley.
  Her pure white eyes opened and her head went up, surprised.
  'That's a call...!'
  She jumped on her long and sharp hooves and galloped out of the cold cavern, the powerful sun almost blinding her. Her huge pegasus wings straightened. The wound was almost completely healed, so she can fly. She bolted like thunder in the sky.
  In just a matter of seconds, she found where the scream came from. The pure mare with demon-like horns landed loudly. There, she saw a completely black mare and a brown one. Reddit knew them both. She saw them so many times. The black one's name was Nocturne if she remembered well. The other one's name she forgot, but she knows that she was a good spy.
  Then, in front of her, there was a terrifying scene. Black blood dripped down the rock and the smell was clearly Draco's smell. Draco's blood. She saw the carcass of a bear but didn't pay much attention to it. She tried to reconstitute what happened. Her mind was still, to shocked to think straight. She saw many things in her life: her little sisters trying to murder each other, the youngest being tortured by their father, her lover's death, all the bodies of her rivals after she completely destroyed all their bones and many more. But knowing that her emperor was murdered...This made her feel pure rage and sadness. Her emotions were killing her.
  Down at her hooves was the letter, the one with the black ribbon. All the herd leaders got one. He did not even open it?
  Her pure white eyes were now completely bloody red, like a volcano. Her crimson markings were glowing like crazy. Still, she was extremely calm, even if her mind was a mess.
  This was an attack on the whole herd. And she knows one thing: It's not OKAY to f*ck with the Heretics!
  Reddit was still lovesick, and even if nobody knows that, she had a little crush on the emperor, and the fact that he completely disappeared, made her insanity to increase.
  Sighing, she looked at the two mares. She tried to say what she thought that happened, but she couldn't. No words came out of her mouth. For now, her heart was hurting and her mind almost bleeding.
  'He can't be dead!'

OOC | Words: 400+       Sorry guys for bad grammar. I was gone for a long time so my skills are so gone rn.     Tags: @[Nocturne] Benna  @all     


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Posted on Feb 08 2018, 7:18 PM. (Edited: Feb 08 2018, 7:21 PM by Astraeus.)

the secrets you tell me
There was a scream. The sound was terrifying, making his young body tremble and quake. He wasn't entirely comfortable in the Valley yet, not having settled in particularly well since his arrival. The boy was skittish and timid, but no one had paid him any attention just yet. That was just fine, but at the same time it made Astraeus feel isolated. He had been mostly on his own since his mother had died all that time ago, but for some reason, it was even worse now. Wasn't this place supposed to be his home now?

Once the initial shock of the noise had vanished, Astraeus moved with a fragile curiosity towards the source of the scream. Something about the voice it belonged to sounded familiar. Like he'd heard the voice speaking to him. Could it be Nocturné? But what would have driven her to make such a sound?

There was no denying that he was terrified as he drew closer to the slowly expanding gathering. There were three horses, two he didn't know alongside Nocturné. The second was a pegasus, smaller than the other two, her body and wings adorned with gold and a massive scar across her chest. She seemed younger than the others, but there was less rage being emitted from her than the other two mares.

The last was also a pegasus, her body white but glowing red with markings. He swallowed hard, taking a moment to reign in that overwhelming fear before turning his head to see what they were looking at.

Blood. There was blood everywhere. So much of it. And a note, written in that blood, on the rock surface. He staggered back a couple of steps before stilling his nervous limbs again.

"Wha-what happened?" was all he managed to say, barely more than a whisper.
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OOC: Nocturné Reddit Succubus Depending on how this goes, Assy may become super loyal to the Heretics or just pack up and leave >.>
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Posted on Feb 10 2018, 1:58 AM.


War Paint
strike a match and I'll burn you to the ground
I had spent the better part of the last several months regaining some of my strength. Though I was still rather frail, the bones that had peeked out from my sides had filled in slightly and the wraith-like gauntness had faded slightly from my form. The male called Prince, who was my keeper, had been strangely absent from the Valley as of late. Despite that fact, I had no delusions that I could just waltz my way out of the territory. I knew there were eyes everywhere among the Heretics, and surely even if I did try to run someone would be sent to retrieve me.

I was a prisoner, pure and simple... and yet I found myself - if not content - at peace with the thought.

After all, I had seen in this time the way that many of the bastard's other sons treated their prizes... All things considered, Prince was probably the most mild-mannered of the lot. He had basically left me to my own devices, so long as I didn't cause trouble. I was perfectly happy to do just that. I was just standing in the shadow of one of the towering iron deposits, sheltered from the biting winter wind that swirled down from the mountaintops above, when the call rang out.

It sent a shooting icicle of terror into my heart.

For a few moments I could do nothing but breathe heavily, white eyes wide and unseeing. It was not until I could feel the movement of others nearby, echoing through the ground, that I roused myself into motion. Though I could not imagine what had caused such a screech of pure rage, even I knew there would be hell to pay if I resisted the call. Someone was assembling the herd, and like it or not that included me.

Carefully, but with urgency, I made my way through the land to the place where the others were beginning to gather. Two other mares had already arrived, as well as a young male. Before them, the creature that had summoned us stalked like a jungle cat across the plain. I could not fathom exactly what was going on... there was the distinct smell of blood and a powerful stallion in the air, and a lump of something I had noticed upon my approach lying before the altar. A quick strike of my hoof determined it was a carcass - half eaten. It didn't look equine though... it was more predatory. Perhaps a large cougar or a bear? Silently, I cursed my sightlessness... though the gods had gifted me with this strange form of echolocation, it was not particularly clear. Even the massive cat-woman was fuzzed, as though her steps were padded.

My ears caught the words of the child, and I concurred. Something had definitely happened to agitate the female, but from what information I could gather without sight I could not begin to piece together what that could possibly be. Still, I was a serf... my place was not to speak, nor did I care to repeat the same useless question. She would provide answers soon enough, why else would she have called us to her?

And so I merely waited, head low, for the others to arrive.

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Posted on Feb 10 2018, 2:35 AM.

I'm willing to wait for it

He had been eating, glad to have found a few tender blades of grass hidden beneath a clump of fresh snow. The boy chewed his mouth mouthful and proceeded to choke on it as he heard a scream that could have pierced the heaven above. Swallowing the small lump in his throat Xzavier wracked a cough or two as he whipped his head around. Just what could have happened that would cause such a shout? An icy chill ran down his pastel spine as the remnants of the scream seemed to echo within his ears. Frigid blue eyes focused on the general direction of where the scream came and willed his long spindly limbs to carry him over.

Audits hid themselves within the cream tresses of his mane the closer he wandered, head lowering as he expected to find something rather terrifying. Young nares flared wide upon detecting the scent of fresh blood, and not just anyone's blood. But the blood of his half brother, his emperor. Xzavier's stomach twisted and churned feeling sick and vaguely lightheaded. What would they do now? Despite the large draft having done some terrible things in the past he still hoped that Draco was okay. What would Renegade think? Stumbling on his legs a little the young foal turned his head to look around for his father, and even Rowan in the growing crowd.

tag: Rowan // notes: notes go here ya.
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Posted on Feb 10 2018, 3:49 PM.

She had been musing her life, puzzling through the revelations she ha made in her conversation with Nocturne. Her heritage was something the wanted - no, needed - to know more about. Her father she knew, but who was her mother? Did she even have a mother? Thorn looked little like her father, but there was still his blood evident in her body. The pure white eyes, the slightly gentler curve of her body. But from her height and weight, Thorn supposed her other parent would have been a draft being. A tall, thick creature. But she had met no mare that fit that description, along with the colour of her coat. No way had that been given down to her by her father's genes.

Then the rage-filled cry cut through her mind like a hot knife through butter and Thorn was there in seconds. She was the seventh to arrive, her eyes settling on the fuming Nocturne, barely feeling that warmth that spread through her body at the sight of the diety, before her eyes flickered to the blood splattered across the altar. Last time she had been here was for the sacrifice, and now the scene before her did not seem so different. Only the words scrawled out in blood were a threat to them, and not a summoning of their Firstborn.

She felt just as confused and lost as the young boy who spoke out, his voice trembling a little in fear. Her eyes shifted to watch as Prince arrived, her eyes meeting his for a brief moment before the man looked away. It sparked a rage inside of her, becoming a deadly mix with the confusion and fear stirring in her gut.

"Dad?" she addressed him, her voice harsh and yet on the verge of breaking, "What's going on?"

But he ignored her. The white pegasus, taking his place beside the paint mare rather cautiously, blatantly ignored her presence and her words. It hurt. Way, way more than she had expected. There was the blood of their Emporer scrawled across the ground and no body from which it could have been poured from and her father refused to look at her.

"Look at me!" she screamed to him, voice loud and filled to the brim with vile anger. Prince coward a little before swinging his head to meet her gaze, his expression one of fear.

"What is going on here, Dad?"
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Posted on Feb 10 2018, 6:03 PM.

i'll never wear your broken crown
He edged into the gathering quietly, head down and body as small as he could make it. Prince didn't want to draw attention to himself, he had been working on keeping a low profile for no reason in particular other than to stay as far away from his daughter as possible. But all of that was blown to pieces when their eyes met across the altar.

The boy panicked and ducked his head down lower, averting his gaze as soon as possible. In doing so his gaze met War Paint, his single harem mare. Not that he had been doing much in the way of keeping her in her place, nor was he particularly inclined to. Simply thinking about being close to her made bile rise up into his throat. Yet Prince took his obligatory place by her side, simply because if his father was to walk into the gathering right now and see him not beside his mare, keeping the creature in place, that would be the end of the man's tether.

The cause of the scream that had summoned the herd was evident. Blood had been spilt across the altar and written in it was note with one very clear message. Draco is gone. His breathing stuttered a little, but that was all the response he gave. Tensions were running high amongst the herd members, he could feel the anger that bubbled beneath their skins like the heat approaching a sleeping dragon.

He was pulled from his musings by a word on his daughter's lips, directed at him. A word that threatened very much to rip apart the false peace he had built with his own father. Prince tried ignoring her, but that seemed to stoke up something more volatile in the young woman, and she screeched at him.

Prince's head snapped towards her, ears flat against his skull and panic in his throat. His limbs threatened to tremble and he opened his mouth to answer Thorn's demands but no words would escape his throat. Not even a single sound could be forced from the tightness of his chest and throat. He simply stared at her, which only seemed to fuel her anger.
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Posted on Feb 13 2018, 12:34 AM. (Edited: Feb 13 2018, 1:05 AM by Nocturné.)


hic sunt leones
It had not taken long for the most loyal of the herd to respond to her raging call, and despite the irritation that had her leonine tail twitching behind her haunches the sight pleased the dark goddess. 

That is, until Thorn began screaming at the one called Prince who, apparently, was her father. For a moment the lioness forgot her rage over the Emperor's capture in her surprise, golden eyes wide at the accusation in the young woman's eyes and the obvious distress in the stallion's. Still, Nocturné could not allow this to dissolve into chaos. Swiftly, she stepped between the two and leveled her gaze at the woman.

"Now is not the time for family squabbles, darling."

The words were spoken quietly to the young woman, whom Nocturné had come to admire for her candid curiosity. Though her words were not spoken harshly, the look in her eyes was firm. Satisfied that order had been restored for the moment, the dark woman's head rose up to address the rest of the gathered Heretics. In the eerie silence that followed her ear-splitting call and Draco's disappearance, her voice echoed with power as it bounced off of the iron deposits and the Black Altar that surrounded them like a Roman amphitheater.

"We have received a message from a supposed Prince Hénrie of Kavarre... He asks that we graciously host his presence when he arrives in Elysium in a few weeks' time. He has asked this of every herd of Elysium... However I find it rather suspicious that just when this so-called Prince's letter arrives, our Emperor disappears. All that has been left is this threat to "beware the light of Elysium"?

The sarcasm practically dripped from her lips as she then tossed the letter amongst the gathered equines, allowing it to roll open for them to read as they so chose. She did not believe for one moment that this was a coincidence... Either the foreign prince had something to do with Draco's disappearance, or someone within Elysium had taken advantage of the chaos of the letters' arrivals. The true culprit and motive mattered little to the dark goddess. No, what mattered right now was proving to the rest of the world that the Heretics would not stand for such an affront. Her voice rose to a feverish pitch as she walked amongst the loyalists, slinking like a lioness rousing her pride for the hunt.

"Someone has come into our home, stolen our Emperor, and had the gall to threaten the mighty Heretics! Will you stand for this insult, brothers and sisters? Will you allow us to become the laughingstock of Elysium? To be weak in the face of this foreign prince? Because I will not. We of Heretic protect our own."

The golden eyes roved to each face present, meeting every gaze. As she spoke the last sentence, her eyes met those of Astraeus, the young stallion who had followed her here not so long ago. She had made the child exactly that promise... that though they were reviled and hated amongst the other herds, he would be safe here amongst them. She would not be made a liar.

"As Draco's advisor and confidant, I will not let the legacy he worked for fade into oblivion. Will you join me to hunt his kidnapper, minions of Heretic? Will you tear Elysium apart until we find and punish whoever is responsible for this affront? Until we prove to every other soul in this land why the Iron Valley commands fear and respect from the other herds of Elysium?"

She finished her speech from the center of the altar, where not so long ago they had sacrificed a life to their mighty Firstborn. And now, the goddess awaited their answer.

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OOC | @[all] *evil laugh* Time for a witch hunt my dearies!

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P.S. If anyone else still wants to join in feel free!


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Posted on Feb 14 2018, 5:21 PM.

He had ignored the call at first, but the others had moved towards the sound. Keltset's ears had followed the sounds of hooves against the valley's floor, and soon he too was heading towards the altar. He could feel the tension and the bloodlust prickle the skin along his spine, making the hairs stand on end.

Amongst it all the scent of blood was heavy on the air. It took the boy far longer than it should have to make sense of what he was seeing - perhaps it was the shock of it all. The young Heir could only stand and look on as one mare lost her temper and another soothed her, taking control of the situation.

His father was gone. The single thought echoed around and around inside his skull, vibrating off the confines of it and drowning out almost everything else. He did not care for the Prince that wished to visit them, nor for what they ought to do about it.

But his rock covered face rose when the black mare - his father's confident - spoke of finding the one responsible. His ribbon bound tail gave a flick as he swallowed, wetting his mouth and lips enough that he may be able to speak.

"I will. I will help you. I... I want to make my father proud. And make his kidnapper suffer far worse than they have made him."

Words, for once, did not come easily to him. But those he had spoken this time were sincere and not the lies or tales he usually spun.
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Posted on Feb 14 2018, 7:34 PM.

Saying Renegade wasn't happy would be the biggest understatement of the year. He had been trying his best to find out just where the ambushers had headed off to after taking his son. It seemed they didn't walk or run out but flew out as there was no trail to follow leading out of the valley. The large sorrel Belgium had made up his mind right here and now which ever herd or group was responsible for this would pay and pay dear if he got their hooves on them. The mares would all be driven into slavery and into the harems and once there be forced to give him and Reny's kin lots of foals until the end of days. The stallions would be killed or driven entirely from Elysium for good. Oh how he hated how this had thrown a big old monkey wrench into Renegades plans for the take over of all Elysium under his family banner and Heretics rule. After spending about an hour looking around for clues and coming up with nothing he trudged back to the blood scrawled message and noticed most of the herd was there. Reny waited for Nocturne and the heir apparent Keltset to speak their part before in a rage the large Belgium bellowed.

" As far as I'm concerned who ever is responsible, I'll surly grind their bones into dust into the very ground they stand on! If it is one of the lesser herds that did this then I'll declare a one horse war on them where their mares will not be safe as I snag them drag them here and either auction them off or add them to my harem where they'll contribute to the herd the only way they can by making more future soldiers and followers to Heretic our lord. As for the stallions they'll either be killed or driven from these lands once and for all. There will be no quarter given by me until this trespass is dealt with correctly. Even if I'm not given permission I'll still do this with or without the support of the herd. Blood has been spilt my own blood and so it has to be answered in kind."

 Renegade was not happy and he was showing it in both speech and in action as he pawed at the ground with his left front hoof. He just wished it was one of the ambushers head underneath it as he continued to dig a hole in the very rocky ground.


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Posted on Feb 28 2018, 4:12 AM.

All Killian could see was red.

From the moment she heard the furious call, she knew what had happened.  Father, Emperor of the Heretics, was gone.  Kidnapped, possibly even dead.  The huge draft could not believe it. Of all the things one could do to offend her, this was by far the worst.  Steal her mom? Shame on them. Steal her dad? Killian would slaughter whoever did this, wear their skull as a crown and their innards draped across her back.  The draft was galloping full speed towards the call over the ground she had known her whole life.  Her father was gone.  GONE.  Her seafoam eyes were darkened, practically to an emerald shade, with pure fury.  Anyone who stepped out in her path as she ran would be faced with a furious beating, in order for Killian to take out her anger on something.  

The huge horse slowed only slightly as she reached the gathering.  Instead of galloping, she strode through the throng of horses as though none of them were there, shouldering some aside as she went.  She stopped as she reached the rock.  Written in blood, her father’s blood, was a message, and a pathetic one at that.  The Light of Elysium? Killian would extinguish that no problem.  She turned to Nocturnè, who she recognized to be Draco’s confidant.  “What happened?!” She said furiously.  “How could we have let this happen? Do we not have one of the largest herds in Elysium? Could we not spare a second thought as to assign bodyguards to our Emperor, for Heretic’s sake?”  She turned to the rest of the crowd.  “My father is gone.  Unite behind Heretic and we shall find who did this, and punish them dearly.”  She grinned wickedly.  “It has been far too long since the Heretics have been truly feared.”


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