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[CLOSED] I Wanna be Where the People Are!!

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Posted on Mar 04 2018, 2:00 PM. (Edited: May 07 2018, 5:41 PM by BailanduSilueta.)

Being a part of the Sister had changed Cora.  She was overjoyed for her sister Aranea, who finally had her herd back, but Corona was no more.  Cora had nothing to watch over and protect, and for some reason, that was okay with her.  It was all good and well that her brothers and sisters wanted to watch over their herds all the time, but Cora wanted something far more exciting.  As she landed in the center of the Immortal Gardens, overlooking the now pristine Satin Beach, she let out a call to her Firstborn siblings.  Within seconds they arrived, Acrux, Vega, and grudgingly, Heretic.  They greeted her, happy to see her back.  However, the grins disappeared from their faces when Cora explained her plan.  A grin appeared on Heretic's evil face as the rest frowned.

“My brothers and sister, the life of a Firstborn isn't for me.  I want to experience the life of a mortal.  Perhaps I would join a herd, perhaps I would even fall in love.  It all sounds so intriguing!” Cora’s eyes lit up excitedly.  She was desperate to experience new things after being stuck inside the boring Sister for so long.  It did not matter to her that mortals would die one day,  she would prefer that to being a bored Immortal.

“So tell me my brethren, can you turn me mortal so I can walk among those that call Elysium home?”

Something is happening! Cora wishes to walk among the other horses as a mortal, and she needs someone to play her! If you wish to adopt her, here are the rules:

-there will be monthly activity checks.  You must post with her at least 3 times over the course of a month.  If you fail to do so, there will be a strike against you.  Two strikes results in the reclaiming of the character and she will be adopted out again.

-to audition, you must have been a member for at least 1 month.  

To audition, please fill out this application:

Personality: (can be bullet pointed, the more detailed the better)

Plans you have for her:

Sample post: 200+ words

Auditions will close on March 17th, 2 weeks from now at 11:59 PM. Please respond to this thread with your application.  Good luck!

OOC Account

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Posted on Apr 20 2018, 8:58 PM.

[ Heterodox ] [ Imaginative ] [ Uninhibited ]

As a once firstborn, omnipresent and omniscient deity, she believes in nothing and everything. From the known elements of wind, land, sea, and psyche to the fathomlessness of the celestial stars then to the unimaginable existence of a nether plane that expresses space and time in unbelievable ways. Since her immortality has been striped and her powers severed from her mortal body the only tether she has to this world is sensation. She reveals in each new physical reaction and constantly strives to experience fluctuations of the heart, swinging from one emotion to the next. Even if this proves self-destructive in behavior as she learns the limits of her unprecedented fragility. The land of Elysium is her playground in a way it never has been before.

 [ Bold ] [ Whimsical ] [ Exuberant ] [ Youthful ]

Time spent alone is a novelty that she eagerly explores. Before she constantly had the whispering of mortals past, present, and future bustling in her mind and pressing her consciousness beyond her skin but now she was a single individual with only her voice within her mind and unable to extend beyond herself. Such a curious thing! The bustle of herds is exciting and delightful, too, as she has to actually pose questions and listen to get to know those around her now. Not having to know social cues before, she is often considered a nascence or even rude due to her lack of finesses. But she remains undeterred in her adventure to truly become a normal equine living a normal existence. This goal is faced with new challenges each day and she manages confront and overcome them with foal-like fervor.

[ 15.0 HH ] [ Warmblood ] [ 1100 ]

Currently appearing as a slender limbed filly only recently blooming into the promise of her adulthood she will certainly mature into a subtle beauty. With a coat that blends together all the soft hues of green, the strong yet graceful frame of the mare resembles that of a well-built warmblood. A wide, flat brow gives her head a coy expression as she peers through mossy colored lashes to pin you with malachite green eyes. Her neck reaches more forward than upward and displays the abundant wealth of her evergreen dark mane, adorned with forest trinkets and craftily plaited along the crest, effortlessly. Having kept her tiara weaved out of branches and set with various sized emeralds her dainty ears are often seen perked forward. With a back that is proportional to her frame, both her shoulder and her hip are angled in such a way that her straight legs smoothly move through whatever gait she pleases to perform. Her strides are low reaching rather than high stepping actions making her appear much like a dancer. Across her back is a blanket of olive mixed with lime that compliments her body’s coloration and is spotted with rich emerald and bright peridot smatterings. This lightens the top of her luscious tail before the deep evergreen tresses tangle her hocks since the carriage is set low. Instead of being lithely sculpted, she will be a curvy and supple figure that mimics motherhood.

[ Plans ]

These are all prone to change as she is played and contingent upon the sites general activity, falling in love or developing strong relationships might be difficult if she doesn’t get to meet the one.

• To join a herd that fancies her current whim – she may even visit them all!
• To meet all the citizens she can – they are all new to her, even those she may have previously met
• Ultimately, she wants to learn how to have mutual relationships: friendship, love, and possibly familial (by blood or by choice)
• To learn how to wield magic again, she feels empty without some sense of control over the power that remains in her blood though it will never be anything close to what it once was.
• Join forces with those that would oppose injustice and defend those who are weaker. As such, she will be looking for a mentor(s) to teach her how to defend herself and, later on, fight for those who can’t.

[ Sample Post ]

Having experience wobbly knees and precarious balance upon her divine creation, the willful once-Firstborn managed to her negotiate terms with her siblings until they had granted her wish and now she stood before them as a mortal of juvenile age with aquamarine eyes revealing her agelessness. Though their opinions had ranged from unyielding resistance to hysterical disbelief, they were all humbled by her determination to see this through and eventually her proposal was met with varying degrees of acceptance. Now, in the presence of her kin, she stood within her garden as never before. A savage grin of accomplishment lifted her lips. As a last act of her magic, she stood before them as she wanted to be and awaited their part in her descending from godhood. When they completely stripped her of her magic she shivered. Within her blood was the promise of being able to yield again but, for now, she was a dormant vessel. Then they recanted her immortality.

Before, the verdant mare had breathed for appearances sake. Now, within her chest was a heaviness that made her stagger – gasp! The heart had beat before but now she could feel it as necessity as it gave a resounding thump. Then the air was violently expelled from her as her sides instinctively heaved. Everything was in sharp clarity and distinctly less clear, at the same time, as her wide eyes took in her surroundings. The sounds of nature around her were loud yet she felt so alone. She was dizzy but it was a heady feeling. This was something she never wanted to forget.

Trembling, the maiden looked down at her legs that now felt weak with wonder before lifting her gaze and releasing a mellifluous string of laughter. It was perfect! She realized that she felt alone because the presence of all the creatures within Elysium no longer buzzed within her skull. She felt weak because she was. This was what a mortal must feel. When her stomach cramped and gave a rebellious rumble, she suddenly realized why so many spent their time with their heads down devouring the lush grass because hunger was a powerful thing. At her first bite, she moaned her approval at the burst of flavors. Yet she didn’t take another bite. Instead, the youthful mare proudly stood and looked around the seclusion of the garden, realizing her siblings had left – no, they were still present but she could no longer access the metaphysical plane as they could – and she giggled at the fact.

This requires something special,” she spoke aloud her musing. Even the sound of her voice was different. For such an event as this, she needed something a little more. “Coralynne! I shall walk among my compatriots with a new name.” It seemed like a fitting proclamation, a new name to fit with her new life. She would never forget her origin but she was oh so very excited to start afresh.

[ word count: 495 ]

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Posted on May 07 2018, 5:40 PM.

Something is happening! Congratulations to @Ritsika ! Cora is all yours to play, we'll let you know how to access her account shortly. Have fun!

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