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  Summer, Year 3    Leviticus Era
The new Firstborn Vihaan is visiting the horses of Carinae in Viridian Fields!
The Lost One has appeared needing help of your characters in this site wide plot!
Congratulations to Ritsika, the new player of newly mortal firstborn, Cora!
Welcome new Empress Kashmir of Heretic!
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Posted on May 09 2018, 9:22 AM.

To begin with, the youngest Firstborn had not been sure if the responsibility he was about to uptake was too much. His life had been so frivolous before, so carefree and exciting, but this would be an altogether quite different experience. Upon thinking it over, however, Vihaan realised this, too, would be exciting. A whole herd now rested under his gaze, a herd who would follow him near without fault, whom it was his duty to look after and love and guide through times both hard and easy. It was as if he'd turned a new leaf, started a new era of his immortal life, and in that moment of realisation, the mischievous spirit vowed to do well by his people while remaining true to himself. His siblings were sceptical, but Vihaan's promise was true - he would not disappoint them. 

With dragonfly wings a hum of periwinkle blue, the Firstborn descends from the skies to stand in the Viridian Fields and look over the flourishing territory. A smirk rests upon his cremello dial, a smirk of both warmth and of mischief as already his mind wondered what antics he'd get up to with the equines of Carinae. 

For a moment he stood still, unmoving and unspeaking as he admired the land over which he now watched. His pearlescent coat shimmered in the late afternoon sun, looking almost as if it was carved from opal or moonstone. Swathes of alabaster hair coiled in the grass behind him, adorned with a handful of flowers that collected unintentionally in the long tresses, and the teal gem on his forehead glinted between aquamarine eyes. With slow movements, the stallion turned his head to scan the entirety of the Fields' horizon. It seemed so peaceful here, so serene. He'd watched over Shakaya and her people for a little while before deciding to descend and greet them. He was pleased with her leadership, her selflessness and her determination to do right by Carinae. Arête had chosen her successor well - Vihaan doubted he and his siblings could've chosen any better.

After his brief moment of silence, the smirk on Vihaan's pale lips grew into a wide smile. His voice called out shortly after, a cheerful sound with a tone that could easily be imagined as low and sultry but today held a mark more mischief than temptation, "Shakaaaaya!" he let the word ring out across the Viridian Fields, calling the Queen to attention from wherever she was residing, "I wish to speak to you, my love. You and your loyal followers of Carinae, come and find me!" there was that flirtatiousness he was so well known for. How fortunate the ruler here was a Queen. With a warm, bubbling laugh the Firstborn rose a few feet into the sky where his translucent wings once more became a blur of cyan and his mane and tail dropped long enough that the ends were still hidden in the long grass. He wasn't exactly hiding - well, not at all, for he was hovering in quite plain sight in the centre of a large field, but that was soon to be fixed.

Within a split second the Firstborn disappeared and, in a display that might've been fittingly accompanied by a comical "poof" noise, a colossal oak tree sprouted in his place. The tree was living and breathing, of course, merely a shapeshifted form of Vihaan himself, and had strung on its branches a number of colourful scraps of silk and wreaths of exotic flowers. Hiding within the tree's commanding presence, the holy casanova stifled an amused chuckle. It wasn't like the tree didn't stand out, but at least he wasn't revealing himself in plain sight - where was the fun in that?

Something is happening! Vihaan, the new Firstborn, has come to visit Carinae! He's hiding - ...not very well - so come find him! Shakaya Zacharius Gwynn Vennom Seduction Gustav Zhowi


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Posted on May 13 2018, 10:57 PM. (Edited: May 13 2018, 10:58 PM by Shakaya.)


The queen was restless as she paced along the shore of the lake, hooves churning through the strange mixture of mud and soggy soil without a care. It felt surprisingly good to disturb the sediment, to remind the earth that it was meant to be trampled with a carefree attitude. You are meant to bear witness to the comings and goings of the Carinae herd, the thought was tainted with bitterness as she swept her gaze over the terrain around her. Tall grass swayed in the breeze, overgrown and unmanaged by the herdmates that were supposed to consume it. The first few weeks after her coronation had been spent in a blissful state of ignorance, the vixen content with believing that the others were merely busy and would return to the Fields soon.
Soon, the healer fought the urge to laugh as she traded the slop for water, legs striking out and splashing in the liquid with reckless abandon. Her wings lowered and dipped under the surface, vibrating as they ushered the water to soak in between feathers. There were a few that remained in the area and a soft smile graced Shakaya’s lips at the thought of them. As a ruler the mare was aware that she shouldn’t hold some individuals closer to her heart than others and a small tendril of guilt threatened to wipe the pleasant expression off of her face. It is of their own doing, a logical voice sounded in the back of her mind, how can you grow equally attached to equines that are never around?
The herd had yet to discuss the letter that had been mysteriously left in the Viridian Fields under the Khaleesi’s rule and the vixen was starting to wonder if it ever would be. Cora, she used the firstborn’s name as a swear as she clambered out of the water, the Arae herd has probably put more thought into what will happen than my own herd. Her feathers were starting to puff out despite being wet and the mare forced herself to breathe in and close her eyes. The feathers slowly returned to their normal state, the cool breeze quick to soothe the mare’s frayed temper.
Being summoned was not a new experience for Shakaya, nor was it a common one. The voice that called her sounded youthful and mischievous while its message filtered through perked ears. Who are you? The question seared through the mare as her eyes snapped open and her legs pranced giddily. Come tamong them. How do you already know of her new position? The mare shook herself vigorously; droplets of water flying everywhere as her wings fanned out and beat against the air. Dry, please dry.  
Impatient and unwilling to wait for her wings to become dry enough to take to the sky, Shakaya folded the appendages and broke into a lazy canter as she moved away from the lake. Part of her wondered if she should search for Gwynn and see if the other mare had even heard the call. That would mean the owner of the voice would be left waiting, her muzzle twisted in a frown, perhaps I should find whoever it is and then search for Gwynn. Her head bobbed in agreement with the decision as she crested the hill.
Even without the aerial advantage of flight, it didn’t take long for the Pegasus to find what she suspected was the source of the summons. Her withers itched, sensation unpleasant and distracting as she entered what had once been an empty meadow. A giant oak tree presided over the stretch of grass now, impressive branches stretched over the land while its leaves rustled in the breeze. An illusion?  The mare had heard of equines possessing the power to make such mirages but had never seen one herself.
The itch grew more insistent and the mare bunched her shoulders in an attempt to alleviate the discomfort. Her neck craned as she tried to reach the pesky patch of hide, teeth exposed and lips peeled back in desperation. Her hooves seemed to move on their own, tottering along the ground before coming to an abrupt stop. The aimless wandering was only halted when the vixen’s shoulder collided with a peculiarly warm tree trunk. Shakaya didn’t hesitate to rub against the rough bark, determined to rid herself of the itch. Thank the gods, a soft sigh of appreciation escaping her as the discomfort subsided. It was only then that she felt the tree trunk expand, as if inhaling, and her eyes widened before the vixen bounded away from the oak with a surprised squeak.
A breathing tree? Amethyst eyes narrowed suspiciously as the mare started to circle the oak. The queen felt her attention darting from branch to branch as she took in the expensive silks and rare flowers that decorated the ancient tree’s limbs. “I wonder,” her voice was a seductive purr as she trotted away and acted like she was searching for the summoner from atop the hill crest. “I wonder where that voice could be hiding.” She turned to face the tree again, a sly smile parting her muzzle, “I know it couldn’t possibly be coming from that gorgeous specimen of a tree.”

Word Count: 873
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Posted on May 21 2018, 6:13 AM.

It had been a few weeks since Kashmir had been in the Viridian Fields land. Before she had left she had become a citizen of the herd, and a hopeful friend to the reigning queen. The initial time of her stay had been brief, but that did not mean that she could not come calling ever again. Making frequent visits to and fro from the Iron Valley was good for herd alliances diplomatically. But it was also good because, well, Kashmir liked friends, and she considered Shakaya one of those friends. A social butterfly like her had to stretch her rhetorical wings every once and again, so it was as simple as that. So, after visiting the Claiming Grounds to clear her thoughts, the Friesian Zebra made one more stop on her tour. Kashmir would have to make it to visit lands she had not reached yet a little later, or appoint an ambassador for the herd relations. A mental note was made, and she glided into the grassy territory from the borders, her muscle memory taking over. It felt natural to be there in the field and having a seemingly permanent embrace of spring. Yes, that was what this place was like: an eternal spring. Even in the heat of summer time.

It did not take a lot of time before Kashmir heard Shakaya’s name being called out in a singsong voice. This was a point of intrigue for her because the mare had not recalled a voice like that before in those parts. It was the kind of voice that definitely would have stuck in her head, had she come across it before. Its playful and adoring tone made Kashmir think that her blue hued friend had found a sweetheart while she was away. Lucky Shakaya to find a lover like that on such short notice; he had to be a rare find, like a gem in a big, old box of rocks. Kash’s own love life was…less than satisfactory to put it lightly, so she was happy to hear what she heard. If only she had waited a little longer before leaving before, then perhaps Kashmir could have had the same thing happen to her too. Finding a gentleman with a heart and sense of humor was on her list of desires in the near future. But who knows what would have happened, had the situation gone differently. And she was too little, too late for that now. She had made her bed, and now she was going to sleep in it. Staying would have meant that Kashmir would not be leading the Heretics, so she gained something so valuable anyways. Kash was content fangirling with Shakaya over her man for the time being. And when her time came for that moment, then all would be well too.  

The striped woman arrived just in time to see her friend shimmying her body against the tree bark and speaking almost sultry tones to it. That certainly was not what Kashmir expected to see, so she waited for a moment, purely as a silent spectator. Her brows furrowed a bit, because there was no stallion visible, but a fancy new tree instead. That tree was definitely not there before. There were a few explanations as what was going on there that logically could be applied to the situation. The first (strange) explanation was that the queen had resorted to tree friends and was extra comfortable with that particular one. She had said that everyone was welcome in Carinae, so that must include trees…right? Maybe some trees were a little too welcome though. But the women had both heard the voice of the man in question. If Shakaya had suddenly lost her marbles, then so had Kashmir. That was a comforting thought, but not a likely one. Actually that was not so comforting to think about, and still very unlikely. The second explanation was that some sort of mischief was going on. There was the possibility that someone simply was behind the tree, lending their voice to it like a puppeteer. That would make more sense, seeing as Kash could only see the front of the tree from her vantage point. Okay, that was cool and creative enough. The third explanation was that there was some Grandmother Willow type stuff going on beyond an actual explanation. Kind of ironic, is it not, that an explanation for this was no explanation at all. Well, there was only one tried and true way to find out. Kashmir stepped forward from her place in the field, revealing her hidden position, and the fact that she had been eavesdropping slightly.

“Am I interrupting something perhaps? Should I come back later?” Kash said in a teasing manner with a coy smile plastered upon her features.    

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Posted on May 29 2018, 6:50 AM.

I’ve been here the whole time

A strange sensation held fast to her heart. Similar to a heavy weight upon an equine’s back, the dedicated organ was giving heavy, sluggish beats that left the newly mortal maiden fretful. She was resting amongst the flowers of her beloved Immortal Garden, yet the unpleasant awareness left her distracted and unable to appreciate the full blooming beauty of her haven. She had hoped that being nestled in the tall grass as she was would recharge her spirits. The heat of the sun was a comfort, giving its warmth with generosity, and an irritation, that she wasn’t savoring the gift. Tucked neatly beneath her were her graceful limbs, her chin rested daintily on a knee, and she artfully flared out her ombre tail before flicking it over her flank to tickle her belly. Then the process was repeated, ever plagued by the crushing weight bearing down on her delicate heart. Malachite eyes were half-veiled by her moss hued lashes as the adolescent attempted to determine what exactly she might be experiencing. Was it a heart attack? She was hale and young! The mysteries of being corporeal still stumped her on a daily basis. Something about this struggle was particularly irksome though.

Pursing her freckled chartreuse lips into a firm pout, the agile filly – nearly a mare now – lifted her head and stretched out her forelegs. With a smooth exhale she lurched upward to stand on all four hooves. Shaking out her mane by lowering her neck and relaxing her jaw, the emerald lifegem decided to follow the urgings of her instincts and start walking. The splendor of the gently rolling hills went by with little notice. She easily waded through shallow streams and navigated around hedges without so much of a blink of recognition. The light of day revealed little detail to her inattentiveness as she traveled aimlessly. A short time later the verdant equine could be seen galloping across the land. Though her strides appeared effortless she was quickly exhausted. The naturally long reaching gait demanded more oxygen than a steady trot, but the exhilaration of feeling her heart bucking against her ribs was worth the pain of starving lungs. Nostrils flared to suck in wind to stave off fainting the forest fae came to a startled halt.

Juniper rimmed ears swiveled forward and her eyes widened in disbelief as sight and sound married with what her nose already knew. Though her mind was slow to catch up her heart already knew, too. All around was the familiar scene of Viridian Fields. Endless pasture stretched out before her and the gleam of the lake sparkled under the dazzle of the sun not too far in the distance. The sound of swans honking and canaries chirping was musical and melodious. In the quiet of the afternoon, she spotted a doe with a fawn grazing. It was the sight of the pair that made her realize that the pressure no longer burdened her heart. She felt as light as a feather, free to flutter away. Giving a relieved crop hop, the warmblood forgot her travel weary muscles and burst into a lope. Tossing her head and swishing her tail, the youth looked ridiculously happy as she sped off toward an enormous oak at the top of a hill. She couldn’t see the base, and the pair of mares standing in the shadow cast by it, but its magnificent branches looked like the perfect spot to take a nap.

The rhythmic pummeling of her hooves meeting solid ground was muted by the abundantly growing grass though not completely silenced. As the land appeared to bend and flatten the appaloosa marked fae snorted in surprise at sighting two mares already standing within the shade: a rainbow winged pegasus and a striped baroque. She didn’t exactly catch what was said but thought it might be close to “be back later”, “come back later”, something about maybe later. Nonetheless, an overwhelming warmth filled her chest at the sight of the teal mare and she felt a near instant kinship. Strange to feel so familiar toward someone she hadn’t met yet, or had they? "Hello, hello! Mind if I join ya ladies?"  she whinnied cheerily. The closer she drew to the pair and the towering tree the more abuzz she felt. 

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Posted on May 29 2018, 10:02 PM.

Of course, the casanova had been watching over his new responsibility long enough that he knew the appearance and name of its Queen. She was the first to arrive, seemingly confused by the voice and the fact there was no obvious owner, but promptly began to scratch an itch on the tree's bark before jumping back with a squeak.

Vihaan retained a snort of laughter, struggling to remain silent and maintain his act of mischief.

She trotted off with curiosity before turning back to him, the tree, and speaking slyly as if she knew exactly what it was he was up to. Her discovery was interrupted, however, by the arrival of a striped mare who Vihaan recognised, too, as the newly crowned Empress of Heretic. Now that was an interesting story - he knew for he'd been watching his elder brother when the crowning took place. Empress Kashmir spoke in jest to the Carinae Queen, treating the exchange between pegasus and tree as if it were something quite more private. Oh, how the youngest firstborn wished.

He was just about to reveal his guise when the most familiar of the three faces made her way to the gathering. The green mare was none other than his beloved sister, recently turned mortal, Cora. He smiled inwardly (How does a tree smile inwardly? How does a tree smile at all?!) as she approached with such excitement and happiness. It was so, so nice to see his darling sister so happy. It had been hard to see her descend from the sky, but there was no denying how much happier she was to walk on the ground with the other residents of Elysium. Funnily enough, she seemed perhaps the least suspicious of the tree, but maybe that was simply because she hadn't heard his words, or was less familiar with the current state of the Viridian Fields. That said, it was fairly difficult not to notice how much the oak stuck out in the vast expanse of green.

Vihaan waited for the three ladies to settle in their speech before taking a deep breath. The colossal tree trunk heaved outwards before shrinking back in, and then with a sudden 'poof!' the smaller and lower of the branches disappeared into the trunk. He breathed again in the same way, and with another 'poof!' the leaves on the upper branches all turned into blush-coloured blossoms, detaching from their buds and raining down over the grass in a cloud of pale pink. For a split second the tree looked like a stick of cotton candy - a huge stick of cotton candy - and afterwards both the grassy ground and the three gathered mares were covered in a layer of silky flower petals.

At the time of the second 'poof!' the tree trunk disappeared and in its place appeared the majestic figure of Vihaan himself. White and pale gold and, well, pink, for he, too, had been blessed by the excessive amount of raining blossoms.

With a melodic laugh the stallion huffed a breath with his bottom lip quirked upwards, blowing the petals that lay over his nose and face up to then cascade down to the earth. The firstborn became momentarily distracted watching the movement of the petals, but quickly brought himself to his senses and shook the rest from his body before moving a half step towards Shakaya.

Intense eyes tracked over each woman in turn, lingering over Cora with a glimmering smile of recognition, before he spoke with the same deep, flirtatious voice that he had called them here with, "Ladies," he leaned towards the winged Queen and batted his left eye in a wink, "Hello to you all. Shakaya, Kashmir, my dear Cora," he grinned at each. "My name is Vihaan, one might call me the new patron firstborn of Carinae," he looked again at Cora, eyes almost sympathetic for he was taking over the land she had sacrificed for mortality, but he knew she had chosen this new life for a reason. She might miss the fields, but she belonged to them now more than ever. Now she could enjoy them as a mortal was meant to.

The stallion inclined his head towards Shakaya and puffed a short breath over her forehead in effort to rid her of any blossoms that had fallen into her mane or behind her ears, "Might I say you've done an awfully great job doing Queeny things so far," he grinned, "You've not done so bad either, Kashmir." he nodded towards the stripy lady. 

"I have no real purpose here other than welcoming you and introducing myself, if I am honest. But hey, ain't it an honour to meet you lovely specimens! The pleasure is all mine." he stretched out a foreleg and dipped his head like he was bowing to the three mares. Of course, Cora should know his ceaseless affections were less directed at her in flirtation and more in brotherly love.

The last firstborn had another trick up his sleeve yet, but he wanted first to speak to the ladies a little longer. He couldn't reveal all of his mischievous plans just like that now, could he?

Shakaya Kashmir Cora

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