To our Look to the Stars family, whether you’ve been here since the beginning or joined only recently,

It is with heavy hearts that the Staff are announcing the closure of our beloved site. It will remain open for the entirety of August for you to collect your character profiles together and maybe hang around the site for the last time, but after that, LTTS will be closing. The closure comes for no reason other than the site reaching almost a ‘natural end’ in its life – all good things must come to an end, after all!

To celebrate the life of our wonderful site (or at least this is the case in our opinion!), we’d like to share with you a little bit of history because we’re proud of what our site was and what it came to stand for! Way back in 2015, which honestly feels like forever ago for those of us who’ve been around that long, a wonderful woman we all know as Maggie opened LTTS’ doors for the first time. Here is a short quote from the very first OTMs, of which our site leader won. We feel it sums her up incredibly well: “Maggie is the fearless leader of LTTS (or so the members call her!). She designed and created LTTS to be a safe, fun space for folks wanting to roleplay fantasy horses without the confinement of a lot of rules. So far, we think she's succeeded! She is a very easy and open person to talk to.”

As mentioned above, before all else, LTTS was designed to be simple. This was a safe space for anyone who wanted to write their pixel equines. With its relaxed and happy atmosphere, the member base that followed the opening of the site simply proves what, at the time, a innovative site it was, proving that the most unassuming, modest roleplays have the power to build strong communities, something that LTTS has always prided itself on.

Since 2015, it has been one heck of a rollercoaster! The site has been through so much – surviving the opening of other sites, the very sad stepping down of Maggie and one or two (okay, many!) redesigns to keep it fresh. We’ve seen some crazy writing and some beautifully touching threads. There are so many characters that will live forever in our minds as legends who carved Elysium’s future into the earth and stone it is created of. The current Staff team would firstly like to say a massive thank you to Maggie. Without you, there would be no LTTS, and many of us would have missed out on having a home in the RP world that is so welcoming. We’re sorry that your brain-child is closing, but we know you have some super exciting upcoming projects that we can’t wait to see; whatever you end up doing, we know you’ll be successful. Also to mention are the endless Staff members who have put so much time, effort and heart into LTTS. Here is an attempt to mention you all. Sorry if we missed anybody! Thanks to Maggie, Asyn, Blushie, Ana, Niki, Cecil, Scrimpyshrimp, Soupi, Revanant, Strixx, Briallu, Arabella, Mallory, Mercier, Mono, Boaz. Every one of you helped create this beautiful community, and you all should be so proud you were part of the LTTS journey. Finally, what would we be without our members. You range from young to old, shiny-new to veteran of the RP world and crazy to kind. One thing you all have in common is your ability to just get on. We’d like to say that we, as a site, have (probably!) had very little drama and we’re so thankful for you guys for making our job so easy. You’re all super sweet and respectful of each other. It’s lovely to see such collectivism online because it can often be missed in this internet age. Never have we met such a talented bunch of writers who also manage to juggle real life as well as roleplaying some incredible characters. A big, big thank you (and so many hugs) for your endless support.

As a final word, we’d like to say to our members – don’t stop roleplaying! We can name endless sites that are around right now (Caeleste, Rise of the Fallen, Fimbulvetr, Novus, just to name a few), plus there are many that are being created at this very minute. Go forth and continue your equine RP journey! The end of one thing opens so many doors into new and exciting possibilities.

There is currently no plan to bring around a LTTS 2.0. Perhaps in the future, the Staff will get together again and with Maggie’s permission, the world of Elysium will be reborn. (Remember that the idea was originally hers, so anyone looking to take inspiration from the site must speak to her first.)

But for now, we say goodbye, we love you all, and don’t forget to look to the stars!

07-18-18 ★ Our host has finished with the updates and it's good to post again without fear of losing your posts.

07-07-18 ★ Our host will be updating the server, so any new posts from now may be affected. Please be sure to save them in a Word Doc like google documents. Will keep you updated until this is over, especially on Discord.

06-19-18 ★ We have updated our rules to match our host's update about inappropriate content. Anyone who goes against this will have their IP addresses banned by the host. If you've any questions, please contact a staff member.

06-14-18May OTM Nominations are up and ready to go, they will be open until the 28th of this month.


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Herd Dominance! (February Contest)
Team Member

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Posted on Feb 06 2018, 8:04 PM.

Herd Dominance!

Monthly Herd Activity Contest

For the moment, Elysium's herds are in a state of mutual acceptance. Each herd is focusing on their own ideals, but most (if not all) focus on: growth, vitality, strength and presence. These ideals play a large part in a herd's success, both on the roleplay boards as well as out of character!

But there is one question that begs to be answered... Who is the Dominant Herd?

It's time for Elysium to find out once again!

How do I participate?

Herd Dominance is not intended to start Wars, as it is primarily an OOC-focused contest. That being said, there's no telling what some herd members might do in order to keep their herd active and viable! In essence, Herd Dominance is intended solely to encourage activity in herds and to create a sense of teamwork and comradery among herds.

Between the dates of February 6th and February 20th, Herd Members will earn Novas by completing the following tasks as many times as they can:

- Post 10 times
- Thread with a character from another herd
- Thread with a character from the same herd
- Recruit a new member to the herd
- Perform magic in a thread
- Meet a new character
- Teach a herd-member a skill
- Be taught a skill by a herd-member
- Meet with same-herd members for a specific purpose (training, etc)

Each item above is worth 10 Novas and can be claimed multiple times, so long as it occurred in a thread dated the 6th or after. For all items not related to post count, at least 5+ posts are required to claim the item. On the 20th of the month, all Novas for each herd will be tallied and the Herd with the most Novas is named the Dominant Herd for that month! This also gives you the rest of the month to relax and roleplay at your own leisure.

How do I claim Novas for my herd?
When your character has completed one or more of the above items, they may 'claim' them by posting on this monthly Herd Dominance thread using the following form:

Winner Takes All!

Now for the part I'm sure most of you have been waiting for... the PRIZES! Winning Herd Dominance is no small feat, and it will take dedication and cooperation from all herd members to ensure your own Herd secures the victory. This effort and comradery won't go unrewarded.

Winning Herd Dominance will earn your herd the following:

★ 100 points to each herd member present at the time.

★ A reward item that will placed in your Reward Item category for each herd member also present at the time.

★ A custom-made item for your Special Items category
- Members from the winning herd will pitch a collective idea for a new item to the Team. Upon approval, all winning herd members will receive that item in their special items category! It could be an accessory, soft magic or a token!


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Posted on Feb 19 2018, 12:07 AM.

Herd: Crucis
Achievement: Recruit a new member to the herd X2 (20 novas)
Link: 1 - Malsumis
2 - Luvena

Achievement: Meet a new character X6 (? Not sure if the 3 in the last thread count) (60 novas?)
Link: 1 - Malsumis
2 - Luvena
3,4&5 - Ebony, Lycus & Xzavier

Achievement: Meet with same-herd members for a specific purpose X1 (10 novas)
Link: Spar with Malsumis to prove suitability for Second In Command Rank

Total: 90 Novas for Crucis?


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Posted on Feb 19 2018, 10:34 PM. (Edited: Feb 19 2018, 10:34 PM by Gotham City.)

Herd: Crucis
Achievement: Post 10 Times (10 novas)
Link: post tracker thing

Achievement: Thread with a character from another herd (10 novas)
Link: Arete

Achievement: Thread with a character from the same herd (10 novas)
Link: Luvena (different thread to last time)

Achievement: Perform magic in a thread (10 novas)
Link: Ice Cuffs around Draco with Moonfire

Achievement: Meet a new character X3 (30 novas)
Link: Moonfire
Arete & Garaile

Total: 70 novas

Team Member

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Posted on Feb 21 2018, 5:26 AM.

Herd Dominance!

Monthly Herd Activity Contest: Winners!

The time of claiming herd achievements is now over.

Tallied Results


Perform magic in a thread

Post 10 Times

Total: 20 Novas

Note: The rest of the threads did not meet the thread start requirement (i.e. started two days before the 6th) and some were also short of posts (i.e. 4 posts rather than 5, or more).

Lyrus, Carinae, and Heretics did not claim.

The dominant herd of February 2018 is Crucis!  Congratulations! 

Gotham City Please speak with your herd members in the Clubhouse on what type of item your herd wishes to have before PMing the final information to the staff account for the Team members to look over.

If anyone has any feedback and/or suggestions for this event, please post it over at this thread.

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